Fembots, whats your excuse today?

Fembots, whats your excuse today?

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Don't approach me in public if I'm not at a club or bar. I'm sick and tired of random guys trying to talk to me on my commute at work, when I'm at Starbucks, when I'm grocery shopping, or at the mall, or the bank, etc. I'm here to get stuff done, not play the dating game

And I'm sick and tired with guys who get angry when I cut them off immediately and tell them I don't want to talk. I don't owe you, a random stranger, a conversation

No excuse, I'm getting dicked tonight.

Also this for me too please.

>No excuse, I'm getting dicked tonight.

didn't put myself out there and i'm fat

Wew. Roastie getting toastie cause Chad isn't the one approaching her.

>didn't put myself out there and i'm fat

at least you know your place

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Like you'd have a conversation with an ugly woman who approached you

Stop using this word.

Women, being the scourge that they are, truly live life on super mega hyper ultra easy tutorial mode. Love seeing them hit the wall thus experiencing a sliver of nightmare mode that the average male lives.

sadly that actually made me feel happy

Behold: a larp

No a friend with benefits situation.

I do unless I'm in a rush.

Because honestly I have unrealistically high standards. I'm a 7/10 and went out with normal looking guys but my friends and mom usually don't approve of them and say I can do better

>sadly that actually made me feel happy

you can fix being fat, it's not a permanent condition you fat fuck

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>you can fix being fat, it's not a permanent condition you fat fuck
Your health will be permanently fucked if you have ever been fat.

Good for you. But I don't want to talk to random strangers

>Your health will be permanently fucked if you have ever been fat.

You are still better off losing weight healthwise regardless is that*s true or not. Stop making upo excuses for fatfucks

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>Like you'd have a conversation with an ugly woman who approached you
kek yes I would, and I'd enjoy it. Always nice to have someone to talk to.

Fembots, I'm sorry I'm not good enough.
I'll never forgive myself for not being able to make you happy.

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I lost a bit of weight already, I'm down to 145. Anything lower than that and my tits look like absolute shit. I haven't decided what I'm going to do.

>want young fit guy
>they're all poor or still in school/early career
>want successful well off guy
>they're all older or ugly


Oh user, I can think of one thing that you could do that would make me very happy.

if you lose more weight it's only your tits that look like shit vs everything else, seems like a sensible gamble t b h

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Get off r9k then?

If you're going to say suicide, I'd do it if I genuinely thought it'd bring a woman lasting happiness.

Curious; What do you have to offer?
>Vagina and (((love))) don't count

>I lost a bit of weight already, I'm down to 145.
Good work.
I'm proud of you

More than you


I was going to say preforming oral sex on me that I would not reciprocate but if your literal first thought was suicide then uhh maybe I don't want someone that mentally ill near me.

It's okay user you can always turn to the LGBTQP+ Community

i know those poor fit guys know a lot more attractive people who arent bitchy user. you gotta step up your game

none of them have shown me their current balance in their bank account

Loving reminder that if you did have something to offer, you would've mentioned it.
>N-n-n-no you!
Thanks for playing.

I don't have beta orbiters and i'm not in high school. So no one is going to ask mr out. What is your excuse?

I chose to be single unlike you

>I was going to say preforming oral sex on me that I would not reciprocate
That would be amazing.
I want to make you feel good.

>but if your literal first thought was suicide then uhh maybe I don't want someone that mentally ill near me.
I just assumed you were an edgy Jow Forums poster.

Back to /femcels/wgtow/ or alternatively get that mental illness sorted out. Good luck.

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I guess you are right.

Thank you, user. That is very kind. Happy Valentine's Day.

>implying more than 50% of robots aren't volcels

you seem sweet femanon, i promise youre gonna make it :)

What's the requirement?

>Thank you, user. That is very kind. Happy Valentine's Day.
This made me feel all warm inside.
Happy Valentine's Day.

8/10 guys are already with 10/10

Tic toc roastie the 30's are approaching and the best men are taken

Yeah what the fuck? what a shallow piece of meat.

If you're not already doing it, lift weights and eat a lot of proteins (yes, even if you're a woman, you're not going to look bulky if on a calorie deficit).
Losing weight without proper exercising will only eventually make you look "skinny fat" (which is far better than being fat or even overweight tho) because you'll lose a lot of muscles along with fat.

For the first time in my life no excuse needed today but faced with a big decision. Weird but I received flowers yesterday with no name and initially thought they were from my bf but we have plans this evening so why would he do that. I didn't say anything nor did he so maybe they were delivered early IDK.

But I received a text this morning asking if I like them, happy valentines day can we meet up from a guy I was dating around the time I started with my bf. I really like this guy but he kinda went quiet on me. I really want to know why and it is really sweet he sent me flowers, my bf never has in 9 months.

>best men are taken
not for long. the women they are with will dump them and I'll be there to catch them

Being a man watching women say this is like being a starving person watching someone obese complain about having overeaten

Couldn't find any better analogy

Why should I pick you? What do you have to offer? Nice tits?

dude does that really sound like a good line to flirt with someone? get a clue

why should I pick you assuming you've been dumped by a 10/10 already.

Probable you have never been picked and under the erroneous belief I'll fall into your lap out of desperation.

