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Last thread died at a ripe old age of natural causes. Proving once again that drugs extend and improve quality of life.

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this thing is the bee's knees exchangesupplies.org/shopdisp_filter_syringe.php

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Should I buy edibles or an 8th of weed

Buy an 8th and then make edibles

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That cube morphine looks fucking dank.

So as someone who almost exclusively binges amphetamines, how bad are the diminishing returns when taken as prescribed i.e. daily? Does it just make you feel "normal?" That might be the therapeutic purpose of drugs but it's a foreign concept to me. It seems like that evening-out into normal defeats the purpose of stims. It seems like a tolerance buildup is inevitable. Even people who run on coffee gulp down ridiculous amounts per day, and people who need nicotine on top of that are even worse off.

first line treatment has devolved in medicine

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In my experience the pills are designed so your tolerance goes up a lot. I used to nasal spray 5mg of amp sulfate to get super spun but I need to sublingual double the amount in Adderall just to feel something.

This makes it really easy to build up tolerance to the euphoria but the enhanced focus effect never goes away.

Been taking amp safely for years, it's somewhat sustainable I guess.

Wow that girl is really pretty

That she is, user. Yarp.

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Very suicidal
Take some opiates to calm down
Nodding off feeling not so bad now fellas
What are you up to

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Ketamine every other day is starting to get old

how is your bladder taking it

Where My STIMBROS at??

I want to experience truth, peel away our observable reality and get a glimpse of what lies beyond
What drug should I take?

anything like that will come with considerable risks, stay safe

Lost track of my milligramage, I'll be awake well into into tomorrow. My brain can probably handle a couple more bumps before it demands I wind down.

Just addygang here, but from getting used to it and appropriately high xanax proportions it's not much worse than dexedrine.

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Had 20mg of morphine a few hours ago, pretty shit desu. Doesn't do much. Not a fan of opiates.

Been pissing as normal, is it supposed to scew with it?

Taking troiches 150mg

Regardless of the substance are there any particular precautions I should take aside from the usually recommended (do it in a comfortable environment and be in a relaxed mood)?

Had some kratom tea before this class. Today is one of my long days so I figured I'd "need" it. Feeling comfy right now. I miss real opiates but I'm glad I never got too into them before discovering kratom

hold your breath for a really, really long time until you pass out.

Damn that is disappointing. Well, probably a good thing really but you are missing out

binging on coke rn, taking a break from my 6-hour fap

Yeah ketamine is supposed to be pretty bad for your bladder with long-term, frequent use. That could be attributed to the subjects in the research paper using unclean street ket though.

kratom is distinctly different from opiates for me. That stimulant in it makes it almost like opiate coffee. Opiates might make be able to shamble through my day without giving a shit but with kratom I'm definitely more 'with it,' even though I take enough to just barely avoid the wobbles. On a roughly equivalent opiate dose I wouldn't be able to do anything but nod.

Yes ketamine will fuck with it so take it easy

Having something like a benzo and/or a tripsitter you fully trust at hand is pretty much required if you're looking to jump into the next dimension for a bit.

I'm so desperate for opioids I wanna take kratom but Im so nauseous from the alcohol I drinked last night.

It's capsules but still...bleh

DMT makes you feel a lot like you're uncovering some sort of universal truths. It's just another psychedelic though. Shrooms have a similar feel in some respects imo. Tryptamines in general have a very cool vibe

How does a low LSD dose (say 50ug) vibe with weed? Done plenty of higher doses but usually save the weed for the comedown. Curious if there is a synergy to be found.

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One benadryl, or as the children call it 'dph.' It's a miracle worker. I'm usually able to pull off taking an antihistamine after drinking unless I'm -really- sick. If you can hold down a lot of water or gatorade you can probably pull it off.

I've never understood the appeal of opiates

anyone care to enlighten me?

