R9k music

r9k music
what are you listening to? post some good tracks.


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Just listened to this.
Kind of an interesting find.


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i unironically hear nightcore and anime OPs almost exclusively now. before that i had a metal phase where i listened dragonforce primarily

why yes I have autism, what gave it away?

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youtube.com/watch?v=hYcOuXH1qUE this and goretrance 9

The second turn is impossible I'm sorry autist user

Am i the only one that did this in like 15 seconds

You beat me to it, but I actually did it right.
I out-autismed you, as well.

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Started exploring DnB recently. Atmospheric/Neuro. Sometimes drone ambient.

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The top middle intersection is one way. You're wrong.

Sheeit, you're right.

d-don't know what you're talking about

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I looked at this for a while and it seems impossible. As far as I can tell you have to hit the bottom-center junction from the left. I don't see how this can be done.

Hard to tell without drawing on it though.

Am I a brainlet who doesn't understand the rules?? This seemed too obvious

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How this r9k
Is this right

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You are all wrong and very autistic. did the backtracking from goal, it's literally impossible.

Lmao, you fooled me for a second.
You can only turn where there is a curved arrow, user. You're not a brainlet, though. We all make mistakes. Have this picture of a cute anime girl.

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Here ya go folks

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It's not and you know why

This man has 140+ IQ. Well done.

140 isn't that high, I'm 141 according to the state hospital


FUR - If know that I'm lonely

so even smart people do cock length contests huh...

I figured there was something I didn't get, no way it was that simple.

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Post your result?


no thats not it either, you can't turn down on that third intersection on the start line, i think this is impossible

nothing like surf rock in the winter

>loops around and just says fuck it the second time

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faggots please

>want to make smart joke
>forget the pic
fuck now they all will know i'm not as smart as I look

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Proved this puzzle is impossible by working backwards. One must be traveling Eastward on the bottom middle intersection to reach the end, as it ultimately leads to this single path to the end.

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However to get to that intersection in that direction you have to move east on the bottom leftmost intersection or the one to the right of it. Both of which are only attainable if you can move along this red path.

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if you can't prove them wrong, confuse them

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the areas in red are unreachable from the starting position

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Finally a true austist, good work user you posted it before I could

The only entrances to this red path are only accessible via certain directions on the blue path. Thus, the portion of the directed graph containing the end is completely separate from the rest of the map, which contains the beginning. Thus, this puzzle has no solution.

what's this fuckery then, eh?

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The intersection below the upper right corner is one way

That was what I thought, too, but that last turn leading into the Goal won't work, because turning is not allowed there.

you can't pass through it southbound. first time it is hit the line turns west, the second time it is hit the line passes through it traveling north

what? i dont understand

Nothing like some good old shattered eardrums to make me forget about the heartache.

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Here was mine done on phone

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I think mine is more efficient

nice job solving it

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problem, officer?
muted for 2

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you can't pass straight through the fourth intersection, there is no line connecting the east and west arrows

oh wait I'm retarded and skipped the 4th intersection

these two are correct

the curved lines mean you have to turn. if you could just drive through, they would be the plain, multi-directional crosses.


can't u just do this?

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You can only drive east at the start. The only way to change directions is with with the curved arrows.