I hate women the more I get to know them. Haven't met one decent female yet. There is always something wrong with them , but yet they think that their perfect man will come one day but he never will. Same with males , the perfect female will never come because there isn't any. Just ones that finally realise their market value then settle with the best they could.
Since my ex broke up with me I've became very black pilled on women.
I legit hate my ex for what she did to me.

>my ex broke up with me
Well you don't sound like a prize do you

I was for her , first love and sex. But she was mentally weak and broke it off twice because she was talked into it by her family the first time. Came back then "fell out of love". She is dumb and I am glad she showed her true colors. I was the best boyfriend I could have been and she ran for the hills at the first sign of hardship. I don't need that kinda thing my life. I need a women that will stick around even if things get hard. How do you think our grandparents stick together ? They didn't just leave at the first difficult time but she did and I'll always hate her for that. Being a weak person.

Fembots are sweet girls who deserve to be loved and cared for.

And what are you on Jow Forums for exactly? There's no "stuff to be done" here.

shitposting seems like something to be done

Hardship happens in everyones life but when you are the cause of her hardship she should flee.

amen dude holy fuck felt like I was reading my own thoughts.

I like attention. Posting here is easier than having to dress up and take pics for IG

Yay, you got that right

No excuse, for the past 3 days I've been talking with a lovely robot (they aren't all incels like half the people in this thread). I guess the next step is to try and end my r9k addiction.

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do moids seriously think being hounded on the internet and social media by a legion of creepy beta orbiters feels good or provides some kind of validation?

Is this what you actually believe?

She admitted to not being top tier so that's an appropriate level.
I am good looking and have money.

Deflection. Try again.

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>having offers is not objectively better than having literally zero offers and no interest
are you an idiot?

>She admitted to not being top tier so that's an appropriate level.
It's really not. Even low tier women get turned off by comments like that.

>I am good looking and have money
and a comedian too. you guys just kill me, 9 of ten times a guy tells me he is good looking and/or rich he isn't.

>Live action roleplay

haa spoken like a lil eternal virgin lashing out cuz someone was loved and bitter user wasnt.
stay bitter
stay toasted
stay eternal virgin
pathetic children getting salted someone is better than them. step up your game improve and be better instead of being a bitter bitch on a defective thong sniffing forum

She caused me hardship but I didn't leave at the first sign of it. Don't defend that roastie, you don't know the amount of work and effort I put into her. You don't know all the red flags I looked past just to love her. If you truly loved someone you wouldn't run for the hills when they make you a little uncomfortable. You keep trying and working on things. She left when things got a little hard so she went soft. I will never respect a women or man that does that to someone they loved.

What happened with you user ? Mine is still stuck in my head and I can't help but be depressed about her and our relationship.

l'm waiting for the right guy.

haa you're wrong. Guys think they are perfect and persecuted. The reality is no one is but most guys don't accept that and are the cause of my angst and sadness and sometimes fear. No one should live like that and women should leave and make no apologies or even bother giving the guy a reason. I've done it, though dangerous, so should others.

The joke is that I could actually be telling the truth but you'll never know.

I am right here. Just promise not to leave me like every other women in my life.

>inb4 user you know nothing about comes and offers to be bf

ew i bet none of them are even chad

Your perspective but I bet she looked past many of your red flags to hang in there but it became too much. Her family and friends likely warned her and were relieved when she found the courage to leave.

One question though. Was she a roastie before you loved her or after you tried to destroy her and finished.

The right guy doesn't post on r9k, sorry.

You might be but I don't care. My eye is on someone and he'll be mine soon.

That sounds like overcompensating.

>not having a date
Too rich to care desu. I can buy all the chocolate and sappy heart things myself for myself. For company, I can hire an escort to waste time with.
> not having a partner
Too ugly for anyone to be genuinely interested in me, or at least consider approaching me. Every ugly girl in my possition got surgeries done, but I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. I've seen first hand how hard it is to stop when you get the ball rolling.

Then how can the right women , looking for the right man be posting on here as well * big think*

But honestly if you want to chat drop your info and I'll hyu

guys were mean to me
so all this is is you being hateful of males and thus projecting like a bitch. fuck off user with that weak ass bullshit and toughen the fuck up in life

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Because the type of men that fall in love and want to be your bf in the first minute of talking are as bad as whores who fuck a new guy each night.

She told me I had no major red flags, some minor stuff I did she didn't like or things I didn't do but they were all small stuff. But if someone can't stick around after a few small things then how could she handle the big problems like bills or something. Don't try and defend her user , she was in the wrong.
Her family is backwards and crazy , she shouldn't have listened to them. She started showing her roastie mid way thru the relationship which annoyed me. Now she is with someone else and is his problem now. So idc, she put alot of stress onto me.
I just miss the love she used to give. It was really nice but not sure if it was worth all the pain and effort I put into her.

You sound perfect. Would you like to elope some time?


I'm not looking; I'm waiting.

>sound perfect from 1 sentence
>run away and marry
Sure. Where are you from?

You sound like a shallow person. I hope you end up finding someone like you: everybody wins.

Let's not worry about small details like location or feasibility.

What she's saying is the opposite of shallow. If you fall in love with someone after two minutes of meeting that's not love. That is lust, which is the very definition of shallow.

Saw something too relatable?

If you're waiting for the right man he will never come. But the right man for you could be me so why wait

not at all actually (i wish i were able to speak to girls, imagine confessing love). It's just rude treating like shit people who expose themselves expressing their feelings.