Are femboys and traps superior to modern women in every single aspect?

Are femboys and traps superior to modern women in every single aspect?

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No. Fuck off fag and take your degenerate mental illness with you.

>most don't pass
>high likelihood of cluster b personality disorder
>even more whorish than normal girls
>age terribly(if they make it past 30)
>will never bear your children

They're good for blowing your load into, but shit for a relationship because they whore around a lot.

>>age terribly(if they make it past 30)
this one is not true

No, they're still the cheap ripoff of the real deal

>roastie (male) superior to regular roastie
The bar isn't high and they still don't reach it

because you're probably a homosexual

>will never bear your children

this one is not true

Homosexuals dont like femboys and traps only heterosexuals do

if you like getting your dick sucked, i would say maybe

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Strip a girl of whatever positive traits she might have then amplify everything that's terrible about her 100x and you have a trap.

>modern women
This is fetichistic cope. Women were always exactly as they are today. The only difference is that, before, they had to do things in secret.

also, this:Except for the "bear your children" part. Having children is retarded.

No vagene

i'd let a qt trap suck my dick like pic related, unfortunately i'm a shut in NEET that's scared to go out and meet people.

What if she asks you to suck her girlpenis in exchange?

Retarded or not, it doesn't change the fact that one of them can have them and the other cannot.

More like bisexual but whatever

Yeah, but, if it's retarded, why would you want to do it?
Besides, there's almost no way you will ever know whether the woman you are with is infertile or not until it's too late.

Sadly yes, i fucking hate that i'm not gay.

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coming from someone who dated a few of them
they're confused mentally damaged lunatics
with no self awareness
and the moment they aren't cute anymore they become bitchy and insufferable just like women my best advice to those of you that are also faggots
you're better off avoiding them

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No boobs.
t. gay bottom.

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I like pussy, so no.

Yes, at least they are femenine

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Discord trannies should be banned on sight.

>has dated traps
>literal faggot
>trap shill

When did you realise that all animefags need purging?

Look lads, I don't come in these threads to hear you argue I come in here to look at pictures of traps
So start posting

dont be retarded user it isn't funny