Would you date a boy with bpd?

Would you date a boy with bpd?

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No, defective genes should be dead ended

am i to assume based on the pic that he's gay

I might have it and I have two guy friends who have it. The answer is still no.

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Yea I'd fuck your bpd ass until it bleeds.

Yoonbum doesn't have bpd. He's pure, and needs to be protected.

I never interacted with a bpd, atleast not that i noticed, so idk.

As long as you're not a inherently bad person (being mean to others in a non-related to your bpd way), then i wouldn't mind to try to protect you and give you love!

why is this guy wearing the Chris-chan shirt?

Yoonbum definitely has BPD, I'm pretty sure it even mentions it in one of the first comics. He's a pretty relatable character.

>obsesses over his FP
>traumatic childhood
>inconsistent sexuality

>hes pure and needs to be protected
Are you 15 and an occasional tumblr user because you talk like it

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No. Straight up fucking no. Spent two and a half years trying to help her. Only to end up in a pile of debt, and emotionally scarred to the point of no return. Used to be a Chad, after her I'm becoming a volcel day by day.

Is it bad that whenever I hear about someone getting fucked over by a BPD partner I always feel like they deserve it?

Probably. Feeling like I matter to someone is likely my strongest desire.

Nah, he isn't emotionally abusive in comparison to Shinwoo.

No, I'm 21, and Yoonbum simultaneously evokes my maternal instincts and makes my cock hard.

-someone who has never dated a bpd

Fair enough. For me yoonbums a turn off but songwoo makes my dick hard.
My man could beat your man

Yeah he could because my man isn't a man. I would prefer my man to be a boy (legal age)

Either sex with BPD is genuinely evil and dangerous. Bipolar or Borderline, it doesn't matter, bodies will die.

It would be a sitcom drama action show if you put both of them in the same room.

BPDs generally aren't intentionally abusive and are often the victims if they get into a relationship with someone with NPD or ASPD. People with BPD are extremely susceptible to gas lighting/manipulation because they will do anything to avoid being abandoned.

I was raped by an ex and I still don't understand what happened when I confronted him. He convinced me that I was overreacting, that it wasn't a big deal, and somehow at the end of the conversation I was sobbing and apologizing to him.

If I was a woman, yes. You know why? Because as a guy, you can't get away with 90% of things that BPD women can get away with, so you'd still be a relatively decent person.

>because they will do anything to avoid being abandoned
*until they ghost you 2 weeks later

so true
how many guys even have BPD (borderline)?
not nearlyyy as many as women

I've never ghosted anyone I was in a relationship with or a close friend of, I've been ghosted countless times though and it usually devastates me.
It's actually a similar amount, it's just that men are much less likely to seek treatment for the disorder.

>I've never ghosted anyone I was in a relationship with or a close friend of
Of course, you first tell them that you were never in a relationship with them or you never considered them a friend in the first place.

its also much less likely that the man will be in a relationship to begin with and borderline tends to not become apparent to others until that point

its obvious women would be more prone to a disorder that almost entirely revolves around relationships and attachment issues
im sure plenty of men have it too but all im saying is ive never noticed any who do, but ive met plenty of women who have BPD to some degree, in some cases to an extreme degree.

People with NPD and ASPD are always abusive to everyone, that doesn't really count. BPD people are not intentionally abusive, but they can be extraordinarily abusive when they go through a devaluing phase.

Again, that's never happened. The only people I "ghost" are people I have one conversation with online and never talk to again.

I've been in 3 relationships, all 3 ended when the other person left me, and not for reasons that were my fault.

Boi pussi disease? I think I've heard of that, isn't that the one where your boipussi becomes extremely sensitive and inflamed, and the only cure is at least a quart of semen administered in and around the boi pussi every 24 hours? I could deal with that I suppose.

you are based sir, i'm laffin

Yeah, it's never your fault, we know, everyone knows how you people work, why are you even trying?

This is not true, NPD here, I'm literally the kindest person you'll ever meet.

>guy one left me to be with a girl
>guy 2 was soliciting traps on /soc/ and got pissed when I confronted him about it
>guy 3 was basically just using me since I did whatever he wanted and dumped me after he got bored

>Would you date a boy
Hahaha, no, never.
>with bpd?
Double no for you user.

I probably would for the emotional bond.

Boys with borderline personality disorder and boys with boi pussi disease probably have a similar amount of sex.

my ex gf had bpd. i broke up with her and wouldn't take her back. she threatened suicide and i called the cops and then told her and she said "i wasn't actually gonna." kept begging and i said no. then two months later she claimed i raped her and ruined my social life. do us all a favor and kill yourself my man

hi R, why the fuck are you on my website? leave now

My ex with brown eyes was abusive. If you have brown eyes you should kill yourself.


i have green eyes faggot

Fuck is with that dude's shirt?

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fuck no, you're all lying manipulative faggots

There are no Rs in my initials.

Are you saying that you raped someone named R and gaslit them?

classic bpd shit. no i am not saying that. take your meds please.

Wow you really are a gaslighter.

I said I was raped by an ex who then convinced me it wasn't a big deal, you replied telling someone named R to get off the website.

What alternative interpretation is there other than you knew a person named R who that happened to?

