What do you do when hanging out over at a girls place?

What do you do when hanging out over at a girls place?

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talk about things and try not to rape her

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watch scary movies and hold her like the scared baby she is

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Tell some jokes and narrate the funniest Jow Forums greentext stories

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I think you're asking the wrong board. I've never been to a girl's place, and anyone who has needs to go back to red dit.

The only time i've ever hanged out at a girl's house was over 2 years ago with my ex-gf. I am still a virgin and an incel, so I have every right to be here.

sit in her bathroom for hours and hit the juul

stop juuling user girls don't like that; and if they do they are not the kind of girl to bring home to your mother

Get out, normalfag/ chad

>girl friend
>right to be here
this board is overflowing with normies now
tomorrow is valentine's day
go fuck someone

Unitoncialy chad af
Great post user

you try to figure out if she's into you. break the contact barrier and establish intimacy if she seems into you, just hangout and chat if not. if she seems okay with you touching her, you rip off all of her clothes then fuck her.

which movies would you recommend?

Correct but
>you try to figure out if shes into you
You should know this before you go to hang
if she is inviting you over alone then she is into you

I am going to be alone on Valentine's Day Tomorrow. Again. I'm no different than you.

You once had a girlfriend. You're far closer to normal than I will ever be. Sorry about being alone tomorrow though. I know how bad that feels.

>Valentines Day
Why does it bother people more to be alone on this day then the other 364 days?

It's just a yearly reminder of how perpetually alone I am. I'm miserably lonely ever day of the year, but on that special day I feel especially lonely.

This. It's also a day where most people are celebrating because they have good lives, unlike you who misses out.

>on that special day
Why? If you turn off your computer/tv and read a book all day its just another day

Unless you live under a rock in a cave in the middle of nowhere, there's no way to avoid it. Walk into any store and you see flowers and hearts and chocolates. Turn on the radio and there are ads for flowers and hearts and chocolates. Work decides to do a "nice" thing, and hire a coffee shop to serve free drinks to celebrate. All reminders of how hopelessly alone I am.

I get the work aspect of it but regardless, I feel like companionship is overrated
Whats a relationship but another chain to tie you down by???

I don't have any freedom without a relationship. I go to work, come home, go to sleep, wake up, pay bills, go to work, come home, pay taxes, go to sleep, repeat, die. Freedom is an illusion. I'd trade the illusion of freedom for a relationship in a heartbeat.

Bring a thing of whiskey in my coat, coax her into drinking the shit, play with her mental issues, fuck her, leave.