ITT: Those with stubborn, seemingly untreatable acne seeking advice from others.

Any robots got a pizza face? What are you doing to treat it? Given up hope on treating it? ITT we discuss ways of treating, and habits to become hopefully acne free

I had basically given up after going to a shit ton of dermatologists with no success, and finally figured out a complex ass plan that worked. Not trying to sell anything, just wanna give back and try to help a few lads.

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I changed my pillowcase and my acne went away. Have you tried that?

ive tried antibiotics and retinoids to no real avail
i think ill just take accutane and be set for the rest of my life

typical response. There's actually a whole other world of shit you can do to treat acne. I did a retinol peel recently and it helped a lot with the scarring. A lot of people don't even understand basic shit like changing the pillow case either. But I know you know EVERYTHING THAT EVER WAS, so this probably isn't a thread for you anyway. We don't really want you here unless you have something original to contribute.

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Take a cold shower, then soak in a warm bath and apply coconut oil, then rinse off. No more acne. The best scrub I have ever found was two parts coconut oil and 1 part baking soda. The best moisturizer I have ever found was lemon zest and aloe vera boiled in coconut oil. Also, if you fast for a week, your acne will go away, so will bowel problems.

do you still eat like shit though? Cutting dairy seemed to reduce mine by like 50%, better than any medication I've taken. (Try other dairy options like almond milk and vegan cheese) I use a face wash, glycolic 10%, some thing that helps heal skin, and a moisturizer along with the retinol peels and physical treatments they help me out with. They use things like lactic acid, and a bunch of other shit that i really don't even know what it is.

You really wanna take that crap for the rest of your life?

It's a hormonal issue, not a diet issue. This is because once you correct the hormonal issue, the diet no longer influences that much. The easiest route to go is to fast for at least a week and it will begin to reset your endocrine system which is probably not functioning properly. you all need to listen to me, I'm not telling you to make mustard gas here. I had severe acne and also chicken skin on my arms and legs. I solved the problem.

well my face is covered and has been since 13
you only take accutane for 6 months tops (on average)
im too poor to afford good food so i mostly eat McShit and once you go on it it supposedly never comes back

Seems like you either don't know how to cook, or don't know how to spend money on food wisely. I bought a sirloin steak for like 3.75 this week.

link me to an article or something. How does one go about fasting for a whole fucking week?

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It's genetics. Mine cleared up thankfully and I don't even shower more than once a month.

Take a freezing cold shower. If it's only on your face, then just rinse your face under the cold shower. This will accelerate the skins natural detox process. A warm bath will open up your pores. Then apply coconut oil. You can buy it from the grocery stores. Coconut oil is a cleanser as well as the best skin moisturizer you can buy. Coconut oil actually deceives you skin into not producing as much oil while at the same time killing bacteria. Due to its unique properties, it actually penetrates deep into the dermal layers. If you experience any breakouts, this is indirectly caused by the coconut oil and it only part of the cleansing process and will subside. Also, your skin will be really soft. If you have blackheads on your nose, the best thing for that is witch hazel. Witch hazel also clears up acne, but it's not as good as coconut oil, but it's better than coconut oil at getting rid of blackheads.

im skeptical but ill look into it for a kick

What do you mean? Are you telling me your fatass can't go a week without eating? The longest fast was over a year without eating and no side effects. I've personally fasted for 30 days and lost almost 40 lbs. They use fasting to treat bowel infections. My mother got one and they kept in her in the hospital, the only treatment she had was fasting. They did not feed her at all. If she did not do this, she would have died. Fasting forces your body to heal itself and it's been particularly effective for people losing weight and people with gut problems. They've even discovered that fasting helps autistic kids function better.

ive tried coconut oil once and it made it a little worse and greasier
i do enjoy cold showers though
the only thing holding me back from accutane is the fact that its a pretty dangerous drug, but it does offer a permanent solution

im actually skinny but alright

There is no reason to be skeptical at all? All this information was found online in various articles. You all need to quit relying on the doctor or every little health problem. Those niggas even want you to come in just to have your ears cleaned and nails cut. It's all a racket. that'swhy half of this shit doesn't work and the shit that does work, you never hear of because they can't market it for profit. also, if you think natural cures don't exist, then I guess scurvy and citrus fruit was a fucking myth right?

you'll survive a week bud. you can go a month. It takes a long time to die of starvation as long as you are getting water.

you didn't do it right, your skin should not be greasy. you have to apply it in a warm bath or hot shower and rinse it off after you let it absorb. if you put it on dry cold skin, the pores have not opened up and basically, all you are doing is clogging your pores. you might as well be rubbing grease on your face. anything of that consistency will break you out especially if your pores are closed.

shower once a day, salicylic acid, then benzyl peroxide, and then a moisturiser without oils in it, that you lightly apply at the end and you don't rub it in, you just lightly apply it.

Salycylic acid destroys blackheads and removes the gunk that builds up in your pours
benzyl peroxide destroys the established infections and helps protect against new ones
the moisturiser keeps the dryness that comes from these two things from earlier from completely fucking up your face, the dryness can absolutely make or break this routine

I do these things and I still don't have perfect skin by any means but it helped reduce my cystic acne, once you've got a good routine, then you can visit a beautician and have them use something to reduce scarring and so on but they rely on you having done the initial legwork

Take a knife, press the sharp part on your skin and use it like a lawnmower to get rid of all those bouncy boys. Works all the time.

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See, this nigga does this and still doesn't have perfect skin. Try the coconut oil. Goddamn, how many times do I have to tell you fucking robots.

Or just drop your onions and go get some Isotretinoin. Unclogging black heads is just symptomatic relief.

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My acne is getting bad now and it's really mostly me picking at it a lot and not treating it at all
I have tried a few acne products but they all seem to make me break out more
Is the meme about washing my fave twice daily and changing pillow cases true? I feel like I'm too far at this point for that to work

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The cold shower can help with dryness and eczema, and was about the only thing useful you mentioned.

Using regular moisturiser, let alone a fucking oil, will make breakouts far worse.
You sound like a woman. It's oil for fucks sake. Try Pic related instead, it'll gives you even softer skin

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Go to a doctor. You'll take doxycycline and minocycline for a number of months, before trying isotretinoin or accutane.
Really though, your pic isn't so bad so you probably wouldn't need accutane unless you're an adult.

>Imagine your toilet doing that and it just keeps on going.
Nightmare fuel right there.

Imagine your toilet doing that while you're sitting down taking a shit and that water gets all over you.
Even better.

I started getting acne on my shoulders and upper back at 24 years old for absolutely no reason.
Not one single thing had changed in my lifestyle or diet to cause it.

Then at 27 I started getting it on my lower back, again for no apparent reason.

Also I started getting it on my neck.

This is hell.

>you probably wouldn't need accutane unless you're an adult.
I assume 19 is too young?

i had bad back acne, i would wake up with blood stains on my bed if i slept shirtless. As soon as i stopped consuming dairy, all my acne went away. Probably wont work for everyone but it was causing acne for me for whatever genetic reason

that's not fasting it's starving you fucking retard, it fucks up your metabolism and "for over a year" is fucking bullshit.same for people who "don't need water", but when kept in a room for a test they beg for it 24h later

Well 19 is an adult, I assumed with facial hair like that you were like 16. You need to reconsider your appearance.

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coconut oil was a good moisturiser but it never effectively worked alone for me, the biggest difference i saw was the benzyl peroxide

I usually shave my facial hair whenever possible and sometimes it's hard to do so when a zit appears in one of the patches of peach fuzz that grow in
I guess I'm a late bloomer (not that I'm complaining)

I have acne scarring + redness on my face as a result of severe acne. I've given up on trying to get rid of them for the moment, since there's seemingly no solution for me that doesn't cost a ton of money. Do you guys know how I might be able to cover it up? Makeup doesnt work, but at the moment im trying to use bandages to cover those parts of my face but im not so sure its working. Any ideas?

The three main things that worked for me are
>sleeping at least 8,5 hours a day, preferably 9
>washing my face after waking up and before going to sleep
>drinking a shit ton of water every single day
My acne is mostly gone now, but it comes back whenever I stop doing even one of these things. Other stuff that helps:
>obviously change the pillow case, i change mine every 4 days and often switch the side my face is resting on
>don't eat like shit
>don't stay inside all day
>this isn't necessarily easy, but stressing less helps as well
>moisturize my face after showering
>wash my face with cold (or lukewarm) water
>never touch my face unless i'm washing it

>don't stay inside all day

atleast open the facking window anons

good advice btw.

Other than keep your face clean.
Always moisturize your face after you wash it, in my case because my face is either super dry or super oily so yeah wash the dirty oil away but still try to keep my face a little moist.

does this really need to be a thread? just go to the fucking dermatologist. i had shitty acne for years and now im completely clean.

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My acne went away after I started washing my face twice a day with the anti-bacterial soup that is by literally every toilet sink. Have the occasional spot appear still but it's mostly clear. Only took like a week before it was almost gone.

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I found out that the reason I have some on my shoulders is because my son is too thick and oil can't escape the pores. So now I've been running dead son off until the skin is pink. Turns out it works.

Don't ever get to the stage in the pic, the scarring is really bad and I'm not sure how to deal with it

I had really bad acne for a long time. Antibiotics, creams, Accutane, the lot. I also tried a variety of increasingly desperate Weird Shit. And then I found one thing that actually worked: megadoses of pantothenic acid, based on a throwaway comment I stumbled across on usenet somewhere.

Shit works. It's just a B-vitamin so I have no idea why, and we're talking about a dozen grams or so of the stuff a day (many years later I still take about 3g a day). But my acne cleared right the fuck up, these days people actually comment on how good my skin looks (not that that's enough to land me a girlfriend but still), and there's no side-effects of which I'm aware.

Beats me why, but pantothenic acid is the trick that worked for me.

It's not starving, you still drink water you dumb nigger

It's not hard for me to clear up the acne on my face, but does anyone have advice for bacne?