Be me

>be me
>18, senior in high school
>life is a fucking disaster
>can't do anything right, everything i try i fuck up
>struggling in the most basic classes, at the most basic things
>my friends are disappearing
>didnt even have many to begin with, but even the 2 foreign kids i talk to stopped talking to/making plans with me
>dont really talk much at work either, too quiet for anyone to hear me well (we have loud music), so no friends there either
>today, go to work, have an extra bad shift
>shitty coworker who hates me, bosses me around
>dealing with 6 and 7 year old kids, shit-icing on shit-cake
>been contemplating suicide lately, more than usual anyway
>driving home, wondering if i should speed off the edge of the highway or run a red and get t-boned
>wish i would just die or get killed somehow
>decide i should just do it tonight, drive out to the lake and drown myself or skip school the next day and off myself then
>get home, see valentine's card and flowers on table
>didnt even remember it was close or coming up, never dated anyone so i dont keep track
>mom says sorry its a day early
>read card
>take a shower, cry
>it may have been a day early to her but it came just in time for me

maybe ill do it someday in the future, but not today, not yet

Happy Valentine's Day, anons

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Stop being a pussy. Literally all you have to do is not be totally disgusting and some beta will eventually marry you.

I'm getting pretty tired of my mom being the only one giving me gifts on Valentine's Day.

Don't listen to this poster. They are a subhuman incel

Let me fuck your troubles away

Ya sorry OP. Keep being a whiny first world bitch who feels sorry for herself and needs incels to tell her how shitty her life is

atleast you have a car and a job
im 18 and a senior too and have neither, and just a druggie
i want to die

oh and now i see your a grill
i wish i was a grill every day of my life, but im not a tranny
i feel if i was a girl it would be easier to get a partner and make it through life since you dont have to be a dominant personality type

Fuck can relate so much. Life been so shitty lately and the insecurities just keeping piling on.

Happy Valentine's day, user. I hope shit gets better for you.

>has caring parents
>has a job
>has a car
>graduating HS
>is a girl
she is already on very easy mode.

Better prepare for life after high school user, because it's just going to get a whole lot worse.

Three years ago I had nothing going for me and I was planning out my own suicide, and now I'm back on track and I'm dating someone. You can make it user.

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I still hope shit gets better for her. You too, user.
I'm not a girl and I'm further along in life but shit still sucks from time to time (often).

>wah my life is so hard

Fuck off and kys.

Fuck off zoomer roast beef.

No he's right. Look op. This white knight would gladly take your pathetic ass.

>fembot here
Its so easy to make friends or relationships as a girl. Please don't cry about something to people who have it infinitely worse.

I just get irritated when my parents do valentines day stuff for me because my mom is really childish and immature and controlling and used to hit me when I was younger. She's really nice most of the time, but I still dislike her. Anyways, you probably shouldn't kill yourself, because your life will most likely improve. It doesn't sound like anything is going too terribly for you besides school stuff and a terrible job. You'll probably be able to get a different job, and you'll graduate soon. Things aren't that bad, really. Suicide is only a lost resort, and your problems sound fixable. Belive in yourself. Also, GTFO my board. It'll probably help in the long run, since this place is so negative, and girls don't belong on r9k anyways.

This is one of the more elaborated introductions to
>btw girl here teehee

Improve yourself for you, don't worry about other people. Do what you can with what you have and get friends later

Kill yourself you retarded piece of shit.

That is so cute user. Im happy you are alive

>can't even do her two jobs right so her snatch is drying up and she hates children
Gross character you decided to larp as, OP.

>Improve yourself for

Narcissistic and individualistic bullshit.

What OP should do is accomplishing things that make him proud of himself, not masturbating on the idea of self-improvement, since deep down at the core, we want to improve ourselves for others.

wonderful meme

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It's definitely a fictional character, but it's still one that has brought me displeasure.
OP sat down and he could have written any pleasant little story, but he wrote this bad one for bad nefarious reasons.

you are a woman so you have life on easy-mode, you can't even begin to understand how hard it is in comparison for men. Just don't be fat and you will have an easy life, period. Btw I'm 32 white male with ~30 lifetime partners, not an incel, know what I'm talking about.