Ever had chest pain?

Ever had chest pain?

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all the time, all the time. always thought they were heart pangs

I want to answer this with a "your mom" joke involving titfucking, but I'm stupid (obviously) and tired.

Yeah, it was usually stress related. Only way to know for sure is to blow a bunch of money going to the doctor or do what I did and just wait and see if I died or not.

No not really, sometimes my chest feels like it is being squeezed but its not painful just very uncomfortable and it causes shortness of breath. I just put it down to having a mini panic attack cos i'm a anxious tard but sometimes my heart feels like it stops beating for a split second which makes me gasp for air, i dont know wtf that is about.

>do what I did and just wait and see if I died or not.
What if you were to die, what would be your reaction?

That's dangerous user, you should check the doctor lmao

Why is your name Songs for Storm?

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i wrote lyrics to Black No. 1 by TON earlier with a picture of pete steele kissing liz vicious. i like to leave names up for awhile usually.

Yes, i guess it is a sign of a heart attack coming soon (i hope so) because i smoke a lot.

That's the reason i started smoking in the 1st place anyways.

Why do you even wanna die lmao?

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why do i even want to live a miserable life? lmao

It's better than death IMO.

Yeah a few years ago. Had to get a EKG and all. Was fucking terrified, because I thought I had a mini heart attack and stroke.

Every time I think about how my life could have gone differently.

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you said it yourself, IN YOUR OPINION, not in mine.

Used to get it from stress and excess alcohol consumption, turned out to be an inflamed sternum so no heart troubles but shook me up

>Had to get a EKG and all.
lmao was everything fine?

>Every time I think about how my life could have gone differently.
Don't even get me started on this, user. It's best to be a determinist. To believe that the World and your entire timeline were already predetermined, as if everything follows a logical path and there was no way for anything different to have happened. Also, free will doesn't really exist so it wasn't really your fault.

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I've started getting Jow Forums and that's worked out for me. And I'm working on a new career, so I've blocked out everything else in my life so I can hopefully be successful. I just wish I could have done it all differently.

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I wanna make the best out of this last NEET year and I wanna have as much fun as possible. Something that has been hindering me has been worry. I keep worrying about wrong things I did in the past and things I did wrong in my life that I wish I could change and that's disturbing my happiness. I wanna change that too. It's mostly useless worry.

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I get them pretty regularly. Had two EKGs done and a blood test and they both came back fine. Waiting on X-Ray results too but I'm convinced it's just stress or anxiety at this point

Through long, years of long hours staying up at night pondering this kind of shit, I've learned that you can't change what's already gone by. You can just pick yourself up and make the most of what you have in this moment. I know it sounds corny and stupid, and it's real easy to say, because it is. And it's true. The only good we can do for ourselves is right now, in this moment.

Thanks user. I will keep that in mind. This year I'm gonna change everything and enjoy it as much as I can.

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You can be the change you wanna see in your life. Just have the conviction and the determination, every fucking day.

Yes, I was having a heart attack. Apparently masturbating greatly increases the risk of heart attack.

Smoking is a long, painful, uncomfortable death which takes at least 5 decades. You'll be poor from spending so much on overpriced cigs, have trouble breathing and the first few heart attacks you survive won't be fun.
If you're going to kill yourself, at least yank the band-aid off instead of causing more pain by being slow.

>Apparently masturbating greatly increases the risk of heart attack.
WTF? What do you mean? Where did you read that?

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Same here. I started drinking on a daily basis, maybe around when I was 22-23, to cope with depression, stress, loneliness, shame. I made friends when I was 24, but sometimes friends/friendships can be a liability, and bring more stress.
I suffered several painful attacks, go prescribed benzos twice to stop drinking, but I always relapsed.
Without alcohol, life is dull and grey. Detoxing, physically and mentally from it takes time and is not a painless process.

Pro tip: if you're 18 through 40 and you don't abuse hard stimulants, don't have a prior heart history and don't have a family history of early cardiac deaths, then you most likely aren't having a heart attack.

Lmao I was joking to get some people paranoid. Sex/masturbation can trigger a heart attack the same way exercise does, but it's not going to randomly happen unless you already have heart disease.

But I do abuse stimulants.

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I would still say unlikely unless you use cocaine or use extremely high amounts of amphetamine. Cocaine is well known for triggering cardiac events, combined with alcohol and it's even worse for the heart.

When I wake up in the morning I have a sinking feeling in my chest and I have barely any energy. I probably am dying of something. Once at work I had severe chest and stomach pain and had trouble breathing, ended up fucking up multiple customers' orders but they didn't notice and I hid the fucked up food. In between people coming in I sat on a crate in the backroom and wondered if I was dying. Eventually it got better. Told my boss and she texted me later to ask if I was ok. I never went to the doctor. Back in December I had some pain again and one arm felt a bit weak for a while while I was driving. I'm 24, dunno what's happening to me, probably just aches and pains but if I am dying I don't want to know, but I do want to die suddenly in public that'd be great.

Change your lifestyle and diet.

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You joke but the two are pretty related.
A couple years ago i started getting heart palpitations and chest pains. Over time i realized that they're warning signals for heart attacks. I got an EKG and all that shaz, but the docs insisted that I'm fine. After a bit it calmed down, then reappeared.
After a bit of panic i tried exercising a bit when i felt palpitations and chest pains to see if it affects anything.
Turns out it's not my heart, but the muscles in front and a little above, connecting vaguely to my arm (stretching the arm in a specific way ccaused the exact pain)
I'm left handed, you can guess the rest.