Is a trip sitter necessary for DMT? I thought you were mostly motionless during the trip
That's what I figured, thanks

Take 200-400mg magnesium (taurate>glycinate>citrate) and drink camomile tea all day, relax

It really depends on dosages and what you're after, but I'd say yes there is some synergy. nothing as powerful as a candy- or hippyflip though.

it'll give you an outlet and some footing, you'll probably appreciate that if you manage to break through

Never tried that. It is illegal in Australia but not a big enough market to get it online either rip

Sounds good though, I like opiates that are a bit stimulating, I find mild doses of oxycodone to do that actually

How do I smoke #4 heroin (China white/east coast powder I think they call it in America). Is it not possible or does mixing it with caffeine work

Feels like you are floating on a cloud through heaven or sea of orgasms. Not my thing personally ,always feels like a waste of time afterwards. Addiction potential way too high, it's complete escapism

All drug prohibition is wrong, but I've come to believe that banning low-potency opiates is the greatest evil. It's deprives people of basic pain relief to the point where their only option is to seek out stronger, less safe, more addictive alternatives.

Yeah I use it as escapism desu
Absolutely. I used to rely on CWE codeine from nurofen plus. They made that prescription only so I moved on to harder shit online

>it's complete escapism
Yeah that's what I thought and don't like about them. Thanks for your input man

Never did ketamine before until December, and got a prescription. It's compounded by a pharmacy and a few hours away and they send a courier, I can even choose the flavor I want.

Who else here wish they were young in the middle 60's to middle 70's? The best drugs and the best music, for the lowest price

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>The best drugs

I adore the timeline you mentioned, but I don't know if I actually wanted to live then. I'm torn 50-50 between wheter I'd like to or not

It was an objectively more fun time to be alive. Especially if you were the right age to ditch that shit to make a ton of money on cocaine in the 80s. Quality of life in general has gone down, and while we can more or less get the same drugs, the drug culture has been decimated.

Lads i'm gonna try opioids for the first time tonight, i've got one of these hydrocodone pills, it says IP 109, 5mg hydro and 325mg acetaminophen. Can I crush it up and snort it? Will the acetominophen fuck me up? Is it enough to get high?

Thanks guys, i'm kinda nervous about it.

Happy Valentines day, fellow drugbots.

Pic related, the hydro

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Why do you want to try opiods so badly? Also, no, just one of those pills won't make you feel anything.

nothing to be nervous about, don't bother snorting and just eat it on an empty stomach with a glass or two of water

>Is it enough to get high?
nah. Need a 10mg at the very least.

it'll be fine since he's got zero tolerance

Well folks, if you ask me tianeptine sodium is a bust. I finally got to the point where my pupils are constricted but the euphoria is very light and doesn't stick around long before you comedown. I could see how people fuck themselves with addiction by dosing just to keep from getting sick, but ffs this shit is hella expensive for being mostly bullshit. I got 5 grams and it ran me $55, and I'm halfway through the whole thing just from last night.

But a silver lining! My phenibut order jumped from an expected delivery date of friday to in just a few hours :D

Hope one and all is having a comfy thursday. Remember: treat yourself, but more importantly is to treat yourself well.

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tolerance or not, one 5mg won't do much but make him not feel much pain for some time.

plenty for a first taste of opiates, unless he wanted start off nodding

But will snorting it work? I just want to get a taste for opis, i've made up my mind.

I don't care about how long the high lasts, I just want the most out of this. Will snorting it make me feel it more?

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>I just want to get a taste for opis
You really don't. Also no, snorting it won't make you feel it any more than straight up swallowing it will.

Well, do you want to blast off really hard but only once, or would you rather cruise with a functional high a few times? Your call goodbuddy

No you dummy. No. An 8th is barely enough for a light high in a skinny person in a homemade edible.

drink grapefruit juice. It's the best hope for potentiating hydrocodone. Anything short of ~3000mg of acetaminophen is safe
a kid taking a vicodin isn't the end of the world.

no don't snort something with so much acetaminophen for so little hydro, it'll probably just clog your nose and not make you feel anything

oral will be better in every way

>a kid taking a vicodin isn't the end of the world
No, but opiates in general is a great way to squander away your potential as a human being in the real world.

You're right user. I'd rather have multiple highs instead of 1

>Anything short of ~3000mg of acetaminophen is safe

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How is my revised plan?

>empty stomach
>drink grapefruit juice
>crush hydro and mix into water
>drink water
>drink more grapefruit juice

Or is this just retarded and I should get another 5mg pill

Thanks again for the help, guys

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It's shit. For an introduction into the hellhole that is opiates, it's pretty good.

drink some juice an hour or two before hand and along with the pill ye

You must have the worlds shittest weed if an 8th in an edible isn't enough

You probably still think "firecrackers" are an effective edible...

