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hey Jow Forums

have you ever been caught masturbating?

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Yeah by my mom. Shit was so awkward she just continued talking to me as if nothing ever happened

Been caught by multiple members of my family, my mom dad and brother. Growing up in a small ass apartment sucked

never, luckily. So that's nice

no but my dad found "sexy lingerie" in my browsing history. the only reason i was looking it up was because i couldnt remember how to spell it and i wanted to name chainmail lingerie in minecraft

Yeah my mom walked in on me fapping to German bdsm fetish porn and she walked straight out of my room the second she figured out what I was up to. It was 2 am and I had headphones on. I have no clue to this day why she was still up.

Once I was almost caught. I'm gonna put this in the form of a greentext
>Be 14
>Watching porn on my laptop, forget what I was watching
>Around dinner time
>Jacking off with the fury of a thousand shaggys
>Mom comes in to tell me it's time for dinner
>Close the browser and pull up my pants with the accuracy of a sniper
>I literally did it in 3 milliseconds, no joke
>Mom never suspected a thing

No but back when i didnt have my own phone (the niggers didnt let me have one until 15, mainly just didnt ask) I would fap to shit on my mom's phone
Basically I forgot to close the tab and uhh

Did you finish? Nothing worse then cumming then pulling up your pants to not only have it wet and stick in your panties/pants but you also ruin your fap

Mom caught me in the my bathroom jerking it to my brother's workout magazine, had a foldout of a milfy brunette with massive tits and nice toned tummy

She walked out and we never ever acknowledged it ever again, not even almost 20 years later

When I was younger, around 13 years old, my little brother caught me masturbating. Well, he walked in and I immediately pulled my hands away from my pants. He saw that at least. Then he went away and 5 minutes later came back to say, "so how do women masturbate?"

Oops. That was an awkward talk.

Guys, a hard pill to swallow is that your parents KNEW you were fapping. Your not slick.

How old was he? How old are you now? How do you masturbate, if you're a woman?

He was probably 10-11 at the time. I'm 22 now.

Clit stimulation. Nothing else.

Not even a little nipple play or anything? Hm.

did ya fuck him?

Father found me playing some almost-hentai game on the early days of Newgrounds when I was ~13. Wasn't masturbating yet. I don't think he actually knew what it was, but he did notice I was quite flustered. Fairly certain my older brother/mother know what I used to look at, as I was originally clueless with regards to internet history stuff.

Fairly certain roommate opened my door when I was doing the deed. I noticed it was cracked open when I finished. Never bothered asking him, but I think it's best I not think about it.

So how big are your boobs?

> be me at 16
> could have sworn I locked my door
> just as I am nutting all over the face of some porn star in a mag
> my 18 yo sister walks in
> I get flustered
> she tells me not to stop
> WTF is my sis a perv too
> I quickly get dressed as she examines my work
> she says, impressive
> she leaves room
> she does have a dirty sense of humor
> we have been best friends since

I prefer that being done to me by someone else rather than me doing it to myself.

Yea my dad walked in on me jacking it to wwe women (back in the bra and panties era) and said sorry and closed the door

When I went out to have the awkward talk to him about it to clear the air he was actually happy. Like really happy.

He said he by me being so quiet all the time and watching WWE instead of real wrestling that he had thoughts that I was gay.

>being done to me by someone else
Are you into girls?

When a father find out his son is not a faggot

> priceless

eh kinda hot desu

No, but my onahole was discovered once
>hide onahole under desk in the corner
>wake up one morning
>my door is slightly open
>go take a piss
>make enough noise to let people know im awake
>stepmom comes in
>brings me the cloth bag that my onahole is inside
>puts it on my desk
>'the dog was dragging this down the hall'
>she closes the door
>as I am sitting in shock she opens the door back up
>'also I didn't look inside it'
>dont leave my room for the rest of the day

Yes. I am bi. Why?

There is no such thing as being bi

What happened after that??

Well then explain why I was to suck on titties and cocks at the same time?


In fact, there is

Yeah, when I was 16 and my younger sister's friend walked in to me beating dick

Was fapping on vacation to what looked like the sunset, I had the window open and was going at it until my brother popped in the room and just burst into laughter. It was probs funnier to him bc he had caught me wanking a few months prior back at home

I think I saw that pic 10 years ago in /b/.
I want to leave.

You watchin' yer girl cartoons again, user?

Yeah, a bunch of times. Always covered my cock with lightning speed but they knew what was up.

she knew you dumb faggot

How did you explain the female masturbatory process to him? Honestly I have no idea either.

well, you know around Christmas time when mum stuffs the turkey, it's a bit like that

Never because i never did that fucking degenerate shit im probably only man in the world who never jacked off but i shall never ever do that fucking degenerate shit burn in hell degenerates.

>jacking off instead of finding a wife and making children

It's a great gif, I like how you can see her imagining making eye contact with the guy fucking her and everything, she's so into it

no but i think my sister heard me watching porn in the bathroom