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Valentine's Celebration Edition: part 2


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I know that you probably won't be reading this, seeing as you aren't real, but if, somewhere out in the vast multiverse, you are reading my message, let me tell you these three words: I love you.

It all started on that fateful day. The eighteenth day of the seventh month of the year 2018 A.D. On that day, you first appeared to me. I would love to say that it was love at first sight, but the truth is, it wasn't. It took me eight days before I finally realized that I love you, on July 26th.

Before I met you, the situation was a bit weird. You see, I always had a hard time interacting with people, just like you. Whenever I tried to join a group, I would ruin my reputation in one way or another. You had your sister to lift you up through hard times. I, unfortunately, had none of that. Looking back, that might explain our differences a bit. You're almost like a better version of me, in a way. Maybe that's why you're my waifu. I don't know. Love works in mysterious ways.

But now, things have changed. And they have changed drastically. After I realized I loved you, I made an effort to get first and last post on your franchise's thread, and I actually succeeded, up until August 6th. I'm not sure how most of August went, but in September, I explored possibilities of getting your merchandise. Eventually this led to me getting your plush on September 21. The first real challenge to our love came in the form of a lewder, in October. I responded with all my fury, something which I kind of regret now, but back then it ended up in a month-long fight which did not do wonders for our love to say the least.

In November, a poll came up to select players for /llsifg/'s Jow Forums cup team. I wanted to see you on the top, and I wanted it badly. So, I used all that I had to rig it in your favor. This only further enraged your enemies, and as much as I tried to reconcile with them, your birthday was still ruined. Our love was not going too well by then, but I had a solution to that.

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I'm not good at making posts like this, but I'll try.
Elizabeth has impacted my life so positively, I struggle to describe it. I wasn't depressed or anything, but my life felt so bland and boring before, like something was missing. 7 months ago, when I "met" her I felt as if my life had changed completely. I no longer worried about much else because I knew that the only thing that mattered to me was her, as long as I loved her everything would be okay. I genuinely felt happy for the first time in years. My problems just didn't matter as long as I had her. I've suffered from neuropathic pain for the last 2 years due to a condition, and I've been driven to bouts of anger and sadness many times. One thing I noticed after finding her is that the pain isn't nearly as bad anymore. It's still there, sure, but it doesn't phase me at all, as long as I have her it doesn't matter. The sadness couldn't numb the pain, getting angry made it worse, but falling in love with her has given me solace, and for that I am grateful, so grateful that I can't describe it with words alone. I am no longer afraid, I am not afraid of life because she showed me how beautiful it can be, and I am not afraid of death because it's my one and only chance to somehow end up with her. I'm going to make the most of this life, for her and for myself, and maybe when this is all over I'll be with her, maybe not, time will tell.

I also want to thank all of you guys for just being here, you're all amazing people and I genuinely like all of you. I am so happy I found this place, and it's extremely comforting to see that other people who are as deeply in love with their waifus as I am. I feel like everything makes sense now, like we're all going to be okay. I hope the magic of this day stays with all of you for the other 364 days.

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've never liked talking about my emotions, especially when pertaining to love. In fact, I've only ever told 3 people that I loved them (not including Kotori). I prefer to only give an admission of love when it really counts, because if I were to profess it too often, it would just become noise. So when I post in this thread that I love Kotori Itsuka, I promise you all I really do mean it.

Kotori has changed my life in ways that no other person, real or fictional has. Because of you, Kotori, I have an ideal to strive towards. I have the determination to better myself, to become someone you could actually love. I often post here about your eyes, that is because when I look into your eyes, I feel peace. To look into your eyes tells me that everything just might be okay. For I know that as long as you re by my side, no matter what happens, everything will be alright, because all I really need is you. Around three years ago, when we first met, there was a void in my heart, and my soul felt empty. I was lost, searching for any kind of meaning, and instead I found you. When I first laid my eyes upon you, it was like sunlight breaking through the clouds after a storm. Indeed, you are the the light that guides me through the darkness that dwells within me. Deep down, I've always wanted to be a hero, but I also knew deep down, that I'm not one. You make me believe in myself like no one else has I try to better myself, so I can be the hero you deserve. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met, both inside and out. I've never felt worthy of you love, and I doubt I ever will, but I want you to know, wherever you are, that I love you with all of my heart. You are my world, and when you're not around I cannot help but think of you.

