FalIing for the trap meme

>falIing for the trap meme

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i'd probably fuck a trap but i still know its wrong

Lmao he looks really manly irl

i'm pretty sure sneaky isn't on hrt tho

Even if he were he would still have a Chad jaw

there is a difference between having a wide jaw and a wide face dumbass get your lookscience right

I've put my dick in worse.

Uh no, he still has a wide fucking jaw. Most people on hrt need facial feminization surgery if they're going to look even remotely feminine.

His gf is into cosplaying and they're doing it because it gets massive attention whenever he posts a new cosplay. Don't think he's trying to look passable whatsoever.

Trannies truly are narcissistic.. Ask an average, normal girl to wear this costume and she'd feel self conscious and silly. Trannies somehow think they ALL get to be Stacey hotties.

How the fuck will these faggots explain this shit to their grand kids?



he has no feminine features at all and it shows in his un-photoshopped pics and frankly it's disgusting. there was a photo set recently where he is next to actual girls and he looks like a fucking ogre compared to them.

>the top left
Imagine going to hang out with your friend, you've played thousands of hours of games with him and you're an amazing team. And you finally meet him and he looks like fucking that

At least git gud faggot.

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no big deal like in pic related

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>that 5'oclock shadow
don't even trap unless you can get laser for your face at least.

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At least don't photoshop faggot
Then we can actually see what you look like

And let's face it I look 100x cuter than both of you tee-hee

I follow this dude on twitter, this isn't you.

ive met cis wemon who need to shave their face one i even thought was trans because she'd get literal gray face. you're moron if you listen to this faggot.

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if you like trannies you should kind of admit that they are tall girls, because you know you can make yourself lean but you can't make yourself shorter. tranners themselves usually aren't picky about the height of their partners so it's up to how insecure you are

sneaky has a round face, totally not a chad

he's not a tranny or at least not an open tranny he is just a crossdresser for popularity and therefore money

also trannies being raised as boys are much less shy than girls especially considering that to come out they had to gather more self confidence than an average man

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he is passing even on his bad pics
it's like with any cosplayer or model, taking pics is an art, everyone looks worse on random pics

The hover hand and lean away says it all, not to mention the face .


this is so true. I've seen like 2 in my whole life where it took more than 6 seconds to tell. Even when they troll with just ass pics you can tell instantly. Look at those shoulders man, he can cover up the adams apple with that choker all he wants those shoulders and the makeup hidden butt chin don't lie

Go back to Jow Forums retard.

If I had a quarter every time I've seen you question real life cis female's gender based on an image I would have enough money to afford FFS. You literally cannot even tell anymore so kys before my bf does it for you.

>kys before my bf does it for you

The tranny found someone willing to expand his butthole into future prolapse.. Proud of you honey.. ''Boyfriend'' doesn't mean anything in your situation, it's not like you'll get married or have a future together. You're both probably trailer trash too, since you can't even afford FFS. I mean jeez atleast get a rich tranny chaser, not some poorfag who's actually straight but watched too much porn, coming to the conclusion that a hole is a hole.

That was weak burn even for a pol retard.

And extremely uninformed at that. Sub IQ moron baka.

Inform me, then.. How is your living situation? You and your ''boyfriend'' NEETing it up, playing League Of Legends in his sweaty gaming chair? You brewing up your daily r/transpassing post about how you're ''Feeling Cute Today :3''? Come back later tonight and update, let's hear all about your V-day.. Hopefully he doesn't give you $2 Aliexpress rainbow stockings like last year..

I have better things to do. Also didn't read and kill yourself no one will ever love you.

Of course, those 4 Twitch followers of yours are waiting eagerly..

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Not a pol/ retard who wants to resurrect dead 20th century ideologies. Also not lying. Trannys never pass without a professional editor. Big surprise WOW SO UNBELIEVABLE, that the physiological differences between men and women are more than just a one specific part of the body. The dude in that pic looks like a guy, a young guy, but clearly a guy in makeup, the muscle structure on his arms, his shoulder width, his gait, his big ass feet, his posture, all alone would be enough of a giveaway, and there's like ten obvious ones as there always is.

She's cute, I legitimately don't get it.

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Honestly calling his boyfriend poor isn't really the best insult, if a tranner is with a poor bf it's probably because they genuinely love each other.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to find some thirsty chaser in stem or some other low-tier betabux job who will pay for everything if you are a 4/10 pre-everything tranner.

>tfw so bad at lol you turn into a softcore pornstar

Looks like a dude with missing chromosomes in a anime dress

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Angry "sexually secure" men vs 1 girlie boi
Who would win?