Where are my 2000s bros at?

Where are my 2000s bros at?

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>icon 2000s shows
>no avatar the last airbender
One. Fucking. Job.

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I didn't make this graphic. What's interesting is I've done/played/seen all of those media
except those books and I've never been to six flags :(

born in 99 and i remember all of this

>born 1997
>class of DNF
Wus good mane

Yeah, this would probably leak into kids born in 2001.

>tfw there's people who are nostalgic about this shit

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>class of 09
>SA instead of VC
>linkin Park not that idiot
>Pokemon DBZ beyblades not everything after spongebob
>no idea what 6 flags is
Yeah not bad, not bad

I was born in 01 and I remember some of these things

I was born in 1995 and I'm not nostalgic for any of that shit

MLaaTR was a good show but it and Kim Possible may have turned me into an RR-loving soft boy
also who remembers those fucking Zoo Books and Blendy Pens commercials?

Everybody gangsta til someone break out the mf ZOO BOOKS

Nowhere and everywhere, no matter where you go, there you are

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hahaha youre gonna stop living sooner then i am hahahahahahahaha hows it feel BOOMER

>sum 41
That takes me back

Born 2000 and remember it all except six flags
am leaf tho so it makes sense

I was born in 94 and this is not nostalgia you dumb faggot.

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>class of 2012
please leave me out of this, I don't want to be lumped together with a bunch of zoomers.

I'm part of "generation why?"

Suck my cock y'all faggots.

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Born 97 and I still play runescape (old school of course) every single day

That means you're either poor or richfag

*blocks your path*


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I played runescape and club penguin in the mid 2000s like 05-07
most people I knew stopped player either by 2008/2009

you know you should actually read A Series of Unfortunate Events because it's actually good and enjoyable as an adult

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I never watched that show because it annoyed me how it was fake anime

Since when did we become the new 90's kids?

96er here. What do you want?

Since a decade went by

this. we're getting old guise

>linkin park better than sum41
You fucking wish you emo faggot