Ladies, post the image of the sexiest guy you've found online

Ladies, post the image of the sexiest guy you've found online.

I'll start.

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These three. Those abs.

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is that ice poseidon originally

I can't just look at a picture by itself. It doesn't work that way. It's a 1/100 chance anything will happen to me mentally from a picture alone.

No hot guys online but heres Marlon Brando

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what the fuck. what did he do to himself, EAT cotton balls from the time between this picture to when the godfather was filmed?

Assaulted some actresses, ate enormous amounts of food (seriously his appetite was inhuman, fucked Richard Pryor in the ass. He was a man of indulgence

>"Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of-of people who are suffering. Because they've exploited-we have seen the-we have seen the nigger and greaseball, we've seen the chink, we've seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap, we have seen the wily Filipino, we've seen everything, but we never saw the kike. Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the wagons around." Larry King, who is Jewish, replied, "When you say-when you say something like that, you are playing right in, though, to anti-Semitic people who say the Jews are-" Brando interrupted: "No, no, because I will be the first one who will appraise the Jews honestly and say 'Thank God for the Jews'."
fucking dumb wops I hate being one

>says his entire industry and career is ran and controlled by the Jews
Jew Larry king: wait a minute thats-
>but God bless the Jews am I right

for me its this anglo saxon demigod
I wish i had a bf like this so badly

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wops been collaborating with jews since the beginning and people leave them alone because they think the vatican is different

just kill me

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Mads Mikkelsen is by far the sexiest guy Ive ever seen.

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AIght whats this actors name

Author Bertolt Brecht, hes perfect.

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Yung lean, my celebrity crush

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Kaworu is a cutie. When I first watched evangelion as a 14 year old, he made me uncomfortable for some reason, so I hated him, but now I almost love him. He's adorable. I'm a boy, though. I'll post in this thread and no one can stop me.

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Same him and bladee have a bowl cut that make me hard

>having the taste of a 12 year old girl
this poster belongs on this board

>thinking a thin, pale, literal angel is cute is having the tastes of a 12 year old girl
When did 12 year old girls get so based?

>what the fuck. what did he do to himself, he was a victim to the ravages of time
though he could have put the fork down a little more often.

i am extremely picky but this is the handsomest guy i have ever seen. runner up is brian firkus. i have never found another man attractive.

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I look like a beta version of him

>male fujoshi are based

hunter rowland on twitter is the cutest boy i've ever seen in my whole life

Pic related is scientifically proven to be the objective answer.

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You realize he had a thing in his mouth for the entire filming of the Godfather in order to give him that old appearance, right?

I think they won the oscar for that idea or something as well.

Pic somewhat related, forgot to include it

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This is a very original commentt

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Only this pic, not his other pics.

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You can't deny this man's raw primal sexual energy.

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For me it's a tossup between Daniel Tighe and Bartek Borowiec.

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Silly lesbian

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>You realize he had a thing in his mouth
Yes he stuffed cotton balls, that's why I made a joke about why he looks like his diet was made of cotton balls.

I'm not saying the godfather sucks, I am saying he looks like he ate indigestible foods for decades before the movie was filmed, which he apparently did.

>that skin
the cotton balls didn't do that

>saving pictures of dudes
>having some objective ultimate man
Is this a fucking meme or what?
There are a lot of very distinctly different ways to be a sexy man.

Sorry, don't have a thing for aged plastic.

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He was an extremely bogpilled man. Distrusted Jews, loved Japanese culture, was an early internet troll. He's Jow Forums only he was extremely sexy as a young man. Food was all that stood between him and suicide most likely.

you're embellishing, he was a spaghettijew who would eat gold like smaug. I would know I'm the same thing

step aside gentlemen

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A total fucking chad. I'm definitely judging your taste in men, fellow femanon.

Fucking BASED and MIKKELSENPILLED. Good taste femanon. God he's sexy and so is his demeanor.

Would you ever settle for someone who doesn't look like this?

>browsing r9k

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Women have fucking TERRIBLE taste in men BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. If your choice does not have a great jaw and chin at the very fucking least then you have no hope.

If we had the exact same taste as fags, we'd only choose ass blasters and we'd never get fucked.
Am I missing something here?
>If your choice does not have a great jaw and chin
Strong in a lot of these, but it also waxes and wanes with our spooky moon-worshipping menstrual bullshit.
You can't blame us for our werewolf curse.

I can't say THE sexiest since that's subjective but for me

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Youre one lucky man then :)

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Bartek is so cute!!! He looks like a literal angel

Hahahaha look at this duuuuuude... No you fucking don't.

How do I know when I've crossed the blurry parasocial line?

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Bitch are you fucking serious

He's cute and charming.

i forgot: was it in January or March

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Maybe he's charming but can you honestly imagine that guy on top of you and not feel gross

Collateral Tom Cruise should be every man's goal

I just want him to quote serial killers' manifestos softly into my ear

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I've been with much worse.

All the editing, dude isnt defined irl

you can't leave out lemmy

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Yesssssss hes so hottt ugh and I love his voice

The angry video game nerd is so attractive to me, I dont know why but he really is. Ive followed his channel for years, and it all makes me very happy and entertained. I love how much he knows about video games and films, and I wish we could merge our video game collection (mine is pretty large too)

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Just depositing this here.

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sexist men or the kind of men that I'm attracted to? because I know the men I'm attracted to aren't what r9k would find attractive


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haha what the fuck
why the fuck
cant endure anymore

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Hey James whatcha doing on this thread?

threads got me feelin sad and ugly

That guy looks a lot like an old coworker of mine. Women liked him a lot, he was tall and had the long blond hair and everything.

LMAO none of the dudes bitches post ever resemble me.

nobody gives a shit about chins lookism fag

post someone who does so we can laff

Whats your fav avgn episode?

I want to cuddle him and the cat

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You're all wrong. Check out these specimens
Rudolf Nureyev
Aidan Turner

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But you're posting what kind of men women like according to men

spooky gaunt lookin niggas

Im really into castlevania, so my favorite would either be ep. 1 (simons quest) or the 3 part episode dedicated to castlevania games (ep. 79-81). The ones with the violent bugs bunny skits are also fun af. Ughh i love him, hes so cool

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for guys lurking who are confused about the pattern, it's all about the canthal tilt

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>tfw attractive tilt but droopy eyelids
oh well

His looks and personality are cute.

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>loved Japanese culture
really? sauce?

i am so pathetic for picking a fictional character, and one from pokemon at that, but still

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It's ok I can't think of any 3DPD who look like Ging, so I give up.

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someone try beat it?

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I have a thing for cute guys with baby faces, like C93's Mr. Tibet. Another example would be Elijah Wood.
Chads are pleb tier taste in men, scrawny dorky guys will always take the cake.

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Fite me. Faggochinnolino

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>scrawny dorky guys will always take the cake.

Why do some guys like redheads when they know they're giant whores? You can't help what you like.

t. seething brunette
Sorry sis, all your lads are belong to us

all women are giant whores.

I'm the user you were replying to (not )
But yeah I gotta say that i really don't have an exact reason for it. i guess normal/chad guys just aren't as aesthetically pleasing to look at if that makes sense. Not that I think they're ugly, I just have this weird preference.

I have the most unbearable burning desire for this to man do things to me and put his babies inside me.
Literal peak performance
>tfw no Dante bf

Good taste

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Also I meant to reply to

enjoy your overdose in 10 years


I wonder if Arabs are considered attractive by non-brown women? (Asian,white,black)

I just want a qt short alien bf

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They can be qt but only if they're not Muslim and how often does that happen?