Hey anons. I can pretend to be your gf on valentines. We could voice chat for hours on discord or just chat in general...

Hey anons. I can pretend to be your gf on valentines. We could voice chat for hours on discord or just chat in general. Watch some anime

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Are you an actual natural born female?
I don't care for the gay shit but talking about anime might be fun.

I am an actual female. So everyone who wants a trap, sorry.

I like how the thread died after that. I just want a comfy group of Discord friends to shit post with, not a female to worship. But a fren would be nice regardless of peepee or vajajay

How old are you OP? Must be some sorta zoomer

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Not a fan of discord, but are how are you doing user?

Okay. Do you want to be my Valentine? I'm on discord

I don't have a zoomie cancer account like Discord but either way the human companionship sounds lovely femanon. Are there other ways to have this simulation?

What else are you into, fembot? I only have 1 female friend.

Alright cool. Talk with me about anime then.

Give your discord then pls be my gf reeeeeee

alright, but the real question is how does your voice sound? is it on the same tier as this femanon?

vocaroo something for valentine while including my name "David". thank you

Can you post a vocaroo saying "I'm so glad you're my Valentine, Alikhan!"

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I'm 20
Eh, pretty shit, how about u?
Hm idk. Are there any other ways?
I hope not
Vocaroo isn't working for me idk why. If there is any other website like that, share it

you got my hopes up for nothing. I can't even get a simple happy valentines request.

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Already have gf, but I'm down to have a new friend

please post your discord, I recently got ghosted by a female here that I had feelings for and having at least someone to spend the day with would be nice even if I don't ever see you again, don't even need to voice chat

post discord im getting drunk and want to wtch anime with someone

Genuine question. Why do you do this??

>Why do you do this??
I need the attention, and I pity sadbois

Post your discords
I guess I wanna make someone's day better?


I just want someone that is not meanie so I can practice my speaking ;-;

Doing the gods work here

It's my birthday today and the girl I like is constantly very on the fence about our general relationship :( I just want to offer her enough. I promised her to work on myself.

Are you still there, OP?