No wonder you're a virgin. You don't have a car

No wonder you're a virgin. You don't have a car.

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Whats this?

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Damn he's looking good, Elliot could have been a slayer if he wasn't such a retard.

>had a nice car... had spending money as an undergrad

could've gotten round robin sucked off by those spicy little 4'11 pacific islanders that try to comp their tininess by wearing ridiculous pushup bras; flanking their chins with their little oranges

>if only he wasn't a retard

No, I own a Car. Owning a Car doesn't fix the ugly on your face.

how does owning a vehicle make you a non-virgin? do you fuck the car? huh I guess they were right abiut miata owners being huge faggots

Miata is a car made for small japanese women

and also fags and hairdressers

made *by small japanese women
It's for your gay brother.

I'm a virgin cos I choose to be. besides, A car won't fix shit

No car, no virgin
Git fucked op

i thought it was more cause he was picky af and expected a 9 out of 10 gf

No car and I fuck girls all the time.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a deprecating asset.

I have a car. What government office do i exchange my virginity at

i have an electric scooter though...

imagine having to walk or take the bus

I own a car.
That means that surely I wont die alone right?


I have a car. Bmw 3 series because it is rwd that can be used for every day driving as well. I keep it in a good condition. It has ac and everything.
Girls don't give a shit about it (and I am not saying they should).

So if you want to buy a car only because you hope it'd get you bitches, let me save you money.

What are you talking about, OP? I own TWO cars - including the same one in your pic. I'm 28, and STILL a virgin.

I demand a refund!

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master race NEET here, I never will get a car because I don't go anywhere, the supermarket is nearby to buy my tendies.

running a car would seriously cut into my NEETbux so i couldn't buy cool new hardware or afford as many tendies or as much DEW.

having a car is the slippery slope into wage cuckery, you'll need a job to pay for the maintainence and fuel of that box on wheels.

fuck wagies, they never learn.

>Be me
>Wagie delivery driver
>Make $1600/month
>Spend $200/month on gas
>But if I'm sick, I don't work
>Which means not spending money on gas
>Only pay $30/month on insurance
>$1370 left over

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heh keep wage cucking to feed the guzzoline jew.

>I drive a literal fucking black E92
Mine is pre-facelift 330i though.

I walk and bike everywhere and it has made me a much happier and healthier person.

My parents gave me a new E class as my 18th birthday present. Still a virgin tho

I don't have a car. I have a truck.

Sup, incels.

Having a car can also be fun under some circumstances.

Fantastic argument, user.