Dubs has a nice valentines day

dubs has a nice valentines day

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Today means nothing, don't get fooled by normies.

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Would ya look at that
Have a wonderful saint valentines day

Alright kiddos, this one's for you

hot darn rollin rollin rollin

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My Valentine's Day only has 6 hours to go, so I think I'm gonna need trips to salvage this one.

Well, better luck next year I guess

better share some of those dubs


Happy Valentine's Day, OP. Glad you'll be having a good one.

Same to you.

Now please give me dubs, please god.

can i get some of those dubs

shit fuck me original post

No you

No you you you

pls @moot

>Nice V*l*nt*n*s D*y
I think you mean booze night

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19 and still in highschool how would you feel?

I want a happy valentine day user.

it's time i rolled in this thread

Maybe I should go for it.

I pray for death.

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Rolling for dubs. Maybe my past oneitis might talk to me again. Maybe we do a little something more than talking.

Death would be nice. Of course this isnt original

I'm gonna have a horrible Valentine's Day because I'm working and I have to clean up dead animals and I have nobody who gives a shit about me or the fact that I'm endlessly suffering.

At the very least I'm making good money.

trips and i kill myself today

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I'll go for this, too. Dubs it's a good day, trips I die.

He roll. Wish him luck bois.

I'm pretty much just going to jerk off, play vidya, and watch LPs of old Sierra adventure games tho'. I feel like dubs would be wasted on me.

I hope, but probaly not

Gonna go see my future wife

Come on. Gimme a good Valentine's.

I'm so lonely and tired... I give out love where I can... Won't some one show me love... Will I never deserve it? I'm tired...

I almost got doubles tooo. :/

Either way Im drinking

I hate valentines day, but hopefully this one will be good


I hope today doesn't get too lonely! I wish things go simple and nice

rolling for the impossible bliss

Dubs and I'll ask my qt coworker out

It's already going shit but I suppose it can't hurt to try and turn it around with baseless internet magic and superstition

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r o l l i n g for her
oregano originalo

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I love you so very very much. ;-;

If I get dubs I won't get sloppy drunk today

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rollin for good day today

also checked

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rolling for her to text back

I always read through all of the rolls to see who gets dubs. Kind of sad thinking about all of the disappointed people who were hoping for a miracle today. I'm prepared to be disappointed, too.

Ring a ding a ling user. Happy valentines.

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If I get dubs then all the robots will get a go and have a good Valentine's day.

>it's not dubs

Rolling to stay sober and maybe even cook myself a nice meal

Hooray! You'd better keep to it, user

>tfw want to confess to friend
>tfw it will just make it worse

Checked, have fun anonson

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I want to commit

Check them fellas

Not once in my life have I had a good Valentine's day.
I just want a girlfriend bros

im dying alone anyways, let's roll

Valentine's day is well over here but may as well roll

Hopefully the pain i have recieved is the pain i asked for

if christ loves me, i will be blessed with a good day

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Here we go lads, finally gonna text her

Might as well, nothing to lose.

Well, the day is almost over for me but I guess it doesn't hurt to try

fuck valentines day and fuck you all