I wonder how much she charges, feel too lonely

I wonder how much she charges, feel too lonely.

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hey another California user, what up

Damn doesnt even look like a guy too and thicc user hit her up

Hey fellow SJ user

Bitcoin only

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Livermore Fag here.
We can pool our money for this hoe

>literally says tranny
>and blow pop on her underwear

>christianity: 2019

for a tranny, she doesn't seem that cancerous. At least she doesn't simultaneously try to be a tranny, "homosexual," and actually tries to pass.

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? ? ?
Like, how?
in what capacity is this possible?

It's a I know it's wrong but I can look away cause she looks so good kinda feel.

Jesus was literally a hippie, he is cool with every one.

More trannies should be fat. I'd date that big bitch.

what fucking app is this man? i want me some whores/

dumbass there's a fuckton of ham-eating jews and beer-drinking moslems. arguably the majority of christians today don't see homosexuality as a sin. there's never consistency in any religion.


Every whore moved to bumble where they make you pay to do anything

Jesus' deal was telling people to repent from sin so that they could receive the Holy Spirit.

holy FUCK this image almost broke my dick

Why do trannies always lie and say they're women?

This just makes me feel weird. There are other 22 year old humans that wake up every morning and live as THAT. What the fuck happened to them to end up like this? What happened to me to end up like me? Blows my mind.

>transsexual top

>in what capacity is this possible?
We stopped killing heretics.

also how is a transsexual top claims to be straight

i don't get

Probably started wearing mommas clothing at age 9 and started scuking dick at age 13, 10 years later here we are.

Unless she does a very good tuckjob or is just a grower on a massive scale, this doesn't seem worth it for a top.

do you even math

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If you don't follow the tenets of Christianity you're not a christian.

All you gotta do is accept Jesus as your lord and Savior and you are good to go.

The tranny isn't causing any harm to anybody anyways I dont think Jesus would care

>I dont think Jesus would care
This is why we need to kill heretics.

Get out of here with these nice progressive American Protestant Jeans and Tshirt pastor memes.

>killing people for doing something you don't like that doesnt harm anyone.

I dont think Jesus would be cool with it breh. He will Personally Deny your application.

Cafeteria Christians are shit-tier. Either be a full-blown Christian who believes in and practices all the archaic backwards shit, or just be an atheist. I recommend the latter. No half-measures.

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You don't think period, you stupid Talmudic piece of shit.


I come from a Catholic family.
We are more forgiving because we know we are bad and immoral and try and do our best not to sin, including being considerate of those who we dont agree with.

The Pope is on board with it.

Honestly this. Be Marcionist.

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.
Matthew 23:13

I messaged her.

What the fuck am I dooing holy shit.
I dont even have the money.