Is anyone else's favorite color Pink?

is anyone else's favorite color Pink?

inb4: >you're a fag
im really masculine and all signs of have high testosterone.

but why is it that mostly women like pink?

literally no guy i know likes pink.

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it's not a bad color at all

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>is anyone else's favorite color Pink?
>inb4: >you're a fag
>im really masculine and all signs of have high testosterone.


Only guys I see that love pinks are traps and any cum guzzler really

I wear pink shirts

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It's my favorite color too. I wish I could get most things I like pink but I don't want to disappoint my parent even more than they already are. It's such a vivid happy color I love it.

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It was due to strong marketing campaigns in the 30s to the 50s of trying to cash in on the housewife market.

Light pink goes well with my complexion.
But I don't really care about boy/girl shit.
I don't see why reflecting a specific wavelength is feminine.

I love pink, dude. Pastel pink is an objectively aesthetic colour, and men that refuse to accept it either have no artistic or aesthetic outlook or they are closet homos in denial trying too hard to cover their tracks.

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Feminisim appropriated it. It used to be the color associated with young boys.

OP here.
Just realized r9k is a shade of pink as well..
So if you think pink is gay and browse r9k..

If you're a guy and your favorite color isn't red, blue, or green then you're 100% looking for attention

do you guys who make these planed threads from you discord to try and feminize robots really not have anything better to do? why no just go watch some of the porn you're addicted to?

Pink was considered a masculine color until the mid 20th century.

Green, with purple a close second

unless you look manly as shit don't ever wear pink
you'l look faggy if you do

do you have the face to pull it off without looking goofy ?

Me too.
I like light/pastel pink the most, I think it goes well with most things.
It's just pretty to me.

It looks okay.
Apricot on the other hand is pure style.

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It was the opposite before modern society fucked everything up and inverted the genders colors
Also this, it's aesthetic af, but I prefer variations of purple

I don't have a favorite color, but I feel the same way about purple and violet.

I hated pink until I was 25 and now I love it, but only certain shades. I don't like bright deep pornstar shades like magenta, fuschia, neon pink. Only shades of pale pink and bubblegum.

In the past I always hated pink because it was so fucking poorly matched into any design or color scheme that it just looked tacky, but with these recent years of vaporwave aesthetic, I'm finding pastel and neon salmon colors to be soothing, like the pink you see in a sunrise. Pair it with a nice orange and boi do you have a combo. But pink by itself is typically and obnoxious color

pastel pink has always been my favorite color looking at it just warms my heart when i see it.

not my favorite but I kinda like pink as a color and I'm just a guy. as a kid my fav color was purple. that's not too far from pink.

Pink and purple are good in my books. Whenever I play RTS games I usually choose one or the other.

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I do love pink, especially the lighter shades, tho I'm more of an orange guy
though mixing both makes it even better

Take the pink pill, anony, you were born to be a cute girl

yes, because its the colour of pussy.

>feminism appropriated it

>born a girl
He literally says he isn't.

Yeah! It's so powerful, beautiful, aesthetic and kyoot!

no, I hate pink
it is an intrinsically sexual color and reminds me of the sex I'm not having

if you hate pink then basically youre fucking stupid

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