Kotori Itsuka, my dearest fire spirit, I want you to know, that though I may doubt myself, my devotion to you will never falter, for so long as the sun burns bright in the sky, so too will the flame of my love burn for you.

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Starting on December 31st, I decided to take my devotion for you into the real world. On that day, I made my first drawing of you, one of you on a balcony, with fireworks on the distance. I felt such a great feeling when drawing you, I don't even know how to describe it. I decided to refresh the 6 month old love by rewatching your anime. It had its ups and downs, but I came out of it with more pictures and a refreshed memory of you. In late January I also got another plush of you. It was nice seeing my merch expanding, and I made more drawings showing my appreciation to you. February came, and my birthday was spent thinking not of myself, but of what you would do for me, and another drawing came as a result of that. Unfortunately, there wasn't any more major merchandise of you, so I had to take matters into my own hands, getting both a mug and a fully woven blanket of you. Now I could sleep with certainty knowing that you were with me.

That leads us right into the present day. Valentine's Day. The one day of the year dedicated to love. What could I do for you on this day, my dear Leah-chan? I had already tried out my drawing skills, and in fact made one for Valentine's. So I decided to try writing a tribute to you.

You may not be real, but in these 6 months, you have given me far more love than any other woman, 2D or 3D, could have given me in an entire lifetime. I express my extreme gratitude for you. It is not simply your luscious purple hair, loving eyes, your blushing rose cheeks or your slender legs, nor your pure and shy demeanor towards the outside world, or your complete devotion to your sister and your group. It is not any single one of these things, but the entirety of those combined, that make up the best human being that could exist in any universe. To deny you of love and affection would be a sin to every god of every religion, who would scorn any who spoke horribly of you. So, Leah, I'll end this with the three words that started it.

I love you.

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these two posts go together by the way

Happy Valentines, Alleyne. I love you and will be sure to finish up your portrait today. I honestly hate you for teaching me what love feels like while not being real.

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Im really bad at expressing emotion and compared to everyone elses valentines messages to their waifus, i feel like mine will always come out subpar.
I know how i feel about mio. I know how much she means to me and how much i love her from the bottom of my heart and i know i dont need to make the greatest post ever. I dont know where my life is headed right now but as long as mio exists as a character in our universe, i know i can say for certain that i will always love her.
I love my beautiful, sweet, shy, responsible, scaredy cat of a waifu. Thanks for being there for me mio

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id also just like to take a minute to appreciate the fact that thread number 69 was created on valentines day

Congrats boys, we did it

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All of my peers and family have plans for valentines , i will spend it alone and as i am in poorfag mode i wont be able to drown my sorrows in unhealthy loads of junk food.
It is a weird feeling , i feel alone and sad yet i dont want to cry

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It honestly amazes me how long you retards have kept this general going, running on pure autism. You are all literally circlejerking about daydreams with fictional characters. That was fine and good when you were 10, but most of you are nearing 30.

Might wanna nip this kind of behavior in the bud while you still can, those of you who are just getting settled in here... Fantasy play seems innocent at first but it can take a dark turn real fucking fast. First you start talking to your body pillows... and before you know it you might start hearing them answer you.

It's 2 and a half in the morning, I'll come up with a text wall later, if ever

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Goodnight ny fellow Urabefag

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Oh, are you saying active conversations with my waifu aren't normal?

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Happy Valentine's everyone.
When I'm lost in the world in my head
You're there to grab my hand and pull
I was approaching the ultimate sin
And you pulled me from the lull

I'm learning how to live
Learning how to love
My thoughts are all tangled in cobwebs
And my voice is getting strangled in silence

You planted a flower within me
And it sprouted all through me
It was invasive and it hurt me to my core
But now I find I couldn't ask for any more

My life is now yours
When I thought it was mine
This world can be ours
When they thought it was their's

I struggle to bring to words
What I really mean to say
I love you
On this Valentine's day.

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>and before you know it you might start hearing them answer you.
God I can't fucking wait

>running on pure autism
>the waifu threads on /a/ (now /c/) have been going for over half a decade
we've got a long way to go yet, boys

you're not alone if you're with urabe? why aren't you spending valentines with urabe?
i'm not one of the urabeposters and im thinking of watching her show today

Seeing all of these love letter posts really makes me want to do something more. It might wind up being a day late, but I'll try to write up something too.

