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Yang is based and redpilled.

Throw pots and pans down stairs scream obsescenitys record it post on r9k

>looks like a chill guy
>yang gang sounds cool

has my vote

This is why voting needs to be outlawed.

706 days until universal neetbux bois. what will you do with your first $1,000?


Unironically shit like this is why he's going to lose. No matter how hard he tries to dispel the "money for lazy leeches" stigma, the lazy leeches will drown it out.

You'll probably become homeless and buy a gun to shoot yourself if you can still afford one. Or you would if you weren't a paid shill.

ngl I am a paid shill. I'm just waiting until Jan 20th 2021. don't worry about yourself though, if everything goes right you'll get your $1,000 too :)

Oh goody! I can buy 2 bottles of shampoo with that after Yang taxes every fucking consumer good into oblivion (as he himself outlines he wishes to do to pay for this)!

What's really sad is that Yang probably won't win because of how stupid and biased americans are. A lot of people won't vote for him solely due to the fact that he's asian. It's fucking ridiculous.

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tldr - he wants to redistribute the retirement fund (ssn) to everyone for 1k/month.

people who have been working get their retirement destroyed by redistribution.

Is this the new American politics. Just screaming that everything is racist? Oman calls out AIPAC and she's an anti-semite, Yang literally is trying to install a technocratic dystopian hell future and nobody is allowed to mention the fact that a Value Added Tax is literally the most regressive tax in existence?

It's worse than that. Billionaires get more free money too. While it now costs you an extra utility a month AND they will destroy all other forms of welfare so you can get that $1000 funbux. It's the same old evil, lying capitalist parasites trying to fuck everyone over while the idiot masses lap it up like daddy's cum game we've been playing since human society began.

Humans should be exterminated.

his goal is to make it so that everyone can comfortably live without a job in preparation for the inevitable mass AI/robotic takeover of the jobs market. he wouldn't let taxes negate the effect of a universal basic income because then it'd be completely pointless.

>inb4 "reee but he will!"

think a little more open mindedly please

No, it's not about that, it's not a question about the R card or anything like that, but you gotta check the trends of american presidents. Literally every single one was white, if the trends continue (it probably will), then the next president just simply can't be Yang just because of this fact.

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And make the US a Chinese colony? No thanks

Are you going to address the VAT thing or not? Why not just tax billionaires instead of the poor the most?

Of course it's not about that. It's just a tool that a filthy little parasite like you uses to try to win. Because that's all that matters to your fucking demonic little species. Why humans were ever allowed to emerge from the bowels of this world I will NEVER grasp, but it will be remedied.

You'd be surprised how much the neocon dogma still has a strangehold over the general population. Some people will never give up the idea on "going back to the good old days." I mean you hear it in Trump's speeches all the time. Always saying we're gonna bring back coal, gonna make america again, etc. Not to pick on him, just using examples. But the problem is hardly anyone is actually addressing the issues that'll come up in the future and automation is gonna be a HUGE one. No matter how hard you try things are always gonna change and it's kinda sad that Yang is probably one of the few people out there that wants to even attempt changes. Whether or not UBI will work or not will have to wait once we get there but it's a better plan than trying to bring back fucking Coal mines in the midwest by bending over, asscheeks spread for every corporation that wants tax breaks for their shitty companies.

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>>And make the US a Chinese colony?

>believing racist conspiracy theories
You guys are pathetic
Also, why are you a misanthrope? Serious question.

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Wow the solution to the republicans is a cyberpunk dystopia. #WOKE #FAGGOT #DIEINAFIRE

V. A. T.

yea the people already recieving ssn money dont gain anything under this redistrbution plan.

Based and redpilled, my friend. You're a smart one.

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So what do you propose then? We already (or should be) investing a lot more into education to help better equip our children for an ever changing economy. We're already well on our way to transistioning to being a service based economy. A UBI might help address of unemployment in the future for when Widespread automation happens.

1: Kill the rich.
2: Clean up the mess you fucking made of this planet.
3: End mankind.

Hey, why do you want to destroy the human population, Mr. Misanthrope?

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That's not a solution friend

The past 3 million years.

>The past 3 million years.
Homo Sapiens didn't even exist for three millions years, mr. Misanthrope!

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It's literally the only acceptable solution. But you go on thinking this rancid shit will fly forever.

The genus Homo has. And the wreckage you've made of this world began then. You've never stopped. Only ever accelerated the damage and you still are.

I think only Homo Sapiens can be at fault here, user. Not the other species. And what we have caused wrong has been the deforestation and destruction of nature, but hopefully we can resolve that (or at least, we should do or best to!). Otherwise, that's about it.

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I would totally vote for this guy.

Social security is more regressive. But you're right desu, democracy was a mistake.

you can keep calling it a "tax on the poor" as much as you want, it won't make it true



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Even the actions you believe are positive are always wrong. Humanity is the ultimate mistake and it needs erased. You can't get your breeding shit together, you can't self-govern, you can't stop wrecking everything you touch, and history proves all of this to be the case. I don't know why you even bother with governments anymore except that some of you are born to wealth and like to have power over the others.

No it isn't. But it is pretty regressive, with the millionaire pay caps and the fact that the rich can draw from it also. But it's leaps and bounds less regressive than a VAT.

That is literally what a VAT is. And you can keep lying all you want. It won't prevent your extinction. It's always one of the top three things I've hated most about you abominations. The truth has never been even remotely important to you.

Why don't you unironically kill yourself, mr. Misanthrope? It's not even to be offensive, serious question.

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I'll give you a tip, big guy; next time you want your political view to hold any weight on the internet, try not to flaunt your edge so much.

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It's not a conspiracy theory. China has been actively trying to colonize the US into a Chinese territory for over a decade. With him in charge would only accelerate the colonization.

hahahaha yeeeeeeeeeeees murica please vote a chingchong and make suck xi jinpings cock i BEG you make yourselves slaves already you dumb degenerated idiots. some new bpa plastic waiting for you

I vote if he legalize weed X)

>It's not a conspiracy theory.

See this

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ritalin you are such a spun out jew its pathetic really. hope you enjoy your overlords