Why are women so hypocritical and why are men defending this behavior?

why are women so hypocritical and why are men defending this behavior?

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The answer is never and always pussy

Because most men will always be so desperate for pussy they'll put up with anything to get it.

Sensible men who are willing to call women out on their bullshit will never get anywhere because they'll be outnumbered by desperate guys.

they'll pay even if they don't get to hang out with her

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Not true. Women are submissive by nature. As long as you're not a total cunt you can use honesty to your advantage.

Basically this. Displaying any kind of standards with a lot of girls will almost immediatley drive them into the arms of one of their many backups/orbiters just out of sheer spite/because they can.

Women can demand whatever they want, because they know no matter how ridiculous and unfair their demand is, if their current man doesn't meet if she can just walk outside and choose a new one from the 100s of other guys lined up to date her at every moment, and that new one WILL meet her ridiculous demand because he's desperate to earn an in.

>broke off relationship because he paid for too much shit and I was too much of a coward to lose virginity
I still feel like a jerk.
At least I did the driving though- and gas was at a 4.35/gallon high at the time.

have you ever seen a group of women out together? all they do is agree with eachother and talk eachother up.

have you seen a group of men out together? all they do is chirp eachother and say every idea they have makes them a dumb fag.

one group is instantly called on hypocrisy from age 12, the other never is.

why do incels feel so entitled to sex

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I dont feel entitled to sex, women dont owe me that
but I dont owe women my time and money aswell

>Woman are entitled to everything! YAS QUEEN SLAY!!

>Men aren't entitled to their own assets, resources and time!

>why do incels feel so entitled to sex
Cite a source proving that a majority of incels feel "entitled to sex"

>why are women so hypocritical
because they can be
>why are men defending this behavior?
because most men don't lift weights or respect themselves, the sooner prostitutes stop being taboo the sooner roasties will have to sort themselves out

no one is willing to waste time researching obvious facts
also no one cares because you are that unimportant

Burden of proof: not met
Claim: discarded

You sound like one of those desperate guys mentioned in the prior comment.

Why the hell do people keep posting that Pikachu face?

I once dated a high status girl and we would always go halfsies

>Not true. Women are submissive by nature
Have you looked at most relationships? Guys get reduced to tools by their gfs, serving them without question.

I make more than my parents too

fuck the guy who made this. privileged little zoomer faggot with lawyer parents making 120k or something

Many women are abusive, yes, but it's a stretch to say "most relationships".

I didn't mean in an abusive way. What I meant is that, a lot of times, as the relationship carries on, the man will lose more and more of his independence, and become more and more submissive to his gf. She doesn't have to abuse him in order for this to happen.
Like so:
>have friend
>friend gets gf
>you are happy for your friend and congratulate him
>time passes
>he starts hanging out with you less and less
>his gf occupies a lot of his time
>"I can't hang out today, because my gf said I had to do this thing for her" he says
>when he does hang out with you, he complains his gf is very demanding of him and a bit controlling
>you tell him to disregard the bitch and do what he wants
>he does not do this
>it is as if he is addicted to her
>he knows she is bad for him, but he is so addicted to the feeling of sex, that he cannot bear to act in such a way that could compromise his ability to get it
>even if he must abandon his principles or his friends, he will do so

>implying you will ever hang out one on one with a girl

Nice cope fantasy, incel

>implying women want your time and money


i guess you dont know what a orbiter/backup does. if you are alpha she will not run to inferior men. if shell hit up an orbiter its 100% because you are on the same level as them or worse.


Back to Jow Forumsatheism, babby

>"I didn't mean in an abusive way."
>Describes abusive relationship

pic related utterly btfo's all women itt, nobody will reply to me because they simple have no retort as their nature has been unfolded and exposed to the world

like a rat they will scurry back into their holes instead of confronting PIC RELATED head on

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It isn't abusive though. They do it voluntarily and without any real coercion.

>Incel 2: digital boogeyman

Absolutely /thread
Fuck the sausage I have between my legs