Who else here /abused/?

Who else here /abused/?

>calls me terrible names like bitch and faggot
>blames me for all her problems
>never apologizes for anything ever
>intentionally antagonizes me via text while driving at at work
>turns all the lights on while I'm sleeping
>breaks my stuff
>threatens to leave me daily
>beats me up when she gets really angry

>inb4 "just leave her"

I live with her and I have no friends and nowhere to go. She's raging tonight. I'm in hell.

>pic related, last time she was this mad she stabbed me in the throat with a candle lighter

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thats hot origng

>>inb4 "just leave her"

do you want us to tell you to kill her

Obviously you enjoy it, otherwise you'd leave, faggot...

just rape her to assert your dominance and manhood over her. she is under the delusion that you are weaker than her both in body and mind. prove her wrong

As long as she didn't cheat on me I'd dig this kind of relationship. Appreciate her user.

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>being this beta

makes me think my life isn't so bad after all.

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>move back with parents
>move into car
>move into single bedroom apartment
>gtfo normalfag

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Basket weaving

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Now I know because of the SJW shit we're supposed to care when a man gets abused or we just let women get special treatment but...

Fuck that. Either man up or get out the cock cage and your gimp suit ya fairy/

fill a police report on her
protect yourself legally

move out, figure something.

I literally rape her all the time. She loves it. But it's not actually rape Bc you can't rape the willing

Getting your ass beat by a woman is not the same as a tsendure animoo. Thisahit sucks

she's literally begging you to be physical with her and become the man of the house

Is she stronger than you physically ?

Shared lease

I get where you guys are coming from but clearly you have never loved a crazy person. Also, like, I am dealing with this shit right now. Not passively like this bitch is screaming at me right fucking now

you could say that you're masochist.

No. I am able to restrain her with ease.

I hit her once because she intentionally knocked my glasses off while driving. She behaved for a month.

OP, this is the kind of crazy you have to deal with like the men in 1850 dealt with it

firm discipline

poor user
i would be nice to you

Then fuck her in the ass right now, user.
It will release stress both from you and her.

I'm really not. But lets say I am and don't realize it. Is there a way to fix this?

All I have ever wanted is a cute and sweet feminine gf and all I ever end up with is evil ass witches. Could me possibly being an empath have anything to do with attracting succubi?

two choices user, man up, or be this guy in 5 years when she withers you down to a subservient nub, then leaves you anyway, and you become a humiliation fetishist.

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Dad used to knock me around when I was a kid. Bad drinking problems, PTSD, his dad was a dead beat, family has drug problems. It was like prophecy now that I know a lot about his upbringing. He used to bloody me pretty good. Surprisingly we aren't too bad now though I only see him once or twice a year.

I had an abusive gf before. I consider it one of my weakest moments. Like a faggot I also put up with all that shit you typed there because I felt like "I had no choice to" and such.

There's no way I'd tolerate that shit ever again. My current gf is super loving towards me, never nags or yells at me, and sucks my dick whenever I want. Shit is like night and day.

Don't put up with her bullshit anymore.

if she cuts your dick off on day, dont complain
it seems that you want to live in this hell


OP what do you do for a living?
How much money do you have in the bank?

Legit, save up if you haven't already. Plan to move somewhere else, find a day she will be gone for most of it and move then. Just ghost her, change your number and everything. Plan your mail to get sent to the other address prior to leaving. Leave no trace.

That'll mentally fuck her up

punch her in the cunt

She calls you Bitch and Faggot wtftrftftftf

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You gotta fuck her calm if she doesn't want it rape her and bust in her RAW! SHOW HER WHO'S THE MAN user FILL HER GIRL HOLE TO THE BRIM WITH YOU HOT STICKY BOY SAUCE MABYE THEN THE BITCH WILL LEARN HER LESSON!!!

>save up
My weakest quality. I'd be long gone if I had cash. I have too many bills. Constantly leaking money.

I honestly worry about shit like that like what if even accidentally she kills my ass . Reason enough to bail ASAP yet I remain

I appreciate you sharing this with me

Thank you for sharing user

That's gay

Los Angeles?

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Literally this is the only thing that keeps her sane. We fuck all the time. The sex is great. It's the only good aspect of the relationship.
>1 sex = one day without turmoil
No way to live

Munich, Germany :(


Do you honestly believe that you can save her? What's the worst that could happen if you'd leave her?

you either leave her now or she will leave you in the future once something better comes along.

shes unhappy with her current situation and blames you for all of it.

If raping can't do it get her pregnant kill yourself leave or better yet beat the shit out of her

God bless you user

>implying I don't want her to leave

>beat the shit out of her
I don't want to go to ja


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my bad I read that part about having no friends wrong. leave her faggot

>just rape her to assert your dominance
unironically this. she deserves it. i never thought i'd say that.

If you want her to leave simply press charges. You don't need to care if you're successful or if it even goes to court, just get her arrested and don't let her back in.

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What's the bitch get so worked over about anyways is there any possible reasons?

>I live with her and I have no friends and nowhere to go.
Is that some kind of excuse? You need to fucking leave, one of these days she is going to do something really fucked that will permanently affect you and you will regret not escaping when you had the chance.

