People born after 1999

Are people born in the 21st century even human? I think I can correlate this site going to shit when people born in 2000-2005 started underage posting

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I don't think of people born after 1999 as adults or mature
I just can't believe it

they all have ADD that's why they seem so alien to you

99 dubs of truth 2000s faggots BTFO

>t. born in 98
Fuck you old man 2000 rise UP

>98 fag likes 2000s subhumans
2000s nigger detected

>be me
>at mum's house for the summer
>her friend is over with her 5 year old kid
>I invite him to play some video games as he's bored asf
>trying to think of a simple enough game for a child that age
>I know! dreamcast emulator!
>load up sega rally 2
>hand him an xbox controller
>explain the controls
>there's only 3, throttle, brake and steering (it's a fucken arcade racing game ffs)
>he can't seem to fathom the concept, proceeds to steer the car into the wall and just stare at it, not even understanding what to do with 2 triggers and a stick
>for 10 minutes straight

Fucken hell lads, I remember being bad at videogames at that age, but I knew how it worked, especially at the age of 5. Am I just bad with kids, or are newer gen kiddos really that stupid?

people born in 2001 will start doing porn this year. makes you think

I think the kid just thought that game was old and gay, I bet he would be great a fortnight

Doesn't impact me that much as when I could see bitches born in 2000 doing porn

Born in 87. To me anything after 95 is cancer. Nah some of you are alright. Millennials and zoomers are equally shit in all honesty.

>tfw born in 1999
>right now is the time in my life when I start seeing successful celebrities pop up every other day that are younger than me

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87 is millennial you stupid boomer

I think I gave him black ops 3 to play after. The experience was far worse... it hurt to watch

The problem isn't zoomers it's their shitty gen x parents who tought their kids to hate life and be little shits

hey, boomer, that guy was clearly saying OP is a '98 fag trying to differentiate himself from 00's kids. Truth is, if you don't remember y2k, you're a filthy zoomer.
>t. doomer

That kid is fucking 5 retard. Were you good at video games at fucking 5 when you were in preschool?

Oh shit I'm retarded you're right, posting on r9k uner the influence isn't a good idea

>bases entire view on a generation on one kid
He's literally 5. You were also shit at 5.

if you think of celebrities as succesful people you're thinking wrong

Born in 2000. Been lurking since I was 12

Oh no, what is the world gonna do now without an epic five years old gamer. We're all doomed

>I remember being bad at videogames at that age
you see your memories through a romantic haze of nostalgia. Obviously you were shit but you remember being at least decent because you didn't know any better.

You're the problem the OP hates you little faggots completely ruined this place with your gay shit

>tfw born in 1999
Thank god, that was close

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>tfw born right at the very end of 99
Beat that

>tfw 1996
>tfw simultaneously last millennial and first zoomer

you ain't kin
>t. '94

you are still autistic

>born in 1999

are we zoomers or millennials?

If you can't remember 9/11 you're a zoomer

Born 2000 here, feel like a mental 14 year old so you're probably right. Still bought tobacky today though so I feel like a big boy

'96 onward is zoomer, though I guess there's room for cultural variation. You are very welcome to join me zoomer brother, fight the good fight and millenial cucks

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>millenial cucks
Zoomers are worse than millennials tho

4-5 year olds during 9/11 are still zoomers they will never really experience a world that was pre 9/11

Did you forget millennials in the early 10s? Literally the worst fucking people on earth

Are people born in 1999 zoomers?

>celebs born in 2000
>celebs born in 2001
>celebs born in 2002

Otherwise shit is to alien and strange, society changed too much since I was 10-11

imagine being born in the 90s and still posting here holy shit get a life grandpa

actually the 21st century started Jan 1st, 2001 so everyone born in the year 2000 is actually 20th century. get dabbed on retard

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Not op, i started playing at 4 with a NES, and at least could grasp the controls

Yes and no to me millennials are anyone born before 2000 but culturally 99rs are zoomers

No. People born from about 1989 on are genetically something else. Those born around 1998 are proving to be genetic trash. The tide is receding, however, and a percentage of white births from 2006 or so on reveal a return back to a human based state.

Those who vividly remember the Challenger explosion know what I'm saying.

That's fucking retarded nice try faggot but you will never be a real 20th century swagger

I don't think you know how genetics work, most kids born in 2005-6 are literally retarded

Derpa derpa, the retards in my generation had a lot of those born in 1998. The smarter ones waited until 2006.

that's literally the definition you old faggot. btw 1995 onward is zoomer-tier don't think you're above me

Is it too bad I'm born in 2002 and try to get myself accustomed to this place since I find it the most interesting one, to say the least?
Already a social outcast and trying to maintain meaningful friendships while I can, but most of the kids are just NPCs.
>inb4 GTFO my board you Fortnite zoomer
Neither do I find Fortnite extremely appealing, or try to be "trendy" just for the sake of being "accepted" because it makes me feel empty.

Kill yourself, underage zoomer. It's clear you're some reddit snowflake faggot only here to look cool.
>look guys I'm not like the other kids, they're all NPCs
>see I used le ebin NPC maymay and know how to green text, I'm totally one of you xd
Absolute cringe.

of course Jow Forums is full of faggot kids

t. 1997

Yes nigger I remember playing flight sims and Star Wars games before I started school
>I think I can correlate this site going to shit when people born in 2000-2005 started underage posting
>you've been posting on Jow Forums as long as some underage have been alive

Dont listen to these niggers, you are right, kids now are retarded because the finger family shit and youtube autoplay in general melted their brain, a lot of the kids now are retarded
>b-but you were shit too
100% i could finish a race in a racing game, even if I was shit I would know how to not drive into a wall. And heres the other thing, this is supposed to be the cyber generation, how are they so bad at interacting with tech? Its the fault of their parents, they dont bother to actually develop their children anymore and just hand them the phone and not even pay attention as their brain gets melted on the stream of flashing lights and noises

Is it bad that I'm only attracted to people born in 1999? If it's one year earlier or later my penis just shrinks

I don't think I've ever seen anyone born in 1999 claim to be a millennial. They're not like people born in 1997 who always complain about getting lumped in with generation z

You're right, but to me it's a lot simpler to group people from the late 90s even through 99ers are basically the same as people from 2000 I would lump them with people from 95-99, to me these are late milenials or early zoomers

theyre also twice as miserable as you, think about that

celebfags are all throwing back pills and self harming faggots

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