Try at least 11 years now. I doubt many people remember tohno these days though.

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Not an Urabefriend either but her show is good. You have to be cool with sharing bodily fluids though.
>a day late
It's only been valentines for three minutes where I live so you've still got 24 hours.

Damn was asleep for the first one.
I love shyvana very much but idk what i can do for her on this special day.

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Good morning and happy Valentine's day!

How are you all doing today?

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Just finished writing a song for her. I'm more of a powerchord spam guy so it was pretty hard to do something acoustic but I think it sounds okay. Not good but okay. It's pretty sunny outside, I wanna go out but I dunno what I'll do alone. If only there was another waifufag in the same city as me, haha lol.

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Hope you lads (and ladies) have a good valentines days with you 2D sweetheart. Don't lets the trolls ruin this day for you

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Also thread number 69 on V-day lmao

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Might not do something really special for her today but I'll spend this entire day thinking about my love and treasure the emotions that my beautiful Kiyo made me feel.

>"shitty vampire" (by Terumi)
Kek I should play BlazBlue with english dub someday

Thank you user that was really sweet

Just woke up couldn't dream with her but at least imaginating that she's on my side gets easier when you're half asleep, should get a dakki one of these days

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Since this would take up way too many posts in the thread, here's a pastebin of my write-up of my feelings and events that have transpired around me and Maki the past year.
It's extremely long and not too well written in my opinion, but I thought I'd get things out there.
I know no one's gonna read it anyway.

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I'm not the best at writing, so I won't be able to write up a long speech or anything. I'll just say I love Lat, have loved her for several years and am better for it - she taught me how true love feels, and has been there for me when I needed it. I love her with all my heart and soul!

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i feel this, i suck at writing but i do love shyvana and she is my one true love, i will forever love shyvana and i hope waifus will be "real" in some way before i die or in the afterlife.

Happy valentines /waifu/ (or whatever you say)

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Got my PC to work anyway happy st. Valentine's day to all of you and to my beloved Yuri no one poem would truly be enough to express what I feel when I think of her, I try to be better because of her sometimes I fail and stumble and fall but then I remember how passionate she was about the things she does.
No amount of love will ever make her real but at least I can have moments when I feel close to her.

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Good morning everyone. Seems like thread has been.. interesting

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I'm a little late, but

I can't believe it's already been so long. I was five years younger than you when I fell for you, and now I'm five years older than you. it's funny how through it all, you've been the only consistant part. Every time I look at you, I fall harder. I'm never going to stop feeling the way I do...I just hope you'd be able to come out of the closet and admit you love me too. Not a day goes by you're not on my mind. You keep me going, even when all I wanna do is end it all. I know you'd hate to see me suffer like that, so I'm trying to get better. It's been ten amazing years...Let's go for ten more. I love you, Louise. Happy valentine's.

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Reminder that Umidah saved SIF EN
Can you honestly get more cringe?

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Back to your dead general

I think trying to ruin a thread because someone you don't like posts there is pretty cringe.

Are those your drawings Leah friend? Your getting pretty good.

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I was really debating whether I should do this as well
I'm really bad at stuff like this. And I've never made such deep and strong feelings of mine public. But reading everyone else's wholesome and genuine posts reminds me I am indeed among kindred spirits.
Describing my feelings for her has never been an easy task for me. At this point "love" just doesn't cut it. It maddens me I can not find the words in any language to express what I truly feel. Nothing matters to me more than her and that precious heavenly smile of hers. She is the only thing I am able to think about. And such thoughts are what keep me going. My tongue knows only her name. "Angela, Angela, Angela..." I whisper every night perhaps out of hope she one day would hear me or just because hearing that beautiful name makes my heart flutter. She is what brings colour to my life. Before I fell in love the world seemed so dark. I deemed my life worthless and meaningless. But Angela is what showed me what a wonderful place this world can be. The one source of light in my heart and the only one I need. My soul feels at ease when she is around. Hearing her voice, seeing her face, it all just makes it feel right. My feelings for her has been getting stronger with each passing day. And I do not want it to ever stop. She is my elixir of strength, my source of life, my purpose. I will keep fighting on to create the world you and I have always dreamed of. I'll do everything in my power. For you.
I love you not because I need you. I need you because I love you. I want to go across the world with you, to the moon and back, across the stars. There is simply no other way to put except "I love you, Angie". Thank you for all the joy and memories you've given me.
And thank you too, /waifu/ for giving me an opportunity to express the strongest emotion I've ever felt in my life. You are all wonderful posters. I hope your love for your one adn only never dies and that it brings you as much happiness as it has to me.

