Guys is it normal that whenever I see this stupid thing's face I wanna go and beat her to a bloody pulp.

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yeah thats fine, hopefully she will die of heroin overdose soon. trying to find a way to get her patreon shut down rite now

She is so cute, I gave her $500 just this month. Why? Because im actually a mature grown male unlike you cringey incels. Yikes

No. Unless you're a jealous roastie and are mad that she's cuter than you

She makes more than everyone here combined for no work, good luck white knights

No but I just get a particular desire of beating her I want to feel my fist slamming against her face and the crunch of her cheek bones after a relentless beating

I know but that isn't the problem its just that her face creates a feeling of rage

She looks like a snot, no idea who it is. Thots are good eye candy and have horrible fucking personalities. I'd rather date an overweight girl that knows how to cook.

I'm a straight male

Oh, shit. I forgot where I am before I posted. That girl (boy) is disgusting.

Fuck you cuckboy shithead.

That's a completely normal reaction. I want to rape her and then beat her for this shit.

Skip the rape part she is unattractive as she looks like a floor I'd just go for the beating

You're not gonna get that pussy beta boy bitch. Get cucked more fuck you bitch ass

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I think u just got baited

>obvious bait
>still gets replies
i think you newfags should go...

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Nah, I was only kidding.

She is attractive enough to get raped in my eyes, I'd get a nut in before I start deforming her skull with a baseball bat.

I would beat her too mainly cause of that satanfag corset

what a waste of money. you spent 25 large deluxe pizzas worth of money on a camwhore that would probably spit on you irl

shit srry u were kidding

I want to cuddle her and kiss her on the head

Thank you, user. I can't fucking stand her or her stupid fucking face. You deserve all the blessings.

no you should probably seek help you fucking psycho

The problem with your life is you spend most of it worrying about how other people's lives are going.

Gondola, for real.

Live your life man, you won't get another one. The constant comparison to others and how 'unfair' it is just worsens your situation. Time is running out. There is no amount of online indignation that will reverse this.

Wake up.

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lost at the "yikes"
I really didn't see that coming

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How is giving 500 dollars to an internet prostitute mature and not cringey?