I'm seriously considering killing myself

I'm seriously considering killing myself


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Do you think there is more than it meets the eye on princess Diana death?

maybe, maybe not. I'm american and young (19) so I really dont have much of an opinion on it.

How old are you? And do you take meds?

Be considerate at least and make it newsworthy

What state is you in?

Do you have a favorite word? If you do, what is it?

im 19, and I have 0 perscription meds, I drink on the occasion and quit weed a couple months ago
ill probably just go to a superstore buy some tubing and die of co2 poisoning

Do you think 6ix9ine is going to rot in prison?

i dont care, his music is meme tier.


Any special reason?

fun word.

Have you ever done drugs? If so, which and how it was like?

ive done weed, adderall, alcohol, and lsd
lsd and adderall are fun, weed sucks, alcohol is ok.

tell me three qualities and three weaknesses and why you want to work for me

what work am i doing?

you mop the floors of my board, its janitorial position

>im not a lazy schmuck and take my work seriously
>im moralistic and wont impose my political views on the board
>ive been browsing Jow Forums for 6 years

>will flip flop between working hard and harly working
>may put off being a janny unless told to step back in line

If you work for free you are hired.

ok hire me

I am going to prepare some hot pockets and I will call you back on monday

Do you think its morally wrong to pay for sex?

I'll fix this

not at all

What about after being born abortion


I'll be doing it in 2 months how do you plan on doing it?

i think anything after 5mo abortions are immoral and anything after a month is morally ambiguous.

co2 poising via car

>only now considering
fucking newfags

What have you done to try to stay away from suicide?

>i think anything after 5mo abortions are immoral
for what reasons?

if trips OP 100% do not suicide

i think there needs to be a concrete threshold on when a fetus becomes a human and after 5mo is when they are developed enough in my mind to be a human
my life is collapsing around me

fuck, what now OP?

what the fuck

welp i guess i cant now

Atleast make a mess and go on a road rage what a pussy you are.

i dont have any fight left in me.


Please don't do it anons. You guys may not be able to see it now, but your lives can and will get better, and you can make that happen. Also, checked.

You are young and you live in the greatest country on earth, what is so bad in your life everything is completely lost?

it doesnt matter. im self destructive and all my friends have left me because of it. my social standing is finished and I will never be able to suceed because of it.

i orginally care about you user

no you dont, you dont even know my name


my name is theo, and i still care about you

your just shitposting to try to stay "moral"

it doesnt matter, i am a bad person and deserve death.

live or die that doesnt change

That's more common than you think. You will get new friends.
Your life barely even started. Its unlikely you would kept contact with the same people for the rest of your life. I bet you know that. Its not all lost, you are just feeling emotional pain right now and this is okay and expected.

do you want to greentext your self destruction and exemplify how much of a fuck you are to give us context?

>im self destructive and all my friends have left me because of it.
So what? Habits can be changed. Friends can be remade, and you can also find new friends. But no one can give you back your life once it is taken. Please reconsider user. I know you have in you what it takes to change your life for the better.
>my social standing is finished and I will never be able to suceed because of it.
If your social standing is really as bad as you say it is, then move to another area where no one knows you. It's worth a shot, and much better than the alternative. You always have the capacity to thrive.

>What did you mean by this?

>What did you mean by this?
Game over for me user.I'm just anxious I want the 2 months to be over already.

im sure you've fucked up in life dude. we all have. i know i have.

that doesnt make you a bad person tho. if anything the fact you recognise your faults means you're already doing a lot better than you would be otherwise.

i know life can be rough and it feels like no one cares about you, but really, there are people out there who do. just take it one day at a time and dont let blame yourself for the shittiness of the world

Been there too.
It was a shitty time back then: university was taking its toll on me, i was seriously fucking stressed (no sleep, gastritis) and my mother was always comparing me with my sisters (both graduated with top grades and making a shit ton of money): i was depressed.
I dropped weight lifting, started getting a bit fat and losing muscles, and, above all, my mood was crappy the whole time, thus my GF of 5 years told me "i'm not in love with you anymore".
Put my pride aside and told her how bad i've been feeling that whole time, that i was seriously thinking about suicide: luckily she's a great person, and took care of me.
Thanks to her and enormous efforts i managed to finish that fucking university, graduate, got back to lifting and gradually built back some self-confidence.

It takes time and it's painful.

here is the short of it

>compulsively lie about my past in hs
>hs friends flip out and have me taken out of class for being a school shooter
>despair, consider suicide
>dont, take lsd and become a better person
>meet people that are the most similar to me ive ever met
>compulsively lie
>get gf
>compulsively lie
>they find out
>they flip out
>good guy friend wants nothing to do with me
>gf friend comes to my dorm wanting to fight me
>talk to (now) ex gf
>"i dont want to here from you until you go to therapy after a month or more"

see my previous post.

no one cares about me and i mean that objectively. I have driven them away.

can i ask, why do you think you compulsively lie?

i dont know, its something i started doing when I was 15/16, maybe its trauma, maybe im just a naturally bad person

Can you please at least try to improve your situation user? What has driven you to this decision? Is it possible to cut out the factors responsible for it from your life? Is there anything we can do to improve your current outlook?

>maybe im just a naturally bad person
i doubt it. kids come up with all sorts of ways to cope, and desu lying is far from the worst way out there.

>its something i started doing when I was 15/16, maybe its trauma
did you have an ok upbringing? was your family well-off or did they struggle? is there anything you feel might have caused this?

I'm enslaved.

no my family was dysfuctional, my father had cancer and my mother divorced my dad in 2010/2011

What do you lie about user? Sometimes people lie because they are afraid that others won't accept them as they are, or maybe because they find it exciting in some cases.

i dont feel excited i feel ashamed, and im not afraid of people accepting me for who I am

What do you lie about exactly?