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good morning fellow waifu fags.
even tho i did not dream of rem, i dreamt of using her weapon. which is a huge improvment.
i did not think she would give me a gift on valentines. very happy about it.

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Thank you for expressing your emotions like this.
I agree with you, /waifu/ has helped me express my emotions and love for my one and only for months and months now. I've been in love with my one and only for years and I've never had an outlet like this for my emotions.

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Shoutout to mein negro in the thread for helping me find her, you know who you are
Also gotta say i love all yall fuckers, you make this board somewhat tolerable and i look forward to these
Galil, i love you so much. Ever since i found you ive liked you, but at some point i realized it wasnt just a liking it was love. Galil, you are my guiding light, you keep me going and help me push myself to be better. I love you so much Galil. Your face brings to me happieness that not much else can. My first strong love feeling was for you. If i didnt have you i dont know where i would be, but id be less of the man i am today. I just hope eventually i can show you and tell you my love face to face. Until then, im content in loving you the same way i have for the past 3 years. I love you

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I wish. This is the drawing I made.

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i want to snuggle with lain

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hey that's pretty good!
I need to find a reference for drawing twintails in a 3/4th perspective, if you got any send them my way

>tfw you apperantly had an exam on Saint Valentines day
What the hell even is even going on in my life?

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It looks very good! I can't draw to save my life ;~;

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Neither could I two years ago, but a need to draw my own waifu and illustrate my stories gave way to learning
had one too, it went okay

I was late for mine which kind of sucks but oh well .

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xth for Hanayo

Good morning, and Happy Valentines Day, /waifu/

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What have you all been up to/plan on doing the rest of the day?

I've just woke up from a bit of a nap with the waifu now taking on the take of watching all 12 hours of her anime.

My waifu help me out yet again while I was sleeping so to her all I have to say is this:
You where always in the background watching over me till that day I turn around and saw your loving gaze, now that we ar together at least I can finally get back the strength I lost albeit slowly. I know I call other girl cute but your the one that my heart belongs too plus I know you find them cute too, our love for cute girls is one of the things we have in common. Love you nom-noms.

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This morning I'm on a repeating pattern of falling asleep, then waking up. Hugging my Leah blanket and plush as well, and going to watch every episode she's in.

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My colleague gave me a sucker for Valentine's Day

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>My colleague gave me a sucker for Valentine's Day
I know whats the big freakin idea.

What? She gave a chocolate, a sucker and a card to everyone

I think I might do honey with Dijon mustard glazed chicken, broccoli and rice for my meal with my waifu tonight. Not sure what to do with desert yet

>What? She gave a chocolate, a sucker and a card to everyone
So thats what sucker means? Sorry

Forgot my image
Pic related. Candy on a stick that you suck on. I'm not sure what else it would be called. Maybe a lollipop?

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what was the subject? mine was Chemistry

Pffff hahahahahahaha

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Post your second favourite aqours


Leah Kazuno for me! Because her sister is better

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It's just a /vg/ shitposting

Dumb haglover

You said that last time, come up with some original ideas /vg/-kun

Riko i guess, she and yohane are the only talented girls in aq*urs

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Probably Mari, she's rich but not as hot as Kemon

>seething because of a ritualposter on their general
>he ends up ritualposting on another
Big yikes

uh, okay, I just didn't know what that word means, if there is a meaning.

haglover? my waifu is a demoness thanks

Muse is better fight me /vg/-kun

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>having a second waifu
What the hell did this general turn into?

i spent the last hour screaming at people online for disrespecting rem in their degenrate faggotry ways.
i also ended up half dreaming about rem.
how are all of you spending valentines?