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i don't understand people like you
i knew a dude who had a gf who did shit like that to him
she constantly beat him and scratched his skin deep and just fucked him up in general
he still loves her and wants to be with her
he has a kid with her though so i guess he's shit out of luck either way

She can fight about anything. She will fight w me every day. Literally anything she does not want to hear is immediately classified as "talking shit". It's never ending.

>all the people suggesting to rape her

I fuck the shit out of her. It's the only thing that keeps her sane. I have "raped" her multiple times by taking her pussy while she's angry and saying no. She likes it. It's not a solution. Besides at this point I don't want her anymore so it's no fun

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You're right. Thank you for taking the time to say this to me user. She's going to seriously hurt me or get me locked up.

It's Stockholm I guess
Thank God we haven't gotten pregnant yet. I need out.

>i don't understand people like you
probably the same happened between him and his mother.

Nope. My mom is and always was awesome. My dad was the asshole. He was a dick but never severely abusive. No mommy or daddy issues.

Next expaination?

I was abused too OP, this girl hit me when we dated back in 2011 and I spent years and years thinking I was a terrible boyfriend who deserved getting beat, i talked to her on 2017 and we dated again, she was fucking dead inside and hit me again.

I was always too optimistic and thought if someone believed in her, her sadness would go away but it was never like that. I had to learn that if I don't prioritize my happiness nothing else on earth will be able to or even try.

I'm meeting new girls not, doing new things. Try it OP, your life is your own.

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Father is a worthless sperg
Mother is domineering and bipolar
My formative were filled with stagnation and resentment instead of growth and maturation.
I always found it unfair that the children of conventionally abusive parents (alcoholic, wife beating, gambling etc.) always turned out more or less fine, well-adjusted to social environments and assertive and confident.
They always filled me with doubt, when physical force was no longer effective they always resorted to psychological and emotional means. Any independent action and thoughtwas met with disapproval. Any outcry or appeal was met with a harsh reminder of my dependency on them.
I am very unhappy with the person that I am today, spineless, unsure about everything, paranoid, emotionally unstable, resentful, and a whole lot more issues. I am tall, considered as handsome, and is considered intelligent by my peers, but this just makes me feel even worse. It's like someone gave a person with no legs a pair of expensive running shoes. To think I could have been an ultra chad if it weren't for those assholes.

what a fucking beta fag lmao

Do you also happen to feel like a waste of a good dick and body on a complete fucking sperg? like its plain not worth it to go through the motions of appealing to whatever attractiveness other people assign to you?

I recommend a fillet knife to the medulla oblongata. For you or for her. Depends how much of a pussy you are.

Have you tried not being a loser bitch faggot?
Maybe she would respect you more if you acted like a real man and treated her with respect like she deserves.
Do something nice for your woman for once, buy her flowers, cook a nice meal, massage her feet, get creative for fucks sake.

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You fucking beta.You need to tame your bitch. Slap her and yell at her to relax.

Cute and also hot
Best of luck she wants to be deciplined

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I think being homeless would be better than this atleast you can steal and survive.

if you're not a brainlet, record yourself with a hidden camera. Make sure to record the abuse, depending on your state/country you need to justify that you recorded for your own protection and you want to sue her, take money for emotional damage user

stfu bitch.
you'll never find a better woman so take what you've got and be happy with it

I was with her too. Erica is a crazy bitch. Ghost her.

You better record broh.

I'm not joking or exagerating.

you better start recording, and making a stash, SOMEWHERE of those records. Better if you have 2 copies.

Buy some shit like this, totally inexpensive.

Do NOT get to a point where you will regret not having a record of what happened. You might risk way more than your life with no proof.

Is that not a rope mark, you fucking faggot

Why men have no standards? I have this friend who was acting like I wanted to fuck her when it was her always bringing up the idea, and cause Im obviously not attracted to her she's gone out and banged guys on tinder. Are they fucking blind, bitch needs a bag on her head. This is why Im single, I have standards and dont want to end up like OP. Its like people are so afraid of being alone that they will be with their worst enemy.
The pathetic weakness of modern man enables women to behave like this, its men like you OP that are allowing the CUNTENING of the entire planet. Because she lets you fuck her from time to time? Give me a break

>tfw no abusive partner

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After the 1st time she did this you became complicit in her abuse

then go to a woman's shelter, faggot ass bitch

But "Just leave her" is literally the only thing to do. Start filling police reports so you can get help for free from professionals. It's not just for women.
She can only do to you what you will allow her to do by enabling her. You need to face the cowardice in you that is making all these excuses. Nobody is going to save you. They won't save women in your situation and it's going to be even worse for you on account of your dick.
Think of it this way: you going out and getting help is a step towards helping other robots in your situation. If we keep bringing males being abused into the light we can break the pattern of male abuse victims being ignored. It will encourage others to get help.
You think a woman can't get in a lucky shot in in a fit of rage and kill you? Your life is literally in danger. Stop sitting there like a cow and DO something. Before it's too late.

