What the fuck is wrong with me

What the fuck is wrong with me.
Seriously how is this fucking possible, my family members cousins my sisters can get into relationships easily hell two of them are fucking married but look at me.

I was raised in a perfect household, my parents have a stable marriage, my family is big and united i got everything i ever wanted we are not poor by any means and no majour disaster ever struck our family but no i'm still a fucking failure is still failed how is this fucking possible holy fucking shit my sister is a local musical star since she was 15 (she's 17 now) but i'm a total nobody a failure i tried my fucking hardest and had the best fucking life someone could ask in this shithole country but no i'm still a fucking failure.

Why was i fucking born.

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How old are you, senpai?


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my brother is a scientist (like a real big deal researcher)
my cousin is an actress
i goon my limp cock to zoo porn and piss in bottles

how did this happen

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i'm turning 21 next month.

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Do you regret it deeply or are you ok with your current self?

>Uncle has a masters degree and worked in the provincial government at a high level
>dad was an engineer and founded an engineering business which he ran for a few years before retiring
>aunt's a successful architect
>both my parents are university educated
>be lucky enough to be born tall, attractive and white
>I'm a fucking 135 IQ, virgin construction worker and social out cast at the age of 27

When you get close to 30 you will stop caring trust me.

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i dont regret this because it was out if my control i was shoehorned into becoming like this
i wish it was different tho but cant do anything

i will never stop caring, i just can't fucking accept this, the thing is i absolutely have no idea how to change this.
I don't want to be a complete fucking failure forever, i can't go down like this, i don't want to be forgotten.

OP, what are you doing to meet women? Are you really trying? Use reddit r4r, use /soc/, use dating apps, try approaching women at places. i've met like 4 girls online this week through /soc/ alone. watched a show with one an hour ago. don't give up, and try a new approach. keep your bros close, and good luck user

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you're only 21 just do things

You seem deluded not trying to be conceited here. Everything becomes meaningless once the novelty wears off. No matter how much you succeed it won't ever be good enough. Your only goal should be to have just enough to live comfortably. If other people enter your life you will be able to appreciate it more even if it ends.

>135 IQ, virgin construction worker
Society does not give a single fuck about how smart you are. They just care about if you have a piece of paper that says you got through the hell that is the school system

Post her face and then her roastie meat flaps

Same here, I have the exact same things although my parents did divorce a while back and my dad tried to commit suicide because of that, but aside from that my childhood was fucking great. My only sister is travelling the world and has friends everywhere, my cousins are all doing fine as well, I'm a university student with great grades and who likes sports, but somehow I have made 0 friends at uni so far (1.5 years), and I have never been in a romantic relationship in my life. I'm pretty much a normie but without the friends or girlfriends.

I'm really not looking forward to turning 21. When exactly is your birthday? It's the 17th for me.

Ha that's funny, mine is in the 16th.

My parents did get divorced until i was four, then my mother got pregnant with my sister by accident and they decided it would be best to reunite for our sakes, and it worked.

Wow, you don't hear that a lot, divorced couples reuniting and staying united.

yeah it's really rare being that the majority of young people i know have divorced parents, especially where i live.

>Use Reddit and Jow Forums to attract women.

I genuinely don't think there's a more retarted piece of advice than that.

It's just you.

fuck you

>just do things 4Head
not that easy you weiner what do you even do? normie shit is boring.

What do people mean by that?
It doesn't make any sense, i've always been confused by phrases like that.
"Just be yourself/just put yourself out there."
They're really vague and have no instructions.

totally originally rude