I want to go back to 2009 bros

I want to go back to 2009 bros

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i was 9 then holy shit

>Borderlands 2

I wanna go back to 1999

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I was 8 or 9 too

yeah man fucking crazy used to just be playing with the bros now its just drink until i fall asleep then repeat remember halo 3 holy hit

Just out of range of underage b&

I turned 18 in October

The 03 and 12 era's were the best

Mother 3's English hack came out, mario galaxy, melee and brawl, and a time when people weren't complete niggers to each other over sexualities. God I just wanna go back

Oh damn dude used to live on halo 3. Swat and custom games. Was 16 or 17

>tfw playing quake1 and 2 online in 1996/97

I was such a faggot at 13 but things were fun. I enjoyed the hell out of that game.

2009 was a shitty year go back to plebbit you fucking hipster.

the fucking state of this website

>tfw just started playing Borderlands 1 on my toaster a week ago
>pretty good but I dont know why it feels so odd to play old vidya, even if its good

I was thinking the same thing. There needs to be a 25+ age limit

2010 was the last good year for gaming.

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yeah, besides the indie scene. most triple AAA games that come out are complete shit. Last new good game i played was doom 2016.

Every single one of those games is average at best. This shows the absolute state of modern gaming, if the "best" of 2010 was this garbage.

Red dead 1 was good but the rest are mediocre I agree. Gaming has been dead for at least 15 years but of course zoomers are too young to know. The golden era of gaming was between 1995 and 2004 (San Andreas is the last truly groundbreaking game in my opinion). Anything since then has been derivative garbage designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

>good year for gaming

I was 12. It was truly a great year

Red dead is literally a copy of Gun without scalping

Same here i was 16 then

My whole life has been dictated by my mother

Now look at me

Fat, single, in a truck thats sitting in a layby on the A412

borderlands is trash

2004 was legit the best year in gaming ever

8 years old just playing halo 3 with my friends and enjoying life. I miss it but we've got to go on.