The usual interpretation when you know someone has BPD, that he knew a person named R who invented ludicrous shit about him when they went into the devaluing phase.

I doubt your person posts here.

Nothing bad ever happens to anyone with BPD, if someone with BPD ever says something negative about their ex it's just devaluing.

I wasn't even convinced it was rape until I talked to a female friend about it. He had me convinced it was just normal and I was overreacting.

>Nothing bad ever happens to anyone with BPD
That's actually remarkably accurate, I've never seen anything really bad happen to them, since they preemptively either cut people off or preemptively do bad things to them instead. Once something slightly unpleasant happens they act as if it was the end of the world and it's a justification for every single bad thing they ever did or will do, instead of just accepting it and moving on like normal people.

Posts like this are the reason I never mention having BPD, I don't do any of this shit.

Then you don't have BPD, how else do you think it manifests?

Except I do, I've been diagnosed by a DBT therapist through a process which takes weeks. Here is the diagnostic criteria for BPD, I remember being walked through it by my therapist. I refused to believe that I had it because I didn't fit the stereotype.

>I don't get angry, I don't have outbursts, I don't abandon my favorite person.

>I have a fear of being abandoned and do whatever it takes to make that person not leave me. If they do I beg them to stay, promise to do anything, write 10 page long apologies, hurt myself, and attempt suicide.

>I highly idealize anyone I'm in a relationship but I don't devalue people, even when someone does something objectively awful to me I tend to write it off and keep idealizing them. All of my relationships have ended with the other person leaving me.

>I've changed my gender/sexuality, hobbies, personality, and appearance to get people to like me.

>I binge eat, I drink too much, and I waste any money I get my hands on. I'm also a really impulsive person in general.

>I self harm and threaten/have attempted suicide.

>My mood is all over the place and I will go from sobbing to being bubbly and happy within seconds.

>Chronic feelings of emptiness check.

>I don't have a problem with anger. When I do get angry I tend to just shut down.

>I disassociate in stressful situations and I'm paranoid that everyone hates me and will leave me.

I meet 8/9 the 9 diagnostic criteria for BPD(you need 5) but don't fit the stereotype. I'm what most people would call a "quiet" borderline. Not everyone with the disorder is a horrible person.

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lol im a quiet male borderline and im still a fucking monster, just wait until you're older you're gonna become a real asshole. you also sound like a huge faggot take more HRT bud

>I don't devalue people
>I don't abandon my favorite person
As I've said, then you don't have BPD. Your therapist is a moron.

Or you're just lying like every other BPD and blaming others for the breakups.

Everything else just sounds like you're a normal woman, so why even fight so much for the label?

i have bpd, n-no. i want atleast my boyfriend to be normal and not a tirefire of a person

You can strike that from the list and I still meet 7 of the 9 diagnostic criteria.

I think a therapist whose literally trained and deals exclusively with BPD patients, who I spent 9 sessions with before getting diagnosed, knows a bit more about me and the disorder than some random user on r9k.

I'm not fighting for the label, I don't want it, I didn't want it, but I've got it and I'm not anything like what most people say people with BPD are like. Not everyone with the disorder is a total piece of shit.

Also I'm a man.

Oh, then it's just the tranny/faggot disease. Btw I visited a hammer and it told me I was a nail.

I was recommended to the DBT therapist by a normal therapist because he suspected I had bpd and said he couldn't treat me. I doubt he was as qualified as you though user so he might have been wrong.

Masculine or feminine BPD?

What's the difference, I've never heard of that before.

Depends. What do you Iook like?

I took hrt for a bit for an ex so I'm pretty effeminate looking.

One makes you a druggie cheating wifebeater, another makes you a druggie cheating fetish whore.

That doesnt really say much though. Can you describe yourself with a bit more detail at least?

I guess the latter? I don't cheat or do drugs though.

5'10", 145lbs, dark brown hair, big brown eyes, pale skin

How emotionally manipulative are you?

Nap, it's you?
take your meds, try to take care of yourself and you should find someone
>Would you date someone with bpd?
yes, I would

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I don't try to manipulate people but I have a habit of making people feel sorry for me.

>I don't try to manipulate people but I have a habit of making people feel sorry for me.
Well thats pretty much manipulation isnt it?

Who's nap?

guy who got /r9gay/ thrown into /thrash/ few times
but he was pretty nice when he was stable
I wonder how he's doing now

They even said he has it in the beginning of the comic.
You don't have to be emotionally abusive to have BPD you halfwit
If someone with BPD ghosts you, you were never that close to them to start.

>If someone with BPD ghosts you, you were never that close to them to start.
By that retarded definition no one is ever close to them because they're emotional retards who can't have real relationships in the first place.

I have it myself
So no, I wouldn`t date anyone with it
All people with BPD are batshit crazy, including myself ofc
>constant feelings of grandeur
>mood spikes
>Oscilating between being a straight man and a faggot every other fucking day

I mean, it only gets worse as you add other illnesses on top of it


I`d like to say end my life but right now I feel like ending someone
Absolutely nuts

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hes occasionally posting on int and talking to some discord gays, hope he'll be fine

I feel the same way. Does it make me a hypocrite that I would never date someone else with BPD?