Why is finding a GF as an ENTP so impossible

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So do you end up literally asking people what their MBTI is or what.

He is an intuitive, he probably actually does that and then he doesnt know why people think he has issues

tfw infp. tfw no cool enfj gf to take me away

ENTP is like the most attractive type though.

Yes please originally do.

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That's a dead lie and you know it. Girls think we're too childish to maintain a realtionship

INFJ is your ideal but we are the rarest type, INFJ women are picky and you have to compete with ESTP.

ENTP women are adorable but indecisive.

Bruh that system is fucked

Are you saying that infj girls like estps? Fuck that im not competing with some braindead casual

Rather ESTP like INFJ but INFJ in general are perpetually single.

This, is right that we're childish but you just gotta channel that into a plus rather than a minus.

Seriously being ENTP is fucking easymode for starting and holding on to relationships, because of the iamverysmart.jpg we spew on the regular. I know i'm not that fucking smart compared to people who've actually accomplished shit but I'm great at faking it and pulling off witty banter which is enough to impress.

Seriously with most of my relationships is been a game to see how long I can keep up the charade until they realize I'm actually a toxic alcoholic who is going nowhere in life and then abandon me. I always manage to cause some damage and heartbreak before its over though, its literally so easy

pic related, mfw suckering yet another one

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Say thanks that you're not INTP, the suicide fodder type.

Because none of us know how to act appropriately around them? I know that's true for my type; we either act weird or talk weird around them and it's a turn off for them. They'd rather be your friend, though, because you can make them laugh, sometimes. I always make people laugh, even when it's not entirely intentional...

this, you misspelled INTP OP.

Nah I pretty much always got for INTPs and ENTPs. INTJs and ENTJs are okay too.

>Seriously being ENTP is fucking easymode for starting and holding on to relationships, because of the iamverysmart.jpg we spew on the regular. I know i'm not that fucking smart compared to people who've actually accomplished shit but I'm great at faking it and pulling off witty banter which is enough to impress.
>Seriously with most of my relationships is been a game to see how long I can keep up the charade until they realize I'm actually a toxic alcoholic who is going nowhere in life and then abandon me. I always manage to cause some damage and heartbreak before its over though, its literally so easy

ENTP here and I 100% agree and do the exact same thing. Like you everyone thinks I'm smart as fuck but I will avoid any real actual debate like the plague because my intelligence is just a thin veneer of shit I skimmed and heard on youtube and it's basically a game to see how long it lasts until they realise "Oh wait you're an unstable loser and you're basically just an edgy high school student in the body of a grown man"

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I'm really good at making girls laugh but I don't know how to proceed from there. How do I advance from just making them laugh in passing to having them want to be friends with me and shit.

Because we're nothing more than retarded edgelords user. And you know it.

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You guys sound like an ex I had. He'd throw a bunch of jargon at me whenever I asked him what he was doing to make it sound more complicated. I'd usually just act really impressed to stroke his ego. It's kind of fucked up but I really liked it when he talked down to me.

< this guy gets it

If you can make girls laugh then you've probably got some sense of humor and the wit necessary to fire it off. So that's a plus for you. The second step is to just be so fucking confident (but not cocky!) that you believe you are the best goddamn dude she will ever meet, and if she doesn't realize that, then that's a problem with her views, not of yours. This aura of confidence needs to infuse everything you say/do, and it helps by being a little bit edgy and witty and sarcastic. The key is not to stray too far into edge, like if you are slamming a disney movie or something they're going to think you're a faggot, just watch the damn movie and say awww how cute or whatever drivel they want to hear.

Which brings me to rule #2: Lie, lie and lie. Never stop lying/embellishing what you say. Eventually you get good at this to know what you can get away with without being called out, or say it in such a tone that it's basically satirical how much you're playing yourself up. You can always hide behind the humor defense especially if you use dat ENTP wit.

