I found a time machine, dubs decide where i travel and what i do there

I found a time machine, dubs decide where i travel and what i do there

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Stop my father from impregnating my mother.

Travel to 1998/99 and make me a girl.
I heard eating veggies gives a higher chance for a daughter.

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chicka chicka choo wow

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1896 if you ask me, unless you dont ofcourse

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That would be a paradox user, don want dat

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Go back to yesterday and tell your yesterday self about how you found a cool time machine.

take me with you and anywhere but here man

come to my house 5 mins ago and be my fren

that's pretty cool fren

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I have to make a stop at 995AD in Rome i can drop u guys there if you want

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Ancient Egypt do whatever you want

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whyre you going to 995 of all times though
either go far down or go far up

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Travel to 50s america and live a wholesome fulfilling ideal white american life

To gain cool frends. Also it was the peak of the roman empire

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You travel to 1776 and prevent the signing of the declaration of independence.

Pretty much this.
That country has no reason to exist and is the source of ~80% of the social cancer

Start in the 11th century Europe. Go along with the Crusaders, then head further East towards China.

how exactly is op supposed to go about doing this?

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go to yesterday and stop me from choking on a sandwhicj

im gonna
img ogonna

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Travel to the edge of time. Go back 14 billions years ago or I don't know how many gorillions past our time.

Release our weaponized memes in the 90s internet and bulletin board systems.