Be honest user. Do you do this?

be honest user. Do you do this?

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i've had brown guys do this to me

No. I live in downtown LA and have still never seen anyone do this irl. Just something knee grows have made up to feed their oppression complex

Unironically go straight ahead and make direct aggressive eye contact if he looks at you.

You either win a lawsuit or you become chad for that moment.

this. id rather get stabbed and become another number to cite from the fbi crime statistics than act afraid of a colored person. these our are fucking streets.

>win a lawsuit
Congrats, Tyrone is never gonna pay you shit regardless of what the court orders. It's not like he has a job and even if he gets one, his check would be divided 4 ways between his baby mamas for child support.

>these our are fucking streets.
this. When I See a negric person walking across the street I cross the street just to confront him.

I used to do this to girls but now I just step into the street like the little bitch I am.

nah. but I still watch him carefully and I'm ready to fight back if he tries anything.

I don't look at people directly when we pass each other, I look straight ahead and look at them in my peripheral vision

>Do you do this?
Like even in the grocery store.
They can have the fucking streets, the only reason I'm living near these things is because I want equity for a real-people house.
They can burn the whole thing down once I move out for all I care.

Yes because I live in a very white town in Nebraska and I've never spoken to a black person before. We have 14 of them in our town.

you obviously havent been to compton, niggas out here snatching chains n killin other niggas

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At first glance I thought you were talking about how he walked across the street diagonally instead of straight across, meaning he was putting himself into more danger for little reward.

This. I grew up in rural europe and never saw a nonwhite untill I was 13 and have seen about 2 since.

just have the gun ready to go just in case
if he isn't a problem, great
i do this when anyone walks by me

yes piece of shit niggers kill my uncle trying to rob him. I don't trust them

>wh*te "people" will rather run the risk of being killed by a car than be physically close to a black person
god you guys are pathetic

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this. big brain. when walking down the street, ears out, eyes open and forward. so many dumb zoomers walk down the street these days staring down at their phones, or even worse, listening to music on earbuds/headphones. people like that are asking to get jammed imo

Shop at Hollister? No. Are they still around? I haven't been to a mall in years.

I know right?? real whites don't fear niggers or arabs, in fact we relish a chance to beat them senseless


I live in Paris is nigger infected is impossible to avoid them
Poverty, misery, begging, welfare pressure, crimes, bad smell, dirtiness, are some of the things this negros brings

Paris was already like that before niggers showed up.

As a white person living in the ghetto I can tell you're a white suburban neckbeard.
Niggers either don't know or don't care that cars can kill pedestrians, every drive in my horrible neighborhood is just me swerving around three billion mud colored monsters who fling themselves headlong into the street.

Yes but I have to do it the second I spot any resemblance of a person walking towards me because if they see me do it they might judge me silently


move to Quebec. your english isn't the best but that doesn't matter, as long as you can speak french fluently you're good

Nah stare that nigger down just for kicks and the change to throw down


fuck living in fear my man

>bad smell
you don't need blacks for it to smell bad in France, bro

I usually stare most people down when I pass them while Nightwalking or other shit
Never felt uneasy because of a dudes skincolor, in my neighbourhood everyone will fuck you up

Only if I see a female of any race walking towards me.
I don't want to catch AIDS from these bitches.

It happens quite a bit in the suburbs. Honestly it used to bother me, but then I started doing it when I saw white people walking towards me. The reactions are gratifying.

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i don't leave my house dumbass

Literally had this happen to me 2 weeks ago and it was just her and I on the sidewalk.

AL btw.

I don't live in or walk in a city, so no. I see people walking toward me at 3am on dark roads and it's always just an old drunk guy.

Less chance of getting hit by a car than getting attacked by a black person for no reason.

Id shoulder check the dumb nigger

I do this to every male of any color, height, orientation, age etc because men are not to be trusted ever

I'm not a racist or a massive pussy, so no.