Finally, and this is most important, make sure to fucking infuse sexual jokes or sexual talk in there somewhere. THis is so fucking critical and it really is never talked about (at least I had to figure it out for myself, idk why i was so slow to do so). Basically at some point make a sexual joke or bring the conversation to something sexual, but IMPORTANT make sure its a joke "around" them, not "at" them. Like if you two are joking and turn something into an innuendo or euphemism, and see how she reacts. Remember don't literally say oh wow that's a long pipe? id sure love to lay pipe in u babe :) because that would be way too direct but you can kinda hint at things or at least take the conversation there.
This is so important because it is demonstrating that you are capable of fucking sex and sexual thinking, cuz if not she'll think youre a dolt or not interested.

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The problem with you like many ENTPs is that you're actually seriously intelligent, but you are too erratic and don't have the self-discipline to actually put that intelligence into any productive or good use or focus, so you just basically become a walking dictionary of useless garbage information you use to debate people and stroke your ego.


How are my fellow ISTP's doing right now?

>Why is finding a GF as an ENTP so impossible
you're ugly or annoying or low IQ or millennial
im an entp and ive never had an issue and ENTP and ESTP are known as the chad types respectively
you have some big problems if you cant get a gf with the literal best mbti

or the more likely thing is you arent actually ENTP you just think you are and coping

probably an infp considering you would think to make a shitty autistic thread like this retard

>INFJ is your ideal
>INFJ women are picky and you have to compete with ESTP

This is too true.

>develop oneitis with INFJ
>all she really is interested in is ESTP chads
>slowly realize over the years that I will never be good enough for INFJ
>die slowly on the inside
>feel utter shame for having these feelings in the first place
>glad that she is reaching the goals she's always wanted to reach
>but can never look her in the eye with confidence because she knows how I felt

I have a gf now who happens to be an INFJ, but I still miss my oneitis. She haunts my dreams, but I'd never tell my gf.

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ENTP are the most anoying and selfish pieces of shit.

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>NPC sensor jealous of intuitives again

why is the ESTP chad meme still around? ExFJ is scientifically the chad type

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Fucking based, the falseflag is getting out of hand hard

>scientifically the chad type

Jtard spotted
leave brainlet


Literally astrology-tier personality reading. Grow up Tumblrista

Reposting the garbage I made

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Because every ENTP i know got married young

I don't care about their MBTI type but it would be so sexy if there was a girl who is very attractive and more intelligent than I am
>tfw my MBTI type has the 3rd highest IQ

I am INTP friendo
Accept science and accept that the genetic lottery has screwed you too in yet another way

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You guys don't know how hard it is as an INFP. I just want a fellow introvert who likes the sentimental side of life as well.

>tfw my MBTI type has the 3rd highest IQ
Can't tell if this is bait or....

>Accept science
low iq
go suck a uni professors dick pretentious cunt

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>Constant hatred towards people, mostly of myself, but at the same time in need for someone to help.
>The moment someone shows up I flee like a motherfucker because of fear.
>Can't sleep because of past shocks and a huge fear of the future.

I wish I could be a better person.

There are multiple studies ranking the average IQ and giftedness of each MBTI type. You do realize MBTI isn't some brand new meme created last year?

I still can't tell if this is bait or....

t. 70 IQ ESTJ

Aaaaaaaand it's bait

this is way too funny

MBTI is just astrology without the magic, at least astrology is based on some larger immeasurable force reflecting everything back to us. As Above, So Below.

>can't provide a counterargument to explain how MBTI and IQ are not correlated
Intuition > Sensing
Introversion > Extroversion
Thinking > Feeling
Percieving > Judging
This is what basically every study proves.

Absolutely not though. MBTI is categorizing the basic ways people act as a fun way for people to identify themselves. It's based entirely on how someone actually is. Astrology is constellations assigning personalities based on when someone was born.

I'm not saying that MBTI is some amazing break through science, I'm just explaining how you're very, very wrong.

Now go and think about how you're so much smarter than those "stupid horoscope cucks."

