Have you ever had a Latina gf or fwb? In 2019, I want to get with a Latina

Have you ever had a Latina gf or fwb? In 2019, I want to get with a Latina

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i don't get the latina craze, can someone explain?

pale white bods suck.
light tan curvy meaty bod is the ultimate thing

they're just very sexy. if you've jerked off to nothing but white girls you're whole life, they're a great change of pace.

one thing I notice is that their ass and pussy looks tastier the way it's sunkissed

Latinas are turbo whores,you just cant have a relationship with them

white girls are whores too

My dream is to have a hot threesome with a Latina like in the OP, and a medium build pretty white girl like pic related. I would nut so fucking hard

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why do you make these threads at the same time every single day

Latina hoes are overrated. Fuck off with your ethnic fetishism. Have some feet pix of my ex, tho. She is only half Ricano tho.

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you dated 1 half Latina and now are the authority of them being overrated or not?

user, its not fetishism I'm latino myself I was just asking a question

They have the perfect female cum dumpster IQ. Just smart enough to hold a conversation but low enough to not be able to control their sexual desires so they wanna get fucked 24/7. But never knock them up they'll put on 50 pounds and never lose it.
>dated one for 6 years had sex on avg 9 times a week for those 6 years.

Mestiza Colombian girls are so fucking pretty

Been dating a Hispanic girl for almost two years.
I just gotta warn you, they're higher skill gfs because of their natural crazy, so unless you can handle that, stay away from them.

how is her butthole scent?

How can i talk to one online?

use tinder and try to match with one. sadly, tinder has been being gay lately and not giving you the matches, I think they want you to pay for their premium service to get them

It smells like ass, user
I don't know what the fuck else you expected. No girls ass is gonna smell like rainbows. When she sweats she smells like a baby though, she calls me weird because I just wanna sniff her

did she give you footjobs?

have you ever actually smelled her ass or are you just guessing?
musky Latina asshole sounds hot, though

this is an inaccurate meme. there's no evidence that they're any crazier than white girls.

accurate meme: east asian girls raised in east asia are submissive , boring and have cringey senses of humor and try to act like cartoon characters
inaccurate meme: latina girls are crazy.

tranny expert here.
that's a tranny

yeah, SOME are crazy but for the most part not really. most Jow Forums users have little real life experience with anything, so they rely on stereotypes for everything

tinders shit tho

why is that exactly? I mean, I only got one successful date and she broke my heart after 2 (long story), but it seems like the best dating app

Why do girls date guys much older than them?
>Be me at 14
>Get summer job doing office work
>Have a chubby cute 14 year old Columbian girl as coworker
>Wanted to hit on her but found out she has a boyfriend
>One day as I am going home I see him in a motercycle and looked like he was in his mid 20s
>Ask her how old he is "oh he is 26 but he is young at heart and I love him!"
>Contemplated calling the cops but didn't because that is retarded
What is the appeal for the older guy and how the fuck does he get away with this without some whiteknight kicking his face in?

that sounds like BS, that would not be socially acceptable anywhere in the US.

16 and 22 or something like that, I can see happening

I hate how many Latinas sound blatantly uneducated, though. Like they're trying to sound black or something.

My biggest pet peeve is when they leave out the word "are", like "what you making?".

Don't expect to find nice Latinas, most of them are womanlets, whores, have low iq and poor hygiene.

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says the yellow fever autist who never goes outside

that is a problem but a lot of them are not like that at all. the ones who like white guys have proper grammar

goddamn what the hell kind of feet are those for a spic?

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Not to mention hairy as fuck.

I know guys with spic gfs, they don't do anything around the house but cheat while their men are at work.

here are some good Latina feet

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BULLSHIT. White girls don't do anything in the house but the opposite is true for Latina.

you only got one date out of it. i wouldnt call it the best dating app if i were in your position. if you got pussy like its nothing with very little effort then yea i guess id call it that. but youre a dumb faggot for thinking its the best just because of one measly cunt

but it seems to be better than pof at least

No Hispanic girls are crazy
But yea Asian girls are actually boring and have extremely dry personalities. That actually goes for Asians across the board. Having a Hispanic gf is fun because they actually make you work to make them submissive. They're not for the weak willed

Here's some more for ya user

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fucking beautiful. this is why we need Latina gfs

And more
I have a maximum adorable latina friend but she won't be my waifu

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no, women can't fucking stand me, i dunno what it is.

the only women who ever wanted to be around me were legit desperate.

im not a fan of feet. i much prefer just looking at pussy than something that i cant put my dick inside of. you guys are queers

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that's unfortunate, hopefully you can find another adorable latina to be your waifu
why did God make Latina soles so attractive? I feel like a creep thinking about them all the time but I can't help it.

but feet can give you footjobs, and trust me, the nuts from those are fucking amazing

nutting in a vagina/mouth is objectively the best, and id rather cum from a grills hand wrapped around my dick than her foot just rubbing up against it

those toes rubbing the tip can cause monster nuts

Dated a latina for a year.

She wasn't thick, she was just straightup fat, but hey I took what I could get. She had TERRIBLE hygiene, was an awful person to be around, the iq of an ant, and yet I still dated her for a year just to be fucking someone.

One day i decided enough was enough and dumped her, thats when she revealed she was cheating on me with multiple guys. I got tested, came back clean, and never looked back. I'm done with latinas irl, they are just fap material now.

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No your a weird cunt

youre not talking from experience. youre talking from your delusions, faggot

theres your problem, you dated a fat chick. theyre garbage all around. fat people already have horrible hygiene enough as it is. a fat spic just makes it significantly worse

Holy hell i unironically Thought those were a mans from the thumbnail

No need to be rude, i actually enjothe smell of a girls ass

naw, I seen it happen dude, Honestly as a Virgin for so long because all These older dudes were snatching up all the girls.

Hey I am 23 and I never touched a girl/went on a date.
Should I pay an escort to lose my V-card?

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latinas are where its at. They are all crazy but it is worth it.

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Got to bang a latina and her mom, when I was neighboring them in some pretty run down apartments. Was going with her but got along with her mom and ended up fucking kind of unexpectedly, she didn't mind that much so ended up having both. Was pretty great, I miss them.

>never-ending shit tests are fun!
>having to look after and train your gf like a dog to ensure she doesn't cheat on you is for alphas only

A good gf is a partner. Everyone i know with a spic bitch for a gf has to water them with money like a plant, or if they have a spine, threaten them, to keep them in check. They are like children and they think only with the lizard part of their brain

I'm a 300lb man and my legs have better shape than that.

>Have you ever had a Latina gf or fwb? In 2019, I want to get with a Latina

I'd love to wail on this bitch right after nutting in her without a condom

my ethnic princess is half mexican half persian and she looks exactly like the OP but with tiny A cup tits and a slightly thinner face. 5'9" 120 lb. don't have a pic, unfortunately

off topic fact- Hmong tiger parenting in America is counter-effective and actually turns them into complete sluts. I was in two separate "secret" relationships and both times they were desperate for sex

tfw I have a Mexican gf who gives me footjobs and sticks her finger up my ass while giving head AND goes to church. Food is so damn good too I was a skelly before I met her