Hey incels, how many girls have you asked out last year? Less than 10? Woah... So much for the involuntary part

hey incels, how many girls have you asked out last year? Less than 10? Woah... So much for the involuntary part....

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How the FUCK are you supposed to even ask out girls? I didn't get this handbook when I was a child and NOBODY has explained it to me.

Do you not have a father?

>How the FUCK are you supposed to even ask out girls?
"would you like to grab a drink with me this day at this time?"
what's so difficult?

>I didn't get this handbook when I was a child and NOBODY has explained it to me.
There is plenty of information online and in media. You can also ask your friends for pointers.

>Dont ask out girls
Lol youre not even an incel you dont even try haha
>Ask out girls

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Stupid strawman that has no basis in reality. As long as you are tactful and not creepy no one is going to bat an eye.

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how do i get some of those?

>not creepy
Aka 8/10 or above

That's also a retarded and delusional notion. You know it isn't true and just use it as an excuse for your lack of trying.

>You know it isn't true
Have literally witnessed it firsthand. Multiple times.

I think the zoomers these days call that "the tea" or "shade", or something you usually associate with pleasant things in the summer.

Anyway, it's accurate, and incel is a misnomer because very few of then try (myself included, I'm an asshole just like you)

Chances are it was because you were actually being creepy. I've asked out tons of women and got rejected by most and none called me creepy because I was respectful about it. I'm probably a 6/10 at best.

>Chances are it was because you were actually being creepy.
I never said it was me. And no, the guys in these situations were never creepy.

>amerilards associate tea with summer
I've seen it all

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>And no, the guys in these situations were never creepy.
Can't argue with your anecdotes. You really showed me.

Youre the one whos trying to convince me here, pal. Dont lash out because you failed to do your job.

What exactly is your point? That all men under 8/10 are seen as creepy when asking women out? Because obviously anyone with any social awareness / experience knows that this isn't true. There are plenty of < 8/10 men with dates or girlfriends who don't find them creepy.
What would it take to convince you? You are likely stuck in your preconceived notions because it's comforting to delude yourself into the idea that there is no sense in trying because that excuses your lack of effort.

>giving shit to people here about not asking people out
>realize I could just ask a girl I know through Facebook if she wants to go grab a drink tomorrow
>open up messaging
>stomach clenches
>lightness in my chest
>intense fear
>don't do it and come back

Why the F U C C can't I get over it? Why am I so fucking scared of failure?

>Because obviously anyone with any social awareness / experience
Ad-hom. Were done here.

My dad is a brain dead wage zombie who comes home from work at 7 and his only personality trait is that hes a dumb alcoholic

Don't be scared user just do it don't even think

I tried and failed with one. It took me a while to get over, but now I'm showing interest in three or four girls. Unfortunately I'm not really at a place in life where a girl would want to date me (I'm moving soon).

"asking out girls" is a meme. they only 'asking' you should be doing is 'lets grab lunch'

>Why the F U C C can't I get over it?
It gets easier the more you do it. Realize that there is no losing: either she says yes and you win or she says no and you can move on. There is no point in remaining interested if the feeling is not mutual. You can't "win girls over" like in the movies.

No we are not. I made a substantive argument in the next sentence.

>just ask her out
Who? I dont have any friends. I have never had a friend that is a girl. I dont have any girl acquaintances. I dont have any non relative girls in my phone contacts. My three female coworkers are married.

>I dont have any girl acquaintances.
Work on that. It's not like people got their friends handed to them. You have to make some effort but it's entirely doable.

I clearly dont know how. All I fucking think about is making people like me and im 23 and most people seem to dislike me. It all seems so fucking simple to you all your platitudes are meaningless to us because we just dont get it. Then you come and tell me Im not trying. I fucking try and I fail and im alone


If the criteria for an incel is that I have to be actively trying for it to be involuntary, then I guess I don't fit this supposed label, whatever qualities it supposedly requires.

I don't know how to even go about getting into a relationship. Afraid to do try online dating at this point because being this awkward at this age is not really socially acceptable any longer. I've never been approached nor have I done the approaching.

I have no right to complain. I just thought I'd meet someone going about my life where things would click. Never happened, and I'm not really exposed to new people anymore after college. Waiting for an opportunity that never happened has made me bereft of any social experience in that regard, and I was already fairly awkward in the first place. The fact I've never been approached makes me wonder what is wrong with me, regardless of any societal expectation that I do the approaching.

