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So alone, at the very least I'm not a poorfag, may end up just getting an escort and taking the plunge..almost to 30 I'm just desperate

Holy shit, what the fuck went wrong? I was supposed to have a beautiful girlfriend by now.

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Gonna chug energy drinks, write some sick basslines and get smashed tonight, all alone. Comfy desu.





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It's time to an hero, anons. I hate this day. Fucking New Year's and fucking Valentine's Day are the devil.

I got a gf, there is not a single point in Valentines day.

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All I can do is hope for another high-score. Cruzmissile really blessed us last year

Why aren't you doing anything special with her?

Why does this goddamn holiday exist? It makes single people miserable and puts pressure on couples to spend money.

She knows that I don't use date, time or celebrate "special" days which is absouletely the same with every other days. She gave up on me, celebrating stuff years ago

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>1.5 years in Tokyo as a blond hair, blue eye, 6'6" male
>Still no gf
G-good think I have anime and onaholes to cope huh

>puts pressure on couples to spend money.

Answered your own question there

It's in his tiny face
It's in his scrawny hand

How the fuck man, asians love vikings.

I can't speak Japanese and I have anxiety with girls.

>spend all money to move to japan
>the second most zenophobic country on earth behind best korea
>expect gf
>realize there's no subtitles
>realize anime lied
>realize they don't like you

How did that chain of events make you feel?

>spend all money to move to japan
Actually cost me only $2k
>expect gf
Hoped, not expected.
>realize there's no subtitles
>realize anime lied

>realize they don't like you
Luckily I'm not American

2k usd or yurobux?

Cmon user it's been 1.5 years. You gotta learn it. And fuck all that anxiety stuff if you are 6'6" (I wonder that's what made you a robot?)
Kinda feel bad for you because everyone will look at you. But you are big so you have no reason to have anxiety. Just look forward and smile.

Use tinder or any other app.

are you the russian autist user that moved to japan and posted about it alot

USD, flight was paid for.

Storytime, was it work related?

That's lame. It might not mean anything to you but it doesn't mean it's meaningless to her. If you care about her you should try to show it so she knows she's special to you.

It ain't disgusting normies day where I am yet, faggots. Will be drinking heavily tomorrow, might even call into work. Won't bother remembering such a worthless day.

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Hello friends I need advice. I do not really know what is normally expected of me on Valentine's Day. I am 25 and this is my first Valentine's Day with someone to spend it with. I really don't want to fuck it up. I spent most of today shopping for stuff, can you guys give me advice?

I already sent her memes and pic related. She said "fuck yeah" so we cool.
I think I'm a pretty bad bf tho. She gave me multiple hand made presents and I gave her nothing. I kinda don't believe in showing emotion stuff.

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Take her out to do something fun or make her dinner. Give her flowers and maybe a small gift. Tell her she looks nice, try to make yourself look sexier than normal. Don't overdo it though, you don't want to seem like you are obsessed with her. What did you buy her? Nice trips btw.

Work related yeah.
I've spent the entire year and a half drinking heavily, god knows how I got this job. And because of all the drinking I've been barely able to study and do what I came here to do, learn the fucking language.

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It will mean so much more if you do it if that's the truth. Would you be against a small present like flowers?

Bathe and brush your teeth.
Put on clean clothes and be nice... :)

Yes, they gonna die anyway. What's the point? I really don't get people

I planned on spending Thursday evening at her place. We were going to get delivery and marathon Red Dwarf. We ended up planning this because a lot of date places will be really crowded Valentine's Day evening. I planned on suggesting we go out for ice cream though.

I bought her pic related, it includes:
>a bouquet
>an elephant plushie
>warm mittens (she always complains that she is cold)
>like 15 pairs of novelty socks (she said she likes that kind of thing)

I was considering tomorrow purchasing more things while I am waiting for her to get out of work. She lives about an hour drive away. I visit her often, but I plan on making sure I can get there early this time so I have time to do things. Honestly I have thought about getting her more chocolates.

I got her a bouquet with some lilies because she said she liked lilies. I got her chocolates with peanuts because she likes peanut butter chocolate. I got her an elephant plushie because she always uses the elephant and whale emojis. I want to get her more chocolate and I feel bad about not taking her out to dinner.

I was thinking since I am spending the night maybe also doing stuff on Friday? She has a lot of school work I think so she will be busy doing that but I think I can convince her to go out to dinner. I also have tickets to an escape room, but that is in the town I am not, not where she is, and she is too busy to come here I think.

