Why do white people make this face and what does it mean

Why do white people make this face and what does it mean

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it means nothing. dont make mountains out of little hills.

it means they are forcing a smile whenever they see a stranger on the street you fucking faggot, you probably do it too and don't even realise

Its a face you make when you see a nigger

Half-smile basically. Means you're friendly. A full smile at a stranger might look like you're crazy.

It's a look that displays an emotion somewhere on the spectrum of pure indignation and neutrality in the face of expected optimism.
Annoyance at a social situation. Being made to pose for a picture. Etc.
At least this is what my emotions tend to be when making the face.

>niggers are so insecure and paranoid they even analyse facial expressions of strangers they pass on the street

>tfw niggabot and make this face when white guys look at me
Am I a nigger for this?

Trying to smile but it won't come out

It means 'I acknowledge you exist but I fucking hate you'

>we don't know eachother
>we don't want to know eachother
>I don't hate you
>I also don't care about you

Anyone with small lips make this face.

it means oh hi there, im kinda of doing something plz fuck off

I dunno. I'm not white and I always get smiles that look more sincere (I think) than this.

>non whites looking directly at the faces of White people

wow the nerve of you all. i never look at their face.

unless im familiar with them. you all dont just go around staring directly at the faces of White people, right?

This is why I cross the fucking street.

It's just a face we do when we feel uncomfortable or awkward.

Black people make this face too, pic related.

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not white, but I subconsciously make that face when I'm disappointed by someone's actions.

>how did we get to this point
>if only you knew how bad things are

What it means:
>hi im feeling meh but i dont want to be rude so i will acknowledge you
What blacks think it means:
>ew a dirty fucking nigger please dont try to talk to me i dont wanna be attacked

I saw Joe Rogan making this face the other day.

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>Its a mutual thing
>i dont like you but i dont hate you

>niggers are so insecure and paranoid they even analyse facial expressions of strangers they pass on the street

Like when white people cross the street and clutch their bags when they see a black guy?

This but we raise our eyebrows

There is a reasonable chance of this happening if you don't cross the street.

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Well this type of face is used in many memes in Latin America, it just means that you know the person but you don't fully know them yet. But you can bet US Citizens to make a racebait out of everything.

I make this face and I'm not white. It's usually a meh. hi type of smile when some random stranger tries to be too friendly



It's a clearly non genuine half arsed smile. It's showing friendliness while at the same time showing you don't really want to talk.

That's not paranoia, kike. Blacks are animals.

It's the "Your ooga booga jabber is indecipherable and making me uncomfortable but I'm not allowed to show explicit signs of displeasure at nonwhites in this anti white society so I'll just smile and nod" face. Hopefully that doesn't become facecrime too.

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I make this face to everyone, white or otherwise.

It's a neutral face. Try making it. It doesn't feel hostile to make such a face. When you look at another person making it it looks hostile, but when they make it they probably don't mean it like that.

>when you say racist shit but its okay because you're black

That's what that face means.

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It means we want you to go away but have to pretend to be polite.

I'll chime in here for the whites with an honest answer. I mostly give this face when I feel an odd mixture of regret and superiority. As if, I know I am better than you and the world belongs to me, but unfortunately I have to let you live longer.

>2% chance of that happening especially out in Public

>lol look at this video I find on internet. It happens all da time

you dont see asians assaulting Whites for walking on the sidewalk.


>" lol this never happens, stop making that face at me and stop crossing the street before i get close I JUST WANNA TALK TO YOU."

Niggers are fucking dangerous.

Everyone makes this face; you just see it more often at white collar office work spaces. You have a hundred something people in an office building and its hard to just keep to yourself. There is always that retard who is excited as fuck every time they see someone and expect you to reciprocate. It's usually the fat bitches.

Reminder namesfags only exist to waste your time regardless of context. Best not to reply.
Also why is every other thread racebait? Why won't mods do their jobs?

>you dont see asians assaulting Whites


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touche. over 10 years running and no incident since.

That's the expression of someone who knows deep inside that there is something wrong about living in a society where niggers are allowed to roam freely

It's not a face of displeasure of disgust, it is a literal passive attempt to be mindful of your presence. Comparable to a nod.

Any examples ot such memes? I love latino memes desu

maybe it's my autism but I think that face is only used when it's either disappointment or trying not to laugh

cringe! YIKES! bad look, cheif!

