What's the worst you've ever felt?

What's the worst you've ever felt?

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The 3~4 times my stepdad beat me. I was so angry and I wanted to kill him so bad but all I could do was cry and try to breathe.

Now all I feel is quiet hatred and apathy, as if I was slowly drinking poison from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep.

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I feel the worst I've felt every little mental breakdown every few weeks or so.
I want to die so I get drunk for 5 days and then want to die but also am very hungover.

>Dumping a girl the night before Valentines day (literally 30 minutes ago)
She was not nice but I still feel bad go here hurting her how do I avoid women brobots?

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>still feel bad for hurting her
Sloppy drunk edit sorry

>being addicted to seven classes of drugs in high doses for months
>taking 450mg of DXM
>when i was ODing on opiates weekly
>when i was having multiple panic attacks daily
>being 20 pounds underweight
>that time i had food poisoning and shit every five minutes for a week and lost 15 pounds
>the girl i liked blocked me and was also a lesbian
there is some overlap, obviously

>that pic
one of the chicks made it

I think this is from a video where a police officer goes underneath to rescue the duckling that fell, but I'm not certain.

Every year, a day comes up when everyone other than me is going out with their bf/gf, and then having sex when they get come. That day is tomorrow. Each year, I feel a bit worse as I get further away from the possibility of ever finding a gf, and a bit closer to death. So today is pretty fucking close.

i hope the pig died in that pit too

opiate withdrawal. i went through it so many times that i can't even put a number on it. just thinking about how it made me feel makes my skin crawl.

did you eat lots of candy?

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i was too busy shitting my brains out and tossing in turning in bed to eat anything

When I realised the brain damage is permanent. Life pretty much over.

You can still apparently read and write and post on Jow Forums. That still puts you in a better spot than half of humanity.

i dont know user i lost point of reference

Yeah and I'm there too. Going on dates with women who take advantage of you and realize you're just alone. I allow myself to be hurt and disappointed constantly each and every day. I just had some chick last night tell me how I'm not that great in bed, that we probably won't me be a thing. Oh well. Whatever. That's my life and I am old enough to deal with it.

How I wish I could have a woman tell me I'm not great in bed. That would mean we had bad sex first, which is considerably better than no sex.

robots are horribly bad at sex. like laughably so.

Oh, I'm certain I'd be laughably bad at sex. If I ever managed to have sex, I'd probably even laugh at how bad I am. At least I'd be having sex though.

Porn is supposed to exist to teach people about this shit not warp their minds with strange inhuman visualizations. Fuck this clown world

I don't care about sex really. It's more my ego. I feel like just because I am bigger than average I'm supposed to be treated better or something. Which isn't the case. I mean, there are some girls like that but I haven't met them yet.

No woman has seen my dick since I was in diapers. It doesn't matter how good or bad my dick is when nobody will ever see it. I need to know how to get to having a woman see my dick so she can reject me over it, and then go from there.

When I was in elementary school, I was really open about a crush I had on someone. I was raised in a household that taught me to be comfortable with my emotions, therefore I felt no reason to hide them.

Eventually, all of the other kids in my class started to conspire, and all of the girls wrote me "love letters" on Valentines day. Me being the naive child I was, I gleefully accepted. Once I started to open them, they were all mean and disparaging, about how I was a creep and should never talk to any girls.

After a brief dispute with the school, the kids were reprimanded and my parents were gratified. Life went on, but that experience stuck with me. It's why I adopted the stoic attitude I do now- nothing good ever came of my being open about what I felt.

Later on, middle school now, I make friends with a girl who seems relatively unpopular. We both spent a lot of our free time in the library, so we got to know each other over time. It was more like she pried her way into my life, but that was fine by me. Finally, I ask her out after about 3 months of knowing each other. Nothing too fancy, maybe lunch and a movie.

The day comes- but she doesn't. After waiting in the lobby of the theater for a half hour or so, I get up to leave. When I get outside, she's there with an entire group of all of the "popular" kids. Public ridicule ensues, I run all the way home. They follow me for a few blocks, but give up soon after.


Finally, high school. Didn't go to my junior prom, was convinced nothing good would come of it. The following year, my parents practically force me to go- buying me a ticket behind my back, and making sure I can't make plans. After some rounds of encouragement, I get egged on into asking a girl I think is cute- nothing more. So, I do just that. Ask her if she wants to go to prom with me. I assumed she'd be either doubled over laughing, or contorting in disgust, but instead she got angry. Apparently there's this huge deal surrounding how guys are supposed to ask girls to prom, and I didn't do it. As her voice raises, people start to crowd. More public ridicule.

That night, as I laid in my bed with a few empty pill bottles on the floor next to me, I realized something.

People are all animals at the most base levels. Tribalism animals- everyone runs with their pack.

And they will always turn on the outlier.

When that realization dawned on me, that was the worst I've ever felt.

this isnt the worst ive ever felt but i found out my boyfriend is a robot after a year of dating. u ppl are fucking depraved why am i dating one of you

>u ppl are fucking depraved why am i dating one of you
piss off you boring faggot, you should be grateful you're dating one of the ones that are tolerable, I don't think there are that many.

you're fucking another dude
you're just as depraved as he is

1 day I decided it would b a good idea to drop a 10 strip of acid .. wreaked havoc with my psyche. It was a non-stop onslaught of existential dread and despair that lasted for hours. Pretty sure I went around telling everyone it was "psychological torture".
A different day I was distraught (and somewhat psychotic) and I broke a lamp. Well I took one of the sharp porcelain pieces from the now broken lamp and slashed my arm with it, I pressed as hard as I could.

I get really bad stomach cramps when I'm stressed and sleep deprived. The worst one was in highschool when I had to rely on someone who was better than me in every regard. Had to be wheel-chaired out of the school.

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im a woman but i guess it doesnt make me any less depraved

you guys are the most intolerable people on the planet however i love you

Probably when I saw my oneitis walking around closely with a nigger like bf/gf type walking.

I couldn't even physically lift my head I was so depressed. I just stared at the floor as I walked out of work and into my car. The rest is history.

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Just finger her really hard and fast and lick her clit.
You don't even have to put your tongue in her hole.

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Every day is worse lately, I finally managed to get my dumb ass physically dependent on alcohol and I can't drink much during the day so I'm in withdrawal for hours at a time plus there are numerous situations in my life that have rapidly gone to shit

On the plus side on Friday or Saturday I should be able to get the last bit of closure I need then I can figure out a way to end this miserable life

>however i love you
you shouldn't

Multiple suicide attempts and I did time in state prison. I got to watch my grandma turn into a mummy from cancer, too.

Best friend's suicide.
Not the phone call informing me, or even the days leading up to the funeral, but that crushing finality once they were nothing but cinders in some urn, the funeral was over, and it was assumed that "that's a wrap!"

Use full sentences and words. This isn't a cell phone from 2006.

The worst is when a close friend of mine died in the 2 months that I Asked and got rejected by a girl I liked.

Sad part is that before the rejection, I was talking to some friends and I genuinely thought I had a chance, so I was super happy, probably the happiest I've ever been.

After the death, I tried to attempt suicide with a knife, and I couldn't do it.

fuck man I just want to be done but I don't want to hurt my family and my friend in rehab and my friend living in and out of psych wards and anyone from school who remembers me but I don't see any way to keep going what the fuck do I do