Oh boy is he serious? This is a big fat yikes.

>total inability to argue
Yikes. I can tell you're a troll so the conversation ends here.

Sexual inhibitions is a very human trait (only animal to near universally have sex in privacy)
So it would make sense for the least intellectual type (ESFJ) to be the least sexualy inhibited on average

Infp fem here. I heard ENFJs are the best type for us, but the one ENFJ I met was unbearable with his constant pushing ideals down people's throat and "you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it!" mentality.

I just want qt INFP/ENFP bf.

Alllllllllllrighty then oof

It's just random fluff anybody can assign themselves too, look at all the people who sperg out over all the mistypes. Astrology is actually based off something that is easy to explain but hard to understand. Astrology is way more in depth, there are points which describe ones appearance, their family, their career and many other factors. Validity is the only fair point but I've accurately guessed peoples traits just by looking at their charts, I still have my skepticism but I've gotten positive results.

I love MBTI I just tire of the Astrology bashing everywhere because of dumb tumblrites, it's a fascinating part of the occult with a lot of mysticism that unfairly gets hated on because of dumb "Sun Sign Horoscopes" when predictions are based on the Ascendant.

INFP male here. My male ENFJ friend is my favorite friend because he actually understands me and responds to me. He can be a bit arrogant or ignorant sometimes but he's a good guy. I had one brief conversation with a female ENFJ and she seemed like a good person, we only had one conversation though.
My discord is Fmikey#5596 if you want to talk

Wow I didn't expect to actually see someone into horoscopes. Comparing the two is really stupid. You know, since one is based around constellations and birth dates and the other is based around questionnaires.

In my opinion astrology and tarot cards and things of that sort work as projections for the subconscious which can be a useful tool. I feel a lot of spirituality can be directly tied to the subconscious.

Pls be my friend fellow infp ;-; i hate to see you sound so sad

>be me
>read How To Win Friends and Influence People
>bla bla bla im a diplomat now

Give me some MBTI tests to take mates. They are bullshit anyways but I want to see what tests give what results. 16 personalities always gives me ESTP even though that's clearly false as none of the descriptions fit myself.

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I sent you a request infpanon.

I'd very much appreciate it. Maybe we can talk about life or something? I have a discord. Idk if you have one too.

You think dragging things out so you get the last word in despite not actually saying anything means you're "winning" but the reality everyone just gets tired of your obnoxious bullshit. It's not clever, it's transparent and frankly kind of sad.

Sure, tell me what it is.

Three things. First of all this is all for fun and meaningless. If you feel like you don't align well then it doesn't matter. Second, you could be answering wrong. People can be biased by how they WANT to be and answer that way even without realizing it. OR you could just actually be that way and you're retarded.

Now it really makes sense why you believe and care about IQ stuff.

The shit you see in magazines is pretentious nonsense for bored housewives. There are many different kinds of Astrology, some focus on predictions, others on psychology and other events. Jung was interested in Astrology and you can clearly see the influence, both use the Archtypes but Astrology is more based on symbolism where as the functions are more into explaining the cognitive processes. The questionaires are bullshit, the letters don't mean shit and the descriptions are gargled nonsense comparable to a lot of nonsense facebook tier zodiac descriptions.

As Above, So Below. Astrology is sort of like meme magic when you think about it, energy is everywhere influencing and reflecting back at us.

My discord is Anniehastur#4830

I'm not a girl, btw. Used to play League. Not anymore though.

Oh also with MBTI you can answer with what you want to be where as with Astrology it's already decided. Cool you think you're an INTJ, but really you're a Gemini Ascendant and your manlet status shows this so you can't pretend to be a Sagittarius Ascendant.

The thing is that Astrology is based entirely around old world religion. All of it is, regardless of where it's published.

Oh god you're actually an astrology shill. Oh no.

Double check for any capitals or misspelling. I can't find you.

So sorry. Forgot to capitalize the H.


