Anyone have the gif of the dog being bashed in the head with a shovel?

i love dogs but not bitches

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I remember that gif. I got banned for posting it back in the day in a /b/ thread: 'what's the worst thing you've ever seen on the internet?' Also got banned for an even worse gif of a living dog having one of its legs sawn off, which was horrible and traumatising.

What do you want it for?

best i can do without getting banned, chief.

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why would you get banned? there's rekt thread on gif

Gore is actually banned outside of /b/-tier boards.

just search shovel dog gif on google images. it's easy to find

that the world is cruel and your love is fake and disgusting. the fact you try to pretend you actually care about people or their feelings. it would be a representation of the true nature of our being and how we will step on others so long as our own agenda is fulfilled. as long as i got mine jack, fuck everyone else.

idk people make me sick. i dont like most of em. i like jews and muslims more than anyone, tho. they have diciplin unlike pig shit americans who have a divorce rate of like 50% or higher. fuck this world and fuck whores and gay asain cuck boys who like to sell their wives like a piece of meat. nick doesnt love amouranth. he wouldnt even be with her if it wasnt for the plastic surgery. they're FUCKING PATHECTIC! i hope everything they do fails horribly...fuck this system of plastic no soul individuals. pure vainity and greed, like a fucking hog pig bitch!

kill yourselves and live stream it on twitch! i fucking burried you guys HAHA!!

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You are truly a despicable human being.

>adheres to judeo-christian values
>does not adhere to judeo-christian religion
>mocks others that do not adhere to judeo-christian values nor religion

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>undiagnosed schizophrenia: the post

We found him boys! we found him! Shabbat shalom Daveeeed

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Christ, anakim. this was so based you deserve a bump from the Dark Lord himself.

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You'd better post on Jow Forums while your parents are asleep!

black mass sacrifice as I stare into your eyes, my beloved. you sold me your love.

i'm better than you, p.s i love satire

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I just saw it on pol.

wew, lad. ya'll are fooked

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what's the point of a facial if they're wearing glasses

go watch your Disney movies and get traumatized and love your circle of death. you're all sick in the fucking heads. and i feel sorry for your children

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let your children watch this shit you fucking sick fucks! curse you!

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you edgy fuck go fucking kill yourself
your post stinks of trying so hard to come across as "damaged" but you're pathetic. if the world is so shit and you're such a twisted lad because of it then fucking hang yourself

>He cant even fucking read!

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So what you be sayin is we a bunch of fucking retarded fools, David? tsk tsk, you better shut your mouth or ill have mossad on you like white on rice!

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he's not the real Davidic King, I am....

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