What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

Originally ofcourse

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everything is fine, ask her "cool, do anything fun this week?"

Why not ask her to do something for Valentines day?

>Why not ask her to do something for Valentines day?
because im not trying to get rejected, and im a broke boy

she was upset over another boy so she texted you for validation. gas her up if you want, she'll keep sending you texts like this instead of ignoring you, but it wont get you anywhere.

The correct response would be to write back "talk", in quotations, with a devil emoji.

she wanted to fuck you dumb tard

most girls who text at night wanna fuck

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this is pretty good. do this op

How about stop texting yourself?

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>having a girl's number in your phone that isn't a relative
normies out

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She wanted to talk back then, not now.

threadly reminder that people who set the bar for normalfag this low are just redditniggers trying to be funny.

What's it like to project this hard?

Probably means nothing, but ask if she wants to know now nonetheless.

This is the right move

>im not tryna get rejected
Why not? Nobody needs to know you asked her out if you're talking over text

This is the right response only if you want to come off like a cringey fuckboy.

He is right normie fuck off

>3:13 response


given the circumstances, no not really. stay beta.

>he doesnt shit himself every day
hurr durr normans out xD

Call her up and talk you dumb fuck. Texting hours apart really kills the mood

It's laughable how hard you try.

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Do we have an update on this?

>given the circumstances, no not really. stay beta.
Under no circumstances is using the "devil emoji" in flirting considered a winning move. Unless, of course, you get your moves from DBZ avatars and hypebeasts, or something. Especially if you're being non-ironic in its usage.

You were asleep until 3pm?

She wanted to fuck, but you didn't get back to her in time and the urge passed or was satisfied elsewhere.

She doesn't buy that you were "asleep" for 15.5+ hours, concludes you ignored her, and waited an our to reply because she's still salty that her pussy was wet while she was thinking of you and you didn't do anything about it.