Jung was actaully really into it and Vedic astrology played a significant role into his development of archtypes which MBTI is based upon. They really aren't as dismilar as you think. A deep core of mysticism threads its way from jung through the heart of modern psychology. Practices such as CBT and CDT along with the obvious thinks like mindfulness meditation which has meditation right in the name contron elements that bare striking parallels to eastern mystic practices. Never forget psychology is not a hard science, it's about as soft as they get.

Yeah but drawing inspiration for the typings you created does not make it the equivalent of what's essentially tribal star watching. Being a "soft science" does not make it on the same level as literal star watching. I don't see how you can't see the difference here. It's screaming right in your face.

>Doesn't argue my points just posts to get more (You) time

MBTI is based off Jung, Jung was influenced by Astrology. Astrology isn't a religion, you could argue that it's akin to Paganism I guess but my point was the Sun Sign Astrology is a stupid recent phenomenon that doesn't show a proper fair analysis of Astrology. Just because a bunch of tumblrites are into it doesn't mean it's bad. In fact it's influence is everywhere, do you play video games? Astrology is basically an RPG stat system, but instead of being based on numbers it's more like a sliding circle where all the planets interact with each other and the zodiacs are the costumes.

But here's the thing. MBTI is personality typing based on what someone actually is. Astrology is made up bullshit based on fucking stars. Like I have no idea how you struggle so much with this.

You must be an INTP. You aren't smart, your ego is just too big and you're too stubborn.

I don't see how you can't see the similiarities

Ne = Gemini
Ni = Aquarius
Fi = Pisces


MBTI has nothing to support it, just imaginary ideas on how you think you are. Astrology is at least based on something we can see ie the fucking stars. I dunno how you struggle with this, you must have some strong virgo placements.

>Astrology is at least based on something we can see ie the fucking stars
S detected holy shit

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No no no no no you're ignoring what I'm saying. The similarities do not matter. Astrology is literally looking at stars and saying "You are going to be like this because the stars that have nothing to do with you and are millions of light years away said so. Now go do this because the stars told me that's what you are supposed to do." It's based on literal voodoo bullshit. I have no idea how someone could even consider believing horoscopes to any extent. It's actual primitive caveman stuff. One is saying "Oh yeah I don't like partying as much as I do reading books alone. I must be introverted." The other is unironically fucking saying "These stars are in this position so the hippy behind the keyboard said that I'm destined to have good fortune today."


>doesn't argue my points
Are you the IQ guy? Lol you need to take a break.

found a new channel youtube.com/channel/UCWZAdgTfB06ShvDHBOT_auw/videos

The disconect is because you don't actually understand the subject content in question here. Go read up on Jung and his ideals of synchronicity and how it relates to both the archetypes and astrology. He actively believed in these things and formed parts of his theories around them in a direct and literal sense in which the arrangements of the planets, that is to say astology, actively reflected the patterns he saw emerging. Astology and jungian psychoanyalsis go hand in hand to the point it clashed with with his contemporaries. The core difference is that rather than seeing the planets as dictating events he saw astrology as a sort of divine symmetry. The as above so below kind of thing the other user was talking about. That's what MBTI actually is. Seriously, just look at the Red Book. Jung was more a philosopher and mystic than a scientist.

Whoa what a fucking dumb argument, the occult and astrology is based on intuition. The planets are used as symbols.

You're the braindead sensor automatically trying to discredit astrology because you're just like everybody else who can't think for yourself.

and your missing the fucking point, anybody can say they are any type because they think they do something. You can't argue with Astrology because the planets are right there, I'm not arguing the validity I am arguing the method. If you want to see the validity go post your chart on /x/ or do your own god damn research instead of being an NPC puppet that just repeats all the drivel because I R TEH SMAHT SKEPTIK, ASTROLOGY DUM FOR WIMMINZ.

Dude, you're literally trying to say that rocks and balls of gas that are light years away determine peoples' personalities, future, actions, etc. like do you get how stupid that is.