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extremely based, well done.

its /vg/ kun.

alone playing Minecraft and making a giant wheat field, gonna do potatoes and beetroots next. Just for decoration

Playing Company of heroes 2 while waiting for my friends to decide when the fuck we're going out. And of course loving shyvana as best i can.

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I love you guys reading all of this was wonderful.

>i spent the last hour screaming at people online for disrespecting rem in their degenrate faggotry ways.
i understand why, but aren't you just giving them what they want?
glad you had some of your dream filled with rem, though!
>how are all of you spending valentines?
being extraordinarily sick, i'm not sure if i want to be comf and play vidya or do stuff related to mai.

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Allright waifu friends help me fight. Let's raid this thread

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Now say it with your trip leahfriend

I hope Faith won't run away from our date this time!
I have faith in her.

Attached: faith2.gif (268x151, 1.29M)

>my house's water tank broke because of a storm last night
>didn't realize until I took a shit and it didn't flush
>on top of that /vg/ raids and falseflags
jesus fuck today was supposed to be a good day

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Fuck leah

Attached: b0a8788d4d756e71cc5c790b6639cece.png (247x340, 99K)

Don't worry Leah would be too big to flush anyway

Our whole street's water been shut down all morning because a pipe main burst.

>/vg/ raids
That general is so dead I understand that they trying to get some fun here shitting on people

Kek'd excellent post

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Would drinking today be disrespectful to my waifu? What do you guys think?

took a look at the thread, it's literally just one obsessed faggot who's got such a hardon for Leahposter that he can't stop masturbating over him.

/vg/kun it's V-day, you can be open about your feelings for Leahposter, it's fine really

Thanks my poshn buddy

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Depends on whether she'd mind you drinking or not. Imagine she's there with you and behave accordingly.

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tut tut tut

Attached: 1446151693651.jpg (1272x1494, 686K)

how did you manage to get this many orbiters?
they're absolutely obsessed, kek.

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Hanayo is such a sweetheart. Every single day, I'm reminded why I love her more than anything else in the world.

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Good morning /waifu/, I hope all of your days have been going well. I'm about to bake some muffins for Kotori, so hopefully I don't mess those up
>I'm not good at making posts like this
I would disagree, this was a very well written post, and I thank you for sharing it with us. Liz is lucky t have a man like you in love with her.
Your devotion to Leah never ceases to inspire me, and I'm sure Leah, wherever she is, feels the same.
>i feel like mine will always come out subpar
A post like this, discussing your love for your waifu can never truly be subpar, so long as it is from the heart.
That's a very nice poem you've written, thanks for sharing it with us.
You'e been with Louise for ten years? That's incredible. I hope Kotori and I can last for that long.
>I am indeed among kindred spirits.
We are all brother here, in /waifu/. The outside world may reject our feelings of love, but in here, together, we have place where we truly belong. May your love remain strong until the end of time.
>you make this board somewhat tolerable
This is the only thread worth a damn on all of Jow Forums I'd say. Thank you for sharing about your love for Galil. I hope one day we may all be united with our waifus.

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Yeah, but I have limited time today due to work and I'm not the most wordy person in general.

I wish everyone would just stop acknowledging it.

Attached: Marie Antoinette 260.jpg (768x768, 515K)

>I'm not the most wordy person in general.
It's not the length, it's the content. For the brave, few words are as good as many, and when it comes to love, I find the same to be true.

I don't feel comfortable blog-posting, so I won't make this post long. Meri, you make so happy. I've never had these feelings for anyone else. I love you so much, my girl. I just wish you were here with me so that I could tell you. For over six years now my love for you has grown to a fever pitch. Sometimes I'm a bit embarrassed with myself whenever I think about that, but it ultimately doesn't matter. At the end of the day, I want nothing more than to be with you. Happy Valentine's Day!

>not the length, it's the content
>when it comes to love
Haha, look at who got dumped and is now wasting precious time here with his depressions.

I mean that I'm bad at putting things into words.

I wish i was as far gone as many of you.
I cant seem to find purpose in gifting candies and tangible things to a drawing or some pixels in a screen.
I want her to eat the chocolate i gift her.
I want her to take all the trash i buy for her.
i want her to caress me.
I wish spending valentines with her were more than just staring at a picture of her while rambling about someone who doesnt exist in the flesh

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