>ask girls out
>get called creepy
>can't go anywhere anymore because now you're the creepy guy everyone hates
yeah i had to completely relocate my life once already retarded frogposter


See like I'm a normie in practically any other sense but when I go out to the bars with friends I freeze up whenever one of them says "Dude, just go talk to her!" I can't even get a drink on a busy night of my own volition, I need a push to do even that because I don't like being near people

That's fair. One of my biggest issues is the fact that I get too precious with the idea of a person to the point where it becomes impossible for me. Even with girls I've long since gotten over, I still get a lil hit of dopamine when she texts me saying she's seeing a movie she knew I liked tomorrow.

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>I fucking try
what did you try?

>If the criteria for an incel is that I have to be actively trying for it to be involuntary,
A fatso who doesn't work out isn't involunarily fat.

Don't be creepy then. Unless you live in a town with 100 people there is no way EVERYONE hates you. Chances are you overestimate how much people actually care about you.

>I get too precious with the idea of a person to the point where it becomes impossible for me.
I know exactly what you mean. At some point I started not giving a shit about oneitis and not putting girls on pedestals and it's the best decision I made. Not quite sure how I did it and it's probably harder if you buy into the whole incel narrative this place tries to spread. But, there are still some girls who I was really invested in in the past who I still am scared of asking out.

I almost did in December but then I remembered that I'm unemployed and live with my parents. Close call too cause the rejection probably would've killed me.

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Women literally speedwalk away from me, get up when I sit near them on the train, jump back when I open the door for them, etc

I shower every day and have a full time white collar job

>work nights
>ask girls out at bookstore, coffee shop, bakery, grocery store, sushi place, eyc
>get a few numbers, none culminate to dates

I've gotten dates on tinder but it never goes past 1, I'm a social spazz and probably give off red flags

On the plus side I've hit on girls at all the fast food places near me, now I dont go to them out of awkwardness so it helps my Jow Forums routine

Fatso comparison is kind of a false equivalency in this regard. Most fat people have only themselves to blame for their weight, barring some metabolic condition. If they don't work out, they simply eat too much.

Relationships, however, are a two way street and rely on the compliance of two people to agree to go forward together. Just because I want something doesn't mean it will happen. I'm not taking self-agency out of this. But there is an entire half of this equation that is dependent on another person and their view of me. Ultimately, there is something fundamentally flawed about myself that makes that view unappealing.

Not a very helpful one that's for sure.

The secret red pill is that you have to fail a thousand times before you can succeed. Fail and learn from the failures instead of giving up.

Every girl I've asked out (5 in the last two years if I remember correctly) has been 'busy'. Not ugly or unfit, probably just very awkward despite being a pretty extroverted dude. So I can't be bothered trying again anytime soon. Don't even meet girls anymore so not even sure where to start.

Just be yourself.

(As long as yourself is a +6 foot tall broad shouldered wealthy handsome outgoing charismatic Chad with full hair)

You gave up on something entirely after 5 tries. Pathetic effort.

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I'm still single but looking at text from two years ago I realize how extremely cringey I was

Creepy = Sub-8

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Well, I have broad shoulders and full hair. And like, maybe a thousand dollars to my name. Sure is great being a below average goblin-boy

Might just hit up the bars tonight and try to chat up every thicc piece of skirt meat I see.

Basically me original 2.0

here speaks a wise man. Listen to him

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even if you were a 10 you couldnt do shit, its all in your head and to be frank its rrally pathetic watching you wiggle your way out of doing anything proactive

>Ultimately, there is something fundamentally flawed
this is defeationist and defeationism is not a great stance to take if you haven't fucking tried. By trying you can find your flaws and work on them.

That's literally the point, numbnuts. Nobody here can even try because it's way too taxing for people to bother with.

try smiling
or you know baby steps: try not to frown all the time
go sit in front of a large mirror and look at your body language
get better shoes, shoes and hygiene are the main things that matter

these are rookie numbers. get these up to 5 rejections a month

the main difference between winners and losers is that the losers don't lose enough

>folk come here to vent and get some accepting interaction
>prick chadly drivels and nags people to make things worse for themselves and guilt trip for not trying harder
I don't even care for relationships but what the fuck are you assholes here for? Virtue signalling?

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