No one is going to believe in your Woodstock bullshit grandma, go recharge your crystals.

>Ne = Gemini
>Ni = Aquarius
>Fi = Pisces
huh, so
Aries = Se
Taurus = Si
Gemini = Ne
Cancer = Fi
Leo = Te
Virgo = Ti
Libra = Fe
Scorpio = Ni
Sagittarius = Se
Capricorn = Te
Aquarius = Ne
Pisces = Fi

INFPs are not meant to live properly in our society, they are either artsy sluts or suicidal robots.

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arent infp supposed to enrich art with their personal feelings?

They are too self conscious and unable to judge themselves realistically to do anything of meaning during their life. They rely too much on their personal idea of the world and live in their idealized paradises way too much... Either way, they love living in sweet lies, they love drowning in their dreams, without them, what could they even be?

Lern2debate fggt.

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Do you know how video games work? Do you know how reflections work? Do you know how Dark Matter works? Just because you don't know how something works doesn't mean it's wrong, again not arguing its validity but its METHODS aka a self reported test vs Actual positions that you can observe. Unless you actually understand the mechanics behind Astrology then you are just a pretentious idiot.

To a degree, like a Pisces Sun would have a lot of Fi where as a Pisces Ascendant would have more Fe or an Aquarius Sun is more like an ISTP where as an Aquarius Moon is more like an INFJ.

Good idea.

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No one cares ENTP

Yeah but it's still just star watching so it fake. It's like fortune tellers.

I only come to these threads for the images and you're the only one to post one

Imagine if the universe was finite.
After all this --our pointless existence, there will be pointless nothingness.

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>tfw want to be an artsy slut
>be born with penis so can't be a slut
why is infp slutty, though i usually go from wanting to be a slut to wanted to be with a oneitis out of nowhere.

Do you ever think about how from the beginning it was just as likely that nothing ever existed as it is that we are living today?

INFPs lash out when under pressure and stressed. That's Te, fuck Te.

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You've confused me, that last bit throws everything awry. Seems like you're missing a comma somewhere or something.

That doesn't prove that it's fake, did you watch that video? Quantum Entanglement shows that atoms can affect each other regardless of distance, so it's actually quite plausible with Quantum Mechanics. The proof comes from personal experience, I can look back at big events in my past to see where the planets were at the time and they were.

Uranus and Mars are just about to leave Aries and enter Taurus, watch as the political climate dissipates from everybody trying to light a fire to a more calm but materialistic focus, Taureans love to smoke weed so I wouldn't be surprised if the legalization thing becomes a sticking point.

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Yeah I had a hard time figuring out how to type it honestly.

But basically

The chances that nothing ever existed, no universe, nothing, were just as likely as the outcome we have now.

>Proper Te desires predictability and is completely comfortable with seeing external reality as having strict rules, structures, and boundaries that one should adhere to in order to make life as smooth and efficient as possible. This can create an underlying sense of restlessness or rebelliousness in Fi-doms because Fi fundamentally requires the freedom to determine and honor its own boundaries and limits. Thus, when Fi becomes overextended, Fi-doms may exhibit somewhat desperate attempts to push back against external standards/structures as a way to reinforce their own right to self-expression and defend against the stifling and inflexible nature of Te. For example, they might: look for superficial ways to express their self-image outwardly, explore "alternative" ideas or ideologies in order to avoid the feeling of being mainstream/ordinary, endlessly seek out "meaningful" experiences to immerse themselves in, be quick to detect "phoniness" or insincerity in others, be quick to point out flaws or inaccuracies in "the system", focus too much attention on the idea of wrongdoing or injustice, adopt a rigid or black/white approach to morality, be overconfident about the truth and coherence of their own moral judgments, judge people who go "by the book" as unimaginative or controlling, become oversensitive to criticism, become too withdrawn or conflict averse, try to limit their social interactions and experiences to what they deem personally acceptable/comfortable, and so on.