why do you like traps, user?

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Their existence is inherently sexual

i dont. they are a result of xenoestrogens and postmodern progressivism that, in the moment, makes these men feel like they belong until nature punishes them down the road until they're driven into regret or suicide.

I am a bisexual male who finds pleasure in a femme-esque male who has parts I enjoy

why are you such a faggot, op? traps are gay they disgust me

knoqing that this is a man's son, that a woman carried this in her belly for 9 months, fuck it makes me wacky. In no other time in history have a minority population of males been able to medically transform themselves to mimic the image of a natal female. HNNG!

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because dicks are CUTE!!!!

yo thats a good point
feel kinda stupid for not really thinking about it like that until i read that

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I always have this sneaking suspicion that they are still male brained and get boners underneath their skirts when they are sitting in public. It has to be a mindfuck to exist this way.

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Are you inferring that they are an embodiment of a fetish which has taken over their former lives?

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Slightly bisexual.

Fucked a non passing middle aged crossdresser once. Couldn't keep it hard for fucking him despite the fact that he had a fine ass. Made him eat my cum drippling from my half flaccid dick instead.

this, it's why I hate them

this bimbo was a boy. WTF!!

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>no one will ever take you prisoner and force you to transition
Why live?

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look at all the plastic and hormones this dude shoved into his body. They gave up their life and legacy to become a sex toy for men. WOW!

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I've known a lot of them.

And about 98% of them have done some kind of porn, amatuer or otherwise. Not "lul I put a nude selfie on Twitter once" but actual "I repeatedly distributed pornographic pictures of myself through multiple channels for money / fame / attention."

In the end, watching a tranny is like watching a butterfly's lifecycle.

It begins as this worm, eventually forming a cocoon, and then emerging after a while as this beautiful butterfly.

...Only to be quickly snuffed out after the passing of a single winter season.

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How do you meet and fuck a midly passing trap ?

Preferably irl

based and true originalli

I need to take a screenshot of this.

how do you fuck somebody not irl? also tinder/grindr/whatever

I was talking about meeting the trap IRL.

So, preferably not tinder & bullshit, I have more sucess irl thanks to muh game

>How do you meet and fuck a midly passing trap ?

>Step 1. Locate Trap
Discord and / or Twitter basically. Preferably ones with low self esteem and daddy / mental issues

>Step 2. Initiate Game
Tell them what they want to hear. Manipulate them. Prey on their obvious weaknesses. See step 1.

>Step 3. Meet up
If you've done Step 2 correctly, they'll be willing to fly across the fucking world for you. If not, you'd need to try something more middle ground like an anime convention. Odds are they're dirt poor and don't have the support of their family, or they've been disowned altogether for being trans. This of course only makes it easier to prey on them and make them more reliant upon you, specifically financially.

>Step 4. Fuck
This pretty much goes without saying. Nearly every last one of them will desperately eat up whatever affection you show them because of issues mentioned in Step 1. In the rare occasion they do not, you need to identify if any narcissism might override their other esteem issues. If it does or they have some strong sense of self, beware because you could easily get played and cucked. Again, it's pretty easy to identify their issues since they fucking wear them on their sleeve, so just keep an eye out for obvious signs. The goal is to use them, not for them to use you.

>Step 5. Dispose of them
Dump them once you're bored and move on to the next one. Don't be stupid and catch feelings. This isn't about feelings, it's about fucking.

It goes without saying that you have to lack empathy in nearly any amount to do shit like this and literally manipulate people for the sole purpose of using them as a disposable cumrag. But there's a near infinite amount of damaged trannies out there nowadays and new ones are being made all the time, so go crazy - again provided you can manage to not feel anything about preying on someone who's clearly already damaged for the sole purpose of blowing a load a few times.

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Oh hey it's my ex.

it's a meh rant with a poor analogy (butterfly lives as a butterfly about as long as it was a caterpillar or longer, monarch lives 2 weeks as a caterpillar and 2-6 weeks as a butterfly)

I'll probably try to adapt your strategies to make some regular fuckbuddies out of them.

Don't have the patience to deal with step 1 and 2 very often.

>get trap gf who is dependent on you
>desperate for your love and affection
>pumping and dumping instead of wifeing them
>probably turning them into sluts or making them kill themselves

You're disgusting.

>tfw had a qt trap gf
>first time in my life I've been happy
>says we'll be together forever
>leaves me out of nowhere due to discovering her newself
>alone, broken and even sadder than before
>want to die in my sleep

That's just not true is it though? You've literally only been acquainted with the 7% somehow.

Source for this image?

also androgyny is cute and sexy.

u sound like my ex

based red pill fox poster hits it out of the park

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Tranny messaged me in plenty of fish. Bio says he/she wants a relationship and no hook ups. Just want to smash tranner and get it out of my system.

I just like cute, crossdressing feminine boys.

I don't use the term traps anymore though. It combines guys who crossdress in with transwomen even though those are two different things and also makes it sound like they're both trying to "trick" people.

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Lately I've just been liking cute guys out of crossdressing though, but it's a really small amount.

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those hips are literally made to breed, good lord

I think they're pretty slim hips but it's still really cute and sexy.

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Because I want to kiss them and lick their cute little buttholes before pinning them down and aggressively breeding them. Duh, user

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sucks that cute boys don't exist in real life desu

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I mean, in any sense where I'd actually meet them, obviously.

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Aero up to his old tricks again. Sucking on a quarter for a quarter like the degen he is. Jesus Christ.

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Mind if I steal it for a story of a trap that an heroes and destroys a poor robot's heart?

Real talk, I had a penis fetish for a period of my youth because I just didn't understand vaginas. I could only understand sexuality through the penis.

My parents really should have given me a proper education in regard to reproduction.

I find the hot and disgusting at the same time.
I'd like to fuck a cute trap but every scort in my area looks like a man in a wig, with a cock the size of Thor's hammer.

it's simple
>be gynephilic
>enjoy the aesthetic of a smooth taint and cock and balls

There's nothing at odds there. You like traps and hate faggots who fail to be traps

That pic can't be a man, surely.

You used same thumbnail yesterday,
Do you actually think we wont notice?
Go fucking kill yourselves niggers

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OP is a fucking tranny kike faggot

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Its like bolshevism but for (even bigger) retards. Imagine being this dedicated to something so dumb.

there's nothing wrong with trannies killing themselves, it's natural and part of their culture. don't be so jugemental desu

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>why do you like traps, user?
i know the burning desire to be a girl too
i am not even sure if it's a cure, i mean i can't imagine myself not wanting to be a girl

Feminine bodies with cocks is my fetish and also I feel more comfortable around males in general
Too bad I'll never be in a relationship with one, they're all sluts desu

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*is it's a curse
sorry i'm drunk

*if it's a curse

because in reality "real" women are just dongless men with ugly vaginas. Traps take the best of two worlds and morphs it into the perfect sex object.

I call shecocks "big clits" i wish i could suck one right now.