Existential Pain

How do I get rid of my angst? So few people act like existence is a curse, but I truly feel like it is.

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you decide you will be more of an active agent, try to weild as much control as you can, so you can make your existence better.


creating stuff makes it not so bad

So if I draw a picture Ill stop thinking about how I cant escape death?

Oh, you're worried about death? Maybe we're having different problems.

I still think it would help though. Drawing is hard to learn; try origami or programming or YouTube videos. Something you can be proud of and makes you feel useful.

But how do I circumvent the fact that my existence will ultimately be meaningless?

To put it succinctly, I feel like being born is essentially an actual curse, as you are basically doomed to suffer and die. Happiness is attainable, but only for a select few, and the happiness of those few does nothing to counter the immense amounts of suffering that most living creatures feel. Me having a good day doesnt stop people from being tortured, murdered, raped or killed, and I know thats stupid but I cant get those people out of my head. It makes me actually sick to think that death is the ultimate fate for anyone and that it could essentially come for anyone at any moment and that people willfully ignore that reality. I dont feel like there is a god, or at least that it isnt a loving one, and what happens after death is just as scary as actually dying.

What's scary about dying? Didn't you just say that existence is a curse? It's been argued many times that non-existence is probably more enjoyable than life. The deepest depths of suffering are infinitely worse than the greatest happiness.

I love sleeping. What is death but a long sleep.

by seeking means of prolonging your existence and or impact

They act like existence isn't a curse because they think that distracting themselves with normie pursuits like a high paying job or a family is the ultimate truth when in fact it is a mere distraction to how pointless and accursed it all really is.

That's really all there is to becoming a normie / chad and "making it". Filling your life with so much bliss that existential questions never bother you anymore- you're simply having too much fun to even care.

Existence is a curse because it ends in death. Its the ultimate middle finger. We are forced into this world without a choice and ripped from it just as abruptly. Death might be the end to suffering, but we have no way of knowing and the thought of my consciousness fading away makes me sick.

I wish immortality bargains were a thing

Empathy is a curse desu ne. Being a psychopath would be much easier, and you would be much more in tune with reality and society. I don't get it either, OP. "Bringing to me was a mistake, one of my father's that I won't repeat", or whatever it was. Some people just seem to have it made, others don't, and the people who have it made can't complain. The people who come here to mock and bully others are a good example of that, htey can't empathize with people with a worse lot in life, so they take sadistic glee in their suffering. Self-consciousness is also a curse, being aware of these things is a curse. Can't escape it, there are people undergoing rape, torture, murder, exploitation, starvation, and nothing can really be done about it, can't really make any kind of dent in that. The post-modernists understood that, and they lashed out at the world for it, and dug society's collective grave just a bit deeper. Sure, you can make positive change at a very small scale, but nothing on any real scale, you can only make things worse for others. Being aware of the world is a curse as well, and being unable to cope with reality is another curse. Much edge, very bulliable, no right to complain as a poor poor first wolrder, oh woe.

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You don't want to live forever in this world dude. Everyone dies anyway, people aren't getting away with some special kind of existential privilege you don't have. The complete inevitability of it should really render it nothing to worry about, but I do worry about the manner in which my death will take place and the circumstances it will fall under at the end of my life at times. I'm not telling you to just chill or something stupid like that, but it's going to happen to all of us. Just try to remember the playing field is ultimately level when it comes to mortality no matter how vainly some people try to prolong their lives.

Immortality is the last thing you'd want. No release from suffering.

Without death looming, I would be free to do whatever the fuck I wanted without fear

reddit can help you with your fake existential dread masked by the need for attention. seek them out

Fuck off, nobody wants to hear about your plebbit projections

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You just live with it. How would meaning benefit you anyways? Just do whatever makes you happy. Or don't. It doesnt really matter.

It is. I'd rather just not feel anything and just kill everyone I feel hate and utter rage towards.

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Sounds like shit and just making things worse for others.

This feels like the teenbros general.

>want to not feel anything
>so you can kill people you feel hate towards


Better than making it worse for myself.
Tbh if someone were a psychopath they could still feel rage. That's what would make it fun. There's some people I want to watch scream and bleed.

you must be over e i g h t e e n

I am over 18 you dumb fuck. I've been hurt enough where I'm past my breaking point.

Bruh wanting to hurt and kill others isnt okay. Youre just contributing to the state of the world. Fuck off.

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No. Who cares if the world is going to shit? Some people deserve to die.

Fuck you. Stop contributing to this hellhole.

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The reason we are scared of death is because all we will ever know and have known is existence. The birds in the sky, the air we breath, the thoughts racing through our minds is existence. Death scares you because we cannot even begin to imagine what anything other than existence is like. But here's the thing, when you're dead, you won't care. Even to say you won't care is still putting it in human terms because you simply won't exist. Imagine this, everything you have ever done, everyone you have ever known, every single thought that has ever raced through your head, gone in an instant. It would be like the deepest sleep you have ever had, forever. This is the finality that everyone who has lived and will live has had to/will face. You have two options to deal with this. You can either fret and worry needlessly for the rest of your short time on this plane of existence, even though any fear you have will be irrelevant once you're dead, or you can simply be thankful that you were born as who you are, and in the time we live in now. Don't fall into the trap of fear of the inevitable conclusion that we all face when you can simply enjoy existence while you can still comprehend it.

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No. I don't need to stop. Nobody needs to stop. There's no reason to.