how upset are you that chad doesn't want you?

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not too upset
i wouldn't feel comfortable being with anyone above a 7/10 personally.

7/10 in girl rating is a 9/10.

the issue here is that I wouldn't want to be with someone so conventionally attractive that other women would covet them.
it would fuck with my trust issues and paranoia.
7/10 is like, still a harsh maybe imo

Women are attracted to men who are already in relationships though so even if you get a 5/10 other women will suddenly want him.

I'm more upset that the guy I'm dating from Jow Forums treats me like I'm expendable garbage. Fuck Chad, Chad who?

Can I be your valentine? Is it okay if I am 7.001/10?

Not really at all. They're usually assholes like Stacies anyways.

>dating turbo autismo mentally ill Jow Forums posters

>not dating an autismo turbo qt Jow Forums poster

I'm not exactly a catch myself.

fuck i hate women aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

idk man you're probably too cute.

That was just a cheap attempt at a witty joke, I have no idea how cute I am but I doubt too much if I've never had a gf. Can you please be my valentine user?

i don't even know what being someone's valentine entails but sure thing user

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Justifiably so. All the Chads I know are cheating on their girlfriends/wives. And you want to know the worst part? They know but want to keep their Chad so they put up with it.

jokes on you nigga, im a neet, dont even know any chads

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i'm a pretty big doormat so i'd probably do the same in that situation
then i'd develop even more seething self hatred
that's why i will avoid putting myself in that situation at all costs.

What if Chad did want me, but its because I look young lmao

Just someone to share romantic feelings with, although we dont know each other at all really. Can we exchange contacts?

idk if i can share nonexistant romantic feelings with user, i'm not a dark magician.

femanon is backing out, what a surprise.

I know, it would really be like a first date just to get to know one another. I guess an actual valentine is for revealing your love to someone or reminding someone you love so this would be quite different since we do not even know one another yet

manon making generalizations based on a femanon not having romantic feelings for a complete stranger after exchanging a few sentences over an anonymous imageboard, what a surprise

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i'm not a mananon, i'm a girl. I wouldn't tell someone i'd hang out with them only to recant it a few minutes later. you don't have to have actual romantic feelings, you just hang out and talk about stupid shit. don't be so autistic.

why do i care what chad wants?

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i'd be down to just hang out with an user, but based on the user's responses, he's not looking to just hang out.
keep virtue signalling though, my friend.

Not upset. I hate chads and stacies and I want them to suffer.

Well do you want to chat with later this evening on valentines day instead?

Of course I am looking for a relationship, but you cant force romance and that wouldn't come about on the first day you meet someone. I think you are completely misunderstanding our entire interaction the same way you misunderstood the 7.001/10 joke

>Chad got his shit fucked up at eighteen and came back to me for pussy after having rejected me
>ended up marrying me despite him being a 7 and my being a 3
>feels hollow as fuck for no distinct reason

why the fuck wouldn't she? what romantic feelings do you expect to have for some desperate moron who doesn't even have the guts to talk to any women in person, so he has to come online, faceless, nameless, with zero connections, to say that he has romantic feelings? the conditions say otherwise. god, i fucking hate all you dumb robots who pretend women owe you something just for existing.

I'm not a robot, I'm a femanon. If you don't want to talk to someone don't offer. It's pretty cunty to get someone's hopes up and then bail.

That's not virtue signaling, user. You're just acting like an asshole.

You people are reading too much into my posts. I asked as joke for the user to be my valentine and then described what it was. In all likelihood that wasnt even a femanon on closer inspection either but a troll considering they posted a tumblr pic

Aint that the truth I would not date a fembot or anyone from Jow Forums it is disgusting

>"wow i wouldn't do that how could you do that"
that is literally the definition of virtue signaling.
talking shit on someone's perceived morals to make yourself look superior morally.
if saying that i don't have romantic feelings for someone makes me an asshole in your eyes, that's fine. really don't give a damn what someone like you thinks.

Well I wouldn't offer in the first place. I guess that makes me a moralfag. Did anyone ever tell you that you are an insufferable cunt? :^)

Do not reply to it, it is obvious its just a pure troll now

Anons what are we doing in vday?

no, but i'm sure you get that a lot once the novelty wears off with your orbiters.

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