Would you wear a Che shirt if it got you laid or would you never under any circumstances support communism?

Would you wear a Che shirt if it got you laid or would you never under any circumstances support communism?

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You have to understand that liberal shit gets you laid all the time, right?

Not gonna fuck a girl unless she's a national socialist

It's just a shirt with a Southern American on it. Do you really think any of the teenagers who wear that shit ACTUALLY know who he is? Like actually read up on him?

u can die from a sex overdose if u wear the che shirt for too long without taking a break

>put on Che Guevara shirt
>automatically become full blown socialist filled with nothing but hate towards America

Oh yeah, all that tankie gash that would become available to me.
Mostly fat whiteoids who unironically support North Korea. I'd rather fuck a nazi chick. But I'd rather slam a door on my dick than do either of those.

>Would you wear a Che shirt
Fuck you, faggot.

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No. Better virgin than red

lol like you have a choice bud

I am a socialist and wouldn't wear a Che t-shirt because I'd rather not be a tool who fall for porky's profit-driven appropriation of my ideals.

Natsoc is cringe larp tier. Take the nazbolpill user. heil che and socialism in one country

Yes. Wearing one doesn't mean I support communism. If anything it means I support capitalism.

Is that even a question? Sex for not being an absolute retard and wearing a stupid ass shirt?

>not fucking a girl until she is national socialist

beta Jow Forumstard manlet detected

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by buying that shit you're supporting capitalism more than communism

My pride is more important than sex.

>Can get an asian girl as a white even if you're literally retarded
You guys have NO excuse

no im not faggot enough to wear a petty dictators shit and I laugh at every fedoras wearing queer i see in public that does. maybe if the simple peasants knew what he did they wouldn t be so quick to wear his shirt and think he's a sysmbol of god knows what they wear it for.

this picture actually is triggering me so hard, some retard with downs has fucked a girl hotter than I have

what the fucking fuck


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This thread just made me realize that I could never get together with my German crush
I could never talk the Jow Forums shit I was talking with my Aussie ex

I don't think those shirts are still popular

But if they were magic pussy magnets then yea I'd wear it

I don't give a shit about communism. But I'd sing Stalinist hymns for some pussy right now

Have you heard of escorts/prostitution ?

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How does one get a girl like this

conservative dude here.


Only if the girl is a normal human being then I would marry her but if I were to fuck hot girls only because I wear a retarded shirt, I would wear it even in shower.

I'm already left wing authoritarian and so were all my gf's, though I never said it straight to them, just agreed with shit they said like that USSR was based, which is what majority of people in Russia think, especially proles. I should start wearing a Stalin t-shirt, I' only popular with older woman and young rural skanks, they'll love it.

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>you think society should change
>Chekmate, libtards B-)

Imagine thinking this is a good point

I already have an old