Just leave, you're too much of a beta bitch to do anything about it so run away

I have a more tame version of that OP
>be lonely 17 year old nigger a few years ago
>talk to fembot and get her kik
>we like eachother and start dating since we live close
>she starts off super nice
>likes vidya
>shitposts with me
>fast forward to last year
>she started calling me nigger
>I dont mind since we used to call eachother names at first jokingly
>can tell theres anger behind her calling me it
>ignore it
>she starts getting more aggressive towards me
>in bed she starts choking me, whipping me, and punching me
>she makes me call her "masa"
>she keeps saying things like "you're my nigger slave do you hear me"
It was kinda hot at first but she's taking it too far, I have scars on my ass, and back from being whipped and she said she'd start pegging me soon. I'm legitimately afraid of my gf it doesn't help I'm 5'8 and shes 6'2 shes physically stronger than me and knows it. I'm too afraid of leaving her because she said she'd kill me then herself if I ever tried

You drug her proper, get some stockings and oranges. put oranges in stocking. wait til shes high and loopy, go to town on her ass with oranges in stocking (no bruises), record the aftermath after you are done beating her and get off scot free cause the cops will think shes just some druggie

lemme guess, you fell for the latina psyop

>plant cameras/audio equipment
>record all the abuse
>report everything to the police
>post it on social media
>ask around for a safe place to stay

If shes threatened your life, go to the police. File a report.

stop being a pussy. hit her with a frying pan like in the cartoons I watch.

Stop blaming your parents for all your issues.

You can probably fight better than her, throw a few punches.

i'm neglected by all females, not just my gf (who doesn't even know we're dating)

user you have to run fast.
Social isolation is better than social isolation with a monster

Leave the town and go start a new life

Had to post this

just leave or beat her you faggot, it's not that hard

You're still with her dude. You're no less pathetic than the women who stay with their ghetto boyfriends who beat on them because they love it.

You love it. Stop being a victim loving little pussy bitch and start a new life and find someone else. You are not fit to raise sons with this woman. As you cannot control her so you can't inspire them. Get out and fuck off.

I got conned by a roastie into cucking a guy. She said they were in an open relationship. When he found out he cut himself up with a knife and tried to convince everyone she'd done it. He picked fights with her and went to the police all the time and even attacked me in the street and then called the police to get her in trouble over it.
Sadly for him I called them too (he'd left me out of report and he dropped his charges).

A police man genuinely told me off the record to keep seeing his ex and to 'go too far when he's on the ground' aka beat the fuck out of him.

Learn to fucking wrestle. Learn to control someone. A white belt in mcdojo Ju Jitsu can control 90% of women.

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Give her a good old fashioned spanking.

>'Don't go too far'*

Normies who would rather b in a miserable spiteful relationship than just be chill and single for a while need the noose.

She learned martial arts at a young age and I've been a loser who sat around in his room playing vidya for most of my life. Shes stronger than me and can fight better

Op get evidence of the abuse and file a police report. Like the picture you posted. Even try to record secretly her screaming and yelling at you. Also try calling the domestic abuse hotline. I guess they help men but from the site you wouldn't think so. But I'd still try. Stay strong OP.

Why the fuck do you have a girlfriend faggot? Lmao what the hell did you expect. Just fuck a few times and move on.

Even the strongest women is nothing compared to an average man. You're just really pathetic and your relationship is a joke/thread

Hit her you moron was daddy not around when you were a kid?

I'll just go with the cops option maybe they'll help

have you thought about that maybe this is all your fault?

>stop acting all skittish just because you were raised under constant threat of violence
Shut up retard

They are just going to arrest you retard.

That sounds kinda fun, you can be the naughty nig who keeps tryna escape

You gotta rise up after being caught a few times, tell her you're the plantation owner now and that she's gotta lick your arsehole for putting up with her shit. Tell her that and be strong but only after you did the naughty nig bit

Reading all these comments has gotten me to understand a little bit of my own problems. Im not with an abusive girl, but my judo coach has been real shitty towards me and the other white belts. Typically saying demeaning things to us when we mess up our movements, mocking us, even going to far as to poke and punch us. I see parallels between both. I feel like shit being there, but I'm afraid of the shit I'll get from others like "why didn't you just ignore it" or "thats just how he is." Framing it as an abusive relationship helps put it into perspective. For you OP, if you're worried your girl is going to hurt you out of rage or her own mental illness then you are no longer in a relationship based on love and trust. We both have to come to terms that maybe we seek out abusive relationships because of our upbringing but that doesn't mean we have to stay in them. The goal of any interpersonal relationship is to get something positive out of people coming together. Thank you to all the anons posting here and the ones who gave me advice the other day. It might seem the like the obvious thing to do, but when you're in the middle of the shit you can feel really lost.

leave her nigga, a relationship/sex aint worth this shit

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You enjoy it that's what they stay. I have no sympathy just leave.

Call the police, this is a domestic violence situation and there are resources for people in this scenario.

>>calls me terrible names like bitch and faggot
Hot, my gf only does that when pegging me

God i truly wish that were originally me.

>what they stay
Yikes, try that one again buddy

You knew what I meant retard