In all seriousness this is the most attractive female on the planet. where can i find girls like this kek

in all seriousness this is the most attractive female on the planet. where can i find girls like this kek

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>this is the most attractive female on the planet
who is that

>this is the most attractive female on the planet
You are wrong, user. Agatha has that honour.

dont know, wish i had a name

>dont know, wish i had a name
is this the only pic you have of her?
because it's very low res and upscaled and blurred so you can't tell much she kinda looks like pic related maybe

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looks like pinterest thot #70390183

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this bitch is the closest thing to looking like an irl anime character, why tf are her eyes so big

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>Hairy kike dyke
>Most attractive female


her name is ksenia basedfer

Unlike you, I don't allow ideology to control me. A woman's beauty is independent of any of that stuff.

>"look how grown up I am with a bunch of cigarettes in my mouth" - preteen thot
>"oh wow look how grown up she is with a bunch of cigarettes in her mouth" - virginal pedophiles

kill yourselves, you all have shit taste

Looks like a filter IMHO

Good goy, good.

anyone wanna guess what user looks like?

Hey, man, maybe you want to spend your life living it for others and being dependent on their validation. I have moved on from that long ago. I suggest you read Stirner.

Sorry user, but you're wrong on this one

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i think it's just makeup and unnaturally large eyes
Needless to say prettiest e-wifu ever

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i bet you're 26 years old, wear half rim glasses, a plaid scarf and majored in liberal arts

all smokers should be executed, and those who litter should be tortured beforehand.

I'm 22, wear no glasses, dress like a stereotypical nerd, and am majoring in mechanical engineering.

Don't bother, user. He just read baby's intro to philosophy and now he's so far up his own ass that he can re-eat his breakfast.

She may well be, if she didn't have all those cigarettes shoved in her mouth.

are u underage? noone thinks having 3 fags in your mouth is grownup, its the exact opposite, its absurd and cutesy and nihilistic
litterings bad but until youve smoked stfu with the moralising, people that hate smoking (meanwhile way more degenerate shit is ay-okay) have never been in a situation in which they needed cigarettes

That is literally the most basic bitch I have ever seen. She looks like social media "influencer" thot #2137812983

liljeep2000 you fucking newfag

people who actually like this girl are whats wrong with this world

you all deserve to die you slimy thot lovers

She is very pretty. I have something for those alt looking girls. Invited a girl that is kind of similar to her (not as pretty tho) to a party next week. Hope it works out.

stop orbiting, she already has a bf to fill her fuckholes

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Jesus this guy has a rat face. Very punchable.

Indeed user, indeed.

though i'd personally go for a aluminum baseball bat instead.


whoops i forgot the n

your mom HAHA origigigig

Do you have her insta or something? If so can you provide? Would be very thankful.

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who is she and how do i send her my money?

I still have 2k USD sitting on my orbiting account and don't know who to donate to

Muffy actually is, nice try though.

orig orgi

girls who look like a real life anime character are the best