Do r9k guys even like virgin autistic weeb women...

Do r9k guys even like virgin autistic weeb women? I feel like shit I feel like a loser for being a virgin and saving my first time for him, even though he says he likes it but he sounds like he's sick of me being insecure about it. you guys say you don't like normies, but wouldn't you want a hyper experienced Stacey that knows how to bounce on a dick rather than a loser virgin weeb girl?

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>wouldn't you want a hyper experienced stacey that knows how to bounce on a dick rather than a loser virgin weeb girl
for a one night stand yes but not for any relationship.
>implying I can get one night stands with hot stacies

You're right, I would take a hot Stacey over a frumpy gross fembot roastie in a nanosecond
The problem is Stacey's don't want me so I'll settle for cumming in your gross roastie meatflaps while I picture Stacey's tight bod

I don't care if she's bad at sex as long as she still wants to have it. I'm dominant anyways so I don't expect her to know a bunch of crazy moves to wow me.
As long as she isn't fat and at least tries to take care of herself then she would be much preferred.

Don't feel bad, there's no shame. Everyone here isn't worried about your autism, just your ass.

I don't wanna date you, cos you sound a bit on the low selfsteem side, but Yeah, I would date a nerdy girl as long as she is not low selfsteem, and specially has no such thing as depression or suicidal tendencies
Anxiety is fine desu, I would pretty much enjoy getting to know that side of you. But I don't wanna lose another person to suicide.

No. Autistic weeb girls are better. The sex may be better with a normie girl but it's easier to fall in love with someone who you feel understands you better, and love makes sex even better than experience does.

>the sex is better

Fuck that didn't make me feel any better

That's worded a bit weird, I meant that they're more skilled at sex due to their experience but they're less loveable so in the end the sex isn't as good.

They just released a boil advisory for my entire county, some 500k people. We have lost water pressure. Fuck.
To answer, OP, I honesty have no experience with girls, but why would I choose one only for the sex? Should I get a girl, I would want to keep her around only if she is pleasant to be with. You could learn how to improve the sex thing with time. Do not worry.

I'm not very experienced, only had one irl bf and I ended up vomiting on his dick. I'm scared I'm not gonna good enough for my boyfriend in terms of sex and stuff, he likes me being a virgin apparently

You seem very cute. Would you mind me spanking you?

I would mind because I have a boyfriend you daft dingus

Yes, I prefer autistic girls because I myself am autistic. Much more so than you probably. I just want someone who I can discuss plants with and make cards for. Lewd stuff is for later

B-but-but if I was your boyfriend because he hates you but I would love you and snuggle you forever and ever, would you let me spank you?

if i were to get into a relationship at all it would be with an autistic weeb, of course. the virginity is irrelevant because i barely want to touch someone regardless, i will obviously not enjoy having sex with someone i don't like a lot
but of course it's not something that is likely to ever happen if not for my own neuroses than just for the circumstances of my sequestered life

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I would take a cute nerdy virgin over a soulless stacy any day of the week.

it's just sex, senpai
nothing to be scared of, chances are the fag you're jumping doesn't know shit either, just take your time and learn
the desire to learn is the most important part, you're not a loser for not knowing, you're a loser for not wanting to know

but please, if you're a weeb, then abstain from the hentai quotes, unless you want him to lose his boner for some obscure reasons

Were both weebs, met him on Jow Forums and I do cosplay stuff for him

I'm not much into looser girls anymore since i've started the usual self improvement bullshit. I just demand that she try.

Still better than the usual basic whore, there is too much of those these days.

If you don't have social media, you take 2 point in my scale already.

>wouldn't you want a hyper experienced Stacey that knows how to bounce on a dick rather than a loser virgin weeb girl

I would really hate you because your not one

You really shouldn't worry that much. Sex is actually pretty simple, and it's hardwired into your brain. Experience can make sex more pleasurable but it's not a requirement. It's more something for short term things where you only want sex. Women who have a lot of sex generally aren't that loyal. There's definitely something attractive about women who are virgins at a later age, provided it's not because they're undesirable (which you aren't since you have a boyfriend). It shows a certain kind of purity that indicates you might be more loyal. You really shouldn't worry that much. You seem like you have a pretty cute personality based on your posts, your boyfriend probably values that way more than your sexual experience. You'll be fine.

No, virgin autistic weeb women sound good desu. I would like like to have a gf like that so we could help each other through our self-esteem issues and I would feel far more comfortable around a girl who had a comparable level of sexual experience to me.

It's true there are some guys on this board are total hypocrites who complain that women aren't interested in them because they aren't chad but only express interest in normie stacies themselves, but there are many of here who genuinely do just want to find someone who loves us back and have basically no standards for who that is as long as they're nice. I know that's me, at least.

So yeah, there are guys who will love you in spite of these things, and personally, if a girl saved herself for me I was think was admirable and would not think of them as a loser at all. If anything, I'd see it as more meaningful because she had done so. It's far better to do that and have it with someone you really love and it be a little awkward as opposed to it being with someone you hardly knew and then that'll always be your first time forever.

In that case, he's very lucky

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Thank you for your response user, I really appreciate it :3

Yes I would prefer a girl like that to a normie girl or stacey

If someone kept asking you the same question that you've already answered about a million times, wouldn't you get tired of putting in the time and emotion to try to convince them of the truth?
Fucking calm down. Shit.

I would recommend exploring your own body, masturbating yourself, giving yourself climaxes, so that your know yourself and how to "have pleasure"

If it's already done ( you're probably a degenerate slut in chain since you're browsing Jow Forums ) then just abandon yourself to your lover when the time will come.

Try to relax, it will probably hurt a little but no so much, cuddle him, touch hum during the sex, use your own saliva to lubricate if you're a bit dry.

Like the other said, no big deal. First sex will probably suck, 10th will be great.

Most men don't give a shit about your "sexual experience", it's mainly hedonistic normalfags looking for a quick hookup or little boys who want to be mommy'd through their first time. It's a given men are the ones expected to perform. Everyone starts somewhere and any faggot here doesn't really have the right to complain about someone not meeting the standard.

so, is he as shy as you or is he more of a degenerate?
does he talk about sex all the time?
is he making a move on you?

how do you feel about intimacy, cuddling and stuff?
because nothing stops you from just cuddling for a while and maybe kissing, and then slowly grow bolder and bolder with groping and foreplay etc

jumping right to sex works fine in hentai but it doesn't work that way in real life senpai

That depends, are you fat?

fuck off m8, it's original

How do I find a qt shy girl OP?

i'm talking to an autistic weeb girl right right now. She's fucking adorable desu.

i like virgin weeb women, but autism is kind of a dealbreaker desu. it's less pronounced in females, but it's still autism. unless ur talking about metaphorical autism, in which case i like that because i can relate to it.

Nah, we just settle for you because we don't have a chance with Stacy. Believe me, if Instathots gave us attention or let us fuck them, you wouldn't even be on our radar. Most guys don't even want relationships. They just want a warm hole to fuck and someone touch when they are horny/lonely.

>Do r9k guys even like virgin autistic weeb women?
Of course as practice gfs

I would love an autistic weirdo, I don't have any desire to be a normie and I find it hard to connect with normies.

Tbh I wouldn't really care if virgin or not. If you have a personality and are somewhat cute. I wouldn't care about ur v card. Having a weeb gf would be a blessing tho. At lest I'd have something to talk about

>dates a chad
>wonders why chad wants a stacey gf
what a dumb cunt

>Do r9k guys even like virgin autistic weeb women?

Let's calm down on preferences for a moment; I like women in general, let's just focus on getting me a fucking woman at all first.

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for starters
>OP is a dude
talks like a dude. only a girl under the age of 14 doesn't have at least some sense of easy-mode

This premise don't seem to understand that the only women that don't get alpha-fucked, at least once and a while, with the lights off (after no-date or maybe a cheap date) are the morbidly obese (or enter other circus freakshow tier deformity).

Being a 5/10 doesn't mean a 5/10 girl will fuck you. Quite the opposite. Same for 4s. Same for 3s. The soft 5/10 nerdy virgin girl is going to pine for someone attractive, that other girls want, that can get with other girls. And one day, when Stacey doesn't message the attractive guy back - he'll see 5/10, slight chub virgin autistic girl their with doe eyes through her glasses. And you know what he thinks?

>Stacey's fucking that other dude. I know it. Welp. I'm bored. I bet I can plow this plain bitch into the box springs. >It'll probably make her year.
He does. She lets him. She thinks the rom-com story arc has happened for her. She messages him for a while and maybe for a while she's a fun fuck toy. But eventually it ends. She gets let down gently, or not so gently and develops some of the "men are pigs" cliche. And he moves on

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i love to death my autistic weeb. look for psychotic bois

>I feel like shit I feel like a loser for being a virgin and saving my first time for him
I'll bit the bait but whatever.
Don't feel like a loser, you have a great virtue (discipline and moral) so you should be proud of you.
Maybe he's sick of you, maybe it's just your insecurities, but the situation isn't a problem.

>wouldn't you want a hyper experienced Stacey that knows how to bounce on a dick rather than a loser virgin weeb girl
Fuck off with your shitty bait. No one wants stacy's roast