>2% chance of that happening especially out in Public
that's quite a large percentage, lmao. niggers can't even manipulate statistics in their favour

Who is EIIiot Rodger

Basically this 100%. Especially if it's a POC walking by.

>literally cant even say white these days without getting bombarded with assblast
the right are the new SJWs

Why are black people so fucking retarded, every black person on Facebook posts retarded shit like this

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hes a half-asian. ok 1 and a half asians have harmed Whites since 2007.

When someone says hi to me I frown at them out of habit

wait up
so you be sayin
if i goes out 100 times
dis gon happen twice?

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What about Jiverly Wong?

It's been that way about niggers and shitskins for the last 20-30 years though. White people finally woke up to how hypocritical everything is so now we are playing them at their own game.

sometimes the nog crosses the street for you

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Obama made that face all the time.

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he just mailed all that to a tv station?

looks like he got ULTRA'd

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He was just schizophrenic. Schizophrenia increases homicide risk by 20x.

he just wrote this? come on

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its a mutual " *sigh* another day huh?" face showing mutual support and mutual understanding of how annoying, boring, hard or difficult something is. It also doubles as a "fuck all niggers, day of the rope when?, i hope the nigger we just saw goes to jail" face.

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Please stop being so fragile, blackbros.

fucking glowed

thats why you all thought i was gonna do it huh? worked on cho and jiverly. thats fucked up. wew this is some kind of beast

Seconding. Show us the memes padre

What about One L. Goh?

fuck this im moving. going back to asia

God Damn. who else got FUCKED

i make that face when im gonna make some type of visible reaction face but then i stop myself halfway through to hold it in

t. whiteboi

Fear/annoyance mixed with trying to force a smile because they're even more spooked about what'll happen if they don't grin at a walking crime statistic.

no wonder you were so confident you could get me too, it worked on those guys, and even a half asian. thats some shit. i dont even care why, a secret weapon for the war on asia i suppose.

>tricking coons into thinking AIDs can be cured by avocados

This is the real African spirit and we all know it.Stop fooling yourself ;) And yes, it happens every day everywhere with these animals.

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if they were all White people it would be a hootenany

It's an uncomfortable/sad smile. It generally means someone is bothered by something, often just stress or simply lost in thought or a feeling, and is acknowledging your presence. It's often followed by either detachment as they mentally check out and return to whatever on their mind or a shift in focus to the external world you see in their eyes as they instead engage with those around them settong whatever had them so preoccupied aside. Basically you can think of it as an emotionally neutral "you just interrupted me deeply contemplating something" face.

Nah, it means "another ugly low IQ monkey nigger I have to deal with today"

This thread is the easiest way to identify the autists after only uttering one phrase. They should give this shit to psichiatrists to save them some time

More like I wanna beat your ass, but I don't hate you

There was a Vietnamese guy who threw his kids off a bridge in my town a few years back.

That is what's called "Welpface".

Usually we make it when we see something we don't like, but at the same time isn't bothering us directly, like someone else's unfortunate set of circumstances, or something predictably bad that happened but you don't necessarily have to deal with it immediately.

Some phrases go along with it, like "Well, what can you do?" or "It can't be helped." or "That's just the way it is." among others. Shrugged shoulders often are seen accompanying Welpface.

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This, I don't want some ebonics speaking nig nog trying to converse with me, I just don't like it

i got nothing, no glib jab to throw.

Too bad he couldn't cure being a nigger

Topkek organially

Most people have that face around me, not just whites

Same reason why people hop out of the water whenever they see a shark

>>like you would be so much more comfortable seeing this all the time

get this dumb shit outta here

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Are you saying blacks are apex predators?

It's the oh fuck I'm going to get bullied again face

I only make that face when I'm annoyed. It's cute how minorities are confounded by the facial emotions whites express on instinct. It's like we're not quite the same species or something.

i like nigger conspiracy theories. theyre always an entertaining read. just wish they talked about jews more often. instead its always about egyptians with these gorillas

im indian and i got called out for making this face by indians

i dont this has anything to do with race

its like when a cat fluffs up its tail but instead they want to look like they don't want you to gtfo

yes, it's because of agorophobia or autism which black non asian people don't have

they will never ever name jews they are brothers in suffering

they will never be more red pilled than muslims or straight up gangsters