Why do women pretend that the only reason a guy would ever have an issue attracting a female partner is if he has a bad...

Why do women pretend that the only reason a guy would ever have an issue attracting a female partner is if he has a bad personality? I mean, we see examples of people with shitty personalities who are rolling in women. Why are they so interested in convincing us that looks and status play no part in how they select their partners?

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>neckbeard forced into threesome with amputee, pajette, and Becky

>we see examples of people with shitty personalities who are rolling in women

I have never seen this. At worst the guy is domineering and mean, but that comes with confidence. If you're an asshole because low self esteem and anxiety, nobody is getting with that.

Just world fallacy. It makes normies uncomfortable when you point out things are unfair with the way things work. It makes them feel better to dismiss your concerns with "it's just your personality bro". Of course this is demonstrably untrue, girls have fallen in love with violent criminals and serial killers. The truth is that being both physically attractive and charismatic (mostly the former) is the only way to reliably have women enamoured with you, excluding being extremely famous, and everything else takes a backseat.

No one is saying that. We are saying YOU a robot can't judge a women by her looks. If a fat girl ask you out and you say no. Well your not a robot.

Because women don't like it when we point out how shallow they are. Men are shallow too but at least we admit it, women like to act as if they fucking float above the rest of us but the truth is they're just as if not more enamoured with good looks. Personality is just a bonus.

There are many types of "bad personalities" which don't affect a man's ability to get women. Not only that, but a lot of abusive men get with mentally ill women (BPD).
The fact is, the majority of people here are indeed rejected due to a flaw in their ability to properly interact with women, which most likely derives from mental illness.

Implying you have to be willing to accept anything in order not to be a robot

Is this niggga new or something?

I unironically love this image, OP.

Mind if I save it?

No one says looks and status play no part at all. Just that they're not the only part, and that disadvantages can be overcome.

It's a form of dominance. Its a way to deny their competitors; other women, the chance to reproduce by emotionally and psychologically damaging males.

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Because they are loathe to admit to their own hypocrisy, that's why. That's why I hate women. I would be so much happier if they'd just admit it. If they'd just come out and say that of course they select people based on looks, I would fucking commend them. But they don't, so they get to have their cake and eat it too by still selecting guys based on looks and income and lifestyle and preaching that personality and confidence is most important and getting points from everyone else while doing so.

women expect you to find a 1:1 looks match while they play by no rules at all.
they win when it comes to hypocrisy because they don't want to admit anything negative about themselves.
thinking thoughts makes them feel things.

We don't, everyone is shallow to some extent. However, men are more visually motivated when it comes to sex than women. So whereas you'll see plenty of pretty girls go with ugly guys because of their talents, abilities, and money, you won't see the reverse.

Is she supposed to be autistic?

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people must think autists are retarded, which it's weird to be that ignorant with how much autism awareness is going around now because of parents on social media.

>domineering and mean isnt a shitty personality
Just fucking admit Chad makes your gash moist, roastie. Lets at least be adults about this.

>guy is mocked, bullied and belittled from the time hes a small child because he isnt a Chad
>you cant get laid because you have low self-esteem and anxiety incel :)
We are reaching victim-blaming levels that shouldnt be possible

Because this whole society pretends female attraction is some sort of compass for male morality.

Women believe this crap because it's flattering.

Men believe this crap because it let's them keep hope.

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It also lets women get away with being incredibly shallow
>teehee its not because hes Chad silly he just has CONFIDENCE
Where confidence is some meaningless term that they never define or provide examples of

That's foursome.

personality is a joke. the more attractive you are, the more likely it is women will think you have a good personality.

Yeah, this.

My favorite example though is "insecurity":

>teehee I don't reject you because you're short but because you're INSECURE about being short

Most women typically have no interest in personality, or little interest. They say that kinda shit to virtue signal, but you almost never see a stacy or fucking hell even an average looking girl with an average or ugly guy. If they're with a poor guy, that guy is incredibly handsome, it's all superficial bullshit that has nothing to do with this "love" bullshit that normies push. That doesn't exist for them.

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Go ahead, friendo

That image is fucking suicide fuel. Women's rights were a fucking mistake.

>girls go with ugly guys because of their talents, abilities, and money
>you wont see the reverse
Gee I wonder why

tfw the neckbear dis literally me
but not as fat