>I'm enslaved.
Can you please elaborate user? Surely you aren't literally enslaved, unless you're a victim of human trafficking, so why do think you are? Do you believe that you are a "wage slave" who has to work to live? Or is it something else entirely?

My parents are bed ridden.I'm stuck between tending to them and work.

everything, its based in truth but over or under exaggerated

well shit dude, no wonder you had to find some way to cope. that shit isn't healthy, and will mess with anyone, no matter how good their heart is.

really dude, i know it sounds like everything is fucked right now, but your life really isnt that bad, all things considered. you're still young, you're aware of your problems, and you're not trying to take your problems out on other people. you're already doing better than - honest to god - 75% of people in a similar situation.

you can absolutely get out of this mess. it won't be easy, and it'll take time, but the possibility is absolutely there. there'll always be robots offering advice if you need it along the way.

same but i might miss my things :(
sad isn't it

>Too late to change

If you actually believe that bullshit, off yourself today.

there is no way out. it will be an endless cycle of self destructive behavior.
ill miss my m/o/bility and dog at home
will do

have you told anyone you know your frustations? I know it sounds like a meme but seriously, just talking to someone about things you've been bottling up inside can be a great way to put things in perspective and help you to make your problems seem more manageable.

not op, but i relate to him a a fair few ways. hearing that 75% of people deal with this makes me feel worse since they can handle it, but i cant for some reason

don't listen to this user, he's being a fucking dick

holy fucking shit, this is a sign from the gods op

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no, im saying that you and OP are doing better than 75% of people, because at least you're owning up to your situations and seeking help. a lot of people are either too prideful to seek help, or pretend they dont have a problem and just act like an ass to cope.

But if you die, then who will take care of your parents? Won't your passing make their lives miserable? Therefore, it would be better to try to get some help caring for them. Where do you live, are you in a country with government assistance for healthcare? If not, are there any relatives who can help? Please reach out for help user, it's tough to do this alone.

No my "friends" only care about theyr problems.They always tell me my problems don't matter.So I never talk to anyone.

>i feel ashamed
>im not afraid of people accepting me for who I am

im ashamed for hurting those close to me who cared about me

oh okey
have you tried not lying

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A fucking dick?
He's not going to do it. This thread is for attention.

OP man the fuck up, if you're looking for some magic words that would change your life, they don't exist, so get your ass on it.

that's a HUGE part of why you feel the way you do then, OP. the people you hang around have a strong influence on the way you feel.

trust me when I say these people aren't your friends, and that they're actually massive assholes. cut them out of your life, and find more grounded and cooler people to hang out with.

its compulsive, its not a conscious thought that I give towards it
if i think about it I wont but I just cannot stop it.

theres no magic words to fix his life, but talking about his problems is a great way to get perspective. call it "attention" if you want but when someones struggling thats exactly what they need

another dumb question but have you tried lying better? you say your friends found out: what'd they find and how?

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i dont like lying and it keeps me up at night so thats not going to happen

Ok maybe, but even if that is true, many of us here don't really get much attention from others irl, so we use this board as a substitute. Seeking attention and validation is normal human behavior, so we shouldn't shame anyone who is attention starved for trying to get some acknowledgement imho. But I do agree that there are no magic words to change anyone's life, and that the bulk of change resides in one's actions and habits.

From whar I see he has a clear idea of how he fucked up. So maybe doing something about could be better than looking for sympathy.

I consider it everyday, people would be okay without me, I don't really make a difference in the world, I'm weak and I hate it. I don't do anything productive, I just cause problems and negative emotions to the people around me, I don't deserve to be alive, it's easier to dead

i dont think he's actually fucked up that bad though, yes being a compulsive liar is bad, but as he said he's had a rough upbringing and now has as a bunch of responsibility to boot. im not saying that excuses his behaviour, but when you're young and inexperienced it can seem hard to know how to handle the pressures of life.

Hey user just a reminder
>if theres a afterlife you'll most likely be punished for suicide
>if there isnt then youll have nothing

Best thing is to get drunk or do something that make you happy and immediatly when you feel a bit of hope then you need to cat immedialty. Get a job, exercise or try to get a gf just something to keep on living with a reason and drive.

act immedialty* english isnt my primary language

People do care about you, even if it's hard to see right now. We tend to be our own biggest critics. Things can always change, you are the one who decides where your life goes. Sure, there are external factors, but focus on improving what you can control and you'll be surprised at the results.

Look, I now I said words can't help but I'll try.
You are young, maybe you fucked up but is not too late. Right now things are just as bad as your judgment about them, which is subjective.

Answer me this simple question. Have you ever been wrong in the past? I guess those times you thought you were right as well.
You could be wrong about this.

Shit doesn't even work now with modern carburetors. You can use a charcoal grill in a closed area with the same effect though.

good thing my car is old and straight piped

I have been doing that lost 50lbs in 4 months.Still need to lose 30 more or so.But I feel empty user.

don't forget to stream it fag

You're working on the physical side of things, and making lots of progress it seems. 50 lbs lost in 4 months is nothing to sneeze at. Great job! But remember, don't neglect to work on your emotional and mental health as well--foster good relationships with friends and family, and participate in activities you find intellectually stimulating, even slightly challenging. Making connections with others and having something to work towards should make you feel better. Keep fighting the good fight user!

Why should I care?
You're nothing to me or to anybody in this board.
Why are you talking about that?
Why not just do it instead?

>But remember, don't neglect to work on your emotional and mental health as well--foster good relationships with friends and family
I'm lost there user.Been mostly in isolation for 5 years with random visits from"friends".