You're not snoop dogg or fucking cheech and chong or whoever the fuck. I doubt your tolerance is that high that 3.5 grams of weed in an edible isn't enough

How do I enjoy hash

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If you are a professional using the best lab equipment in a lab dedicated to making medical grade cannabis extracts and concentrates then you would probably be able to make a single dose edible that would get someone stoned with just an 8th. For an amateur at home in their kitchen who probably doesn't even have an accurate oven temperature or crock pot, you can forget about it.. There will be so much gone to waste on accident that you might as well just flush the bag down the toilet.

You dont. You buy cocaine, slap "Cannonball" by Supertramp into the track player, invite everybody you know to your house, drink a FUCKton of gin, do the coke, and fuck around until the sun gets up

And while I wasn't even talking about tolerance, for the record there are plenty of people who could take an 8th of flower to the dome and barely get high. Medical patients who use concentrates every day, all day? An 8th of flower is a joke for them

Just FLUMERIDE right out of society

Damn I love grabbin my balls ans playin wirh em. Good smell too

Humpin the air is nice too. I love having big floppy balls. They're my buddies :)

Hot, I didn't know girl played with their boobs. And how do they even smell?

why would you smoke it? Plug that shit.

plug it to get the most out of it.

My nose is blocked and I don't want to shove a plastic syringe in my ass, last time I did that it hurt

The compromise solution is to stick drugs under your tongue. It's better than just oral but not good enough for degenerates unfortunately.

>I didn't know girl played with their boobs
Despite being irrelevant to the post that you quoted, I truly believe you are bulshitting.

You write like I do when I'm on Ambien

Does that work for heroin?

Ironically enough I didn't sleep last night and loopy from caffeine and klonopin, so probably very similiae conditions.

just took 10g green MD kratom and smoked half a joint
feeling fantastico and just got my first check from my new jerb

Which European country has the best LSD. Im planning on getting some acid of the dark net but dont want to get some low quality shit. I heard Slovenia is decent but im still not sure.

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the netherlands seem to have the best LSD and MDMA

the Netherlands seems best for drugs in general, but in spain or portugal you can get some real good shit for much cheaper if you know the right people

gonna do dxm soon. never did any drugs really, i just hope i won't be underwhelmed. what do you guys think?

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I know dxm really fucks with your head

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dxm is good
it seems to have a more profound effect of some people but others just feel 'drunk', I feel somewhere in between. Its a good way to have some trippy fun without any risk of a bad trip.

The foolish heroinanon here.

>>Ignores the core message of their actual posts without responding to it
>their posts
>without responding
I'm not sure which posts you are referring to user, nothing was posted until after I went to sleep, unless you meant because I did not catch that the user really meant "I sincerely hope this post is ironic".

>there is an 'instant' presence of cravings to use again after the first time, which you very clearly stated that you have.
I disagree on this point. Sure I WANT to do heroin, but it's only common sense to want to feel good. It's not a craving, at least not specific to heroin. I just as much want to smoke a cigarette because that feels good.
>inb4 the H is making me do mental gymnastics and say this
It could be, but with all that said, I'm listening.
To be sure, I won't be doing any heroin for a while. I guarantee 14 days minimum.

>Don't listen to your emotions
I did not make the plan during or after the H experience, I had it in mind at the time of purchasing but I've now realized that there is the risk of causing physical rewiring of the brain when doing it quickly again and fuck that.
I'll have some speed tomorrow instead and be high without a guilty conscience

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>High on psych
>Somehow stumble on some Christian bullshit quote about deception etc
>Start to panic while high

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come on user, it's not that bad

I know a guy who uses H on the regular and he's fine

It's alright to use it just for calming down and relaxing after a hard day, that calm bliss just washing everything away

>lurking internet while tripping
it's your fault

The last time I went outside while high I got arrested for trying to rob a pharmacy. What the fuck am I supposed to do then?

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Have you tried not giving a fuck so much

I'm trying, ain't easy though.

I used to mix moli and percocets. The moli would get me social and hyper and the percocet would mellow me out and make it wavy. Very good mix especially if you drink. 10/10 makes u chad