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Should I just bite the bullet and see if that girl who's been reacting to all my FB posts lately wants to go out for a drink?

all norimes commit suicide

Dude, isn't that a bit too much?

We've been going out for almost a year. I really don't know what too much is, like I said this is my first time.

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>6'6" male
Unironically too tall. Girls are intimidated by you

bruh is she your actual gf or is tomorrow your first date together or just a "friend"?
cuz that's alot of stuff more than you should even gift an actual fiancee

Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean other people wouldn't like it. Don't you at least see that if it's important to someone else that it doesn't matter if it's logical to you?

Red Dwarf and ice cream sounds great, user. Okay I remember your thread. I wouldn't give all of that to her just now, if I remember correctly you are in a relatively new relationship. I just adore you though, so nice to see someone who cares about their gf. The escape room and dinner sound great, too, just don't get mad at her if she can't go out because of school. Good luck, I am absolutely rooting for you.

We've been dating for almost a year.

oops forgot to tag you for this post user i'm sorry

>Spoiling someone he loves is completely foreign to him

it's a cold and rainy night here in southern california

usually i cope by browsing braincels but it just went private (possibly banned)

great start to valentine's day

Is dating for a year and knowing each other for longer still a new relationship? How long are relationships supposed to go?

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I suppose it's not too short.


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This is the only correct response itt.

I guess it's not much in Western standards. I'm poor so I don't do gifting.
I try to not use emotions and stuff like that but you are not wrong, I may send her some roses from online services if they are not that expensive

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Don't care playing Angels fall first on Steam


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Nearly vomited but I finally sent the message to my oneitis bros.

Asked her if she wasn't doing anything if she wanted to go see a movie?

She responded "no thanks but if you want to go eat im down"

I'm gonna fucking kill myself. Does she see me as just a friend? Or worse? Does she see me as a free meal in the form of a beta incel who will pickup the bill in desperation? Why are women so fucking cruel bros its valentines day for humanitys sake

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I took a really big shit, it felt really nice

sounds to me like she doesn't want to go on a date with you but at the same time not shut you down too hard. could be better man, my oneitis just flat out ghosted me after i asked her if she wanted to see black panther

chin up kiddo

Just say no. Go see a movie dude.

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>tfw you feel light af after a long shit, so light you feel like you could do parkour or some shit
Is there a better feeling?

Seems like she's ready for a middling trial date- full disclosure I'm a drunk roastie- so a movie's a big fucking deal usually, it's two hours of dead silence and there's a certain something that needs to be shared before a decent movie date.
Go for the meal- it's a good in. Nobody's bullshitting or playing "just fwiends" when it's Valentine's.
how the fuck are you gonna get a reservation/ wait for under a half hour?
It's the fucking day.

>You dumb thots think you are worth a reservation meal when you won't even go see a fucking movie

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Went on a date today. Girl was a little fatter than her profile. Quite large but a nice face. Was really nice. Might see her again idk. It was just good to talk to a female.

>Go see a movie dude.
Don't sit in a theater by yourself like a pervert.
She confirmed a date.
Worst case scenario- fancy picnic.
Bottle of three buck chuck, baguette, fancy meats and cheeses, olive tapenade.
Fruits, nuts, chocolates.

Not me, I'm a married roast, I'm trying to empathize with user here.
A bitch wants a meal, but 2. 14. is notoriously the shittest day to get a meal.

>We've been dating for almost a year.
then it's a cute gesture but don't get more stuff it's already alot

I shaved my head tonight. Now that my chakra vents are open, I should feel no suffering, and only euphoria in my connection to the universe.

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If you didn't respond and went to see the movie anyway, you have a very long shot but a shot.

If you caved and just did what she wanted, game over.

This slut's gonna kvetch without details- a picnic needs a blanket, and check some reviews for local parks, try to get one with less dog shit.

Taco Bell is always open. Don't know what you are talking about.

>Just go burn yourself out for a chick that wouldn't even be willing to watch a film with you
Don't do it user. Don't listen to thirsty beta's and dumb roasties.

>If you didn't respond and went to see the movie anyway, you have a very long shot but a shot.
I just don't see that.
She doesn't want to see a movie, but she does want to see user.
How is him going to a movie theater alone, buying a single ticket, sitting down, and watching the movie going to manifest the bitch?
Like if this was a movie he really liked, I can see him treating himself and having a pleasant solitary day.

A picnic is cheap, female friends play these weird mind games, and I won with cheap wine picnics. When you cost compare with either eating out or going to the movies, packing shit usually wins.
Afterwards, take that bitch to a museum.

>Take that bitch to a museum
Enjoy getting "ditched" because something comes up halfway to the park.
Pro-Tip she never even left.

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I like museums though.

You're a retard. Movie dates are terrible, she wants to get to know you better. Enjoy the meal.

lads fuck tinder, i would rather be alone.
>the same fucking mirror selfie
>the same fucking snapchat filter
>the same bent over ass pics
>"love food, travel and music"
>"tell me your best pickup line"
>"if you have a dog, im yours"
>"love the office and louis theroux"
>"quote vine references with me"
are women even sentient

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If there's on universal truth about women, it's that they're not entertainers, they want to be entertained. I have yet to meet and exception.
user has a fun life and does fun things, if she wants to come, cool, if not, she can eat alone.

If he caved, he's fucked up her perception of him in terms of social standing. If a guy offered to sell you a great car, and you said naw, and he instantly dropped the price to whatever YOU WANTED, would you trust it was actually a good car? Same principle. user has things going on, he has value, he isn't just going to change what he actually wants to do just to be gifted with her presence.

In the absence of clear attractiveness/money, faking it till he makes it is anons best bet.

Oh fuck even with valentines discount they are expensive AF

Maybe get a nice meal instead?
Flowers are mostly a default gift because they basically say "i don't know what to give to you but i still feel like giving you something". Its a vague social thing like handshakes are, they don't make sense but they're a common custom.

You make an excellent argument, having a quim I'm shit when it comes to strategy. Even board games throw me through a loop. It's embarrassing.
If user treats himself, enjoys his valentines day with or without the girl he establishes value.
I see that.

>enjoy for fifteen minutes, shit out the next day

>enjoy for up to 75 hours
They're both ephemeral, it's just that you need to eat if you want to live.




Ultimately, it will likely fail. Women are excellent at sniffing out BS dudes thanks to evolution. It may work once in a while if he gets over his oneitis. More importantly, it will raise his self esteem, which ultimately leads to getting and shape or developing a career, which makes the process much, much easier with little to no bs required.

why teh fuck does every woman say this?
if they love travel so much why dont they earn the money and go do it?
all they are really doing is saying that they want you to take them on holiday and for you to pay for it cause their ass couldnt afford it.
they dont know shit about travelling and will pack inconveniant tthings like make-up

>"lol this retard is my opirtunity for a free meal"
tell her to fuck off

I like driving cross-country and watching the pavement fly by.
Letting your mind turn to mush as the flats of Kansas become less of an image and more of a ribbon painted down the length of your brain. If I wasn't a dumb sleepy pussy I'd think about driving a big rig.








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>americans think driving down a road is travelling

how shit it must be to live in a country with no culture and no history hahahaahah you will never be european.

We are the lucky ones. Imagine having to waste a Thursday night at a shit, overpriced restaurant, with indigestible food, opposite a roastie with a face like thunder because you haven't booked a hotel and spa and surrounded by 25-30 odd couples in exactly the same position. Nobody actually wants to be there, but they've all gone out to piss money down the drain because "it's just what you do for valentines". The ambiance is one of frustration and silent misery, yet there is no escape from the conformist hamster wheel. I'll take the /comfy/ option every time lads

It's the same on OkCupid

I hate women so fucking much AHHHHHHHHHHH

Roses are pretty bad, do they have any cheaper flowers?

There's a game called Angels fall first on Steam nobody plays it it's in early access seems like fun it's 20$

Cheaper ones look pathetic and worth a two person meal.

What's available? It's the thought that counts.

We need more info, but it's telling that she offered an alternative. Might be worth going along user, where has she suggested to eat? budget or expensive?

>watching porn
>watching porn
>blowing on my dick like a basset horn

Do you think this is actually how normalfags feel or are we just hoping it's like this so we feel better about ourselves?
Nevertheless, I'm okay with being alone and I hope other isolated bots feel the same way

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Screw this I'm not falling for Jews.

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it's just COPE and I hate it
this holiday shouldn't exist at all

>Screw this I'm not falling for Jews.
kek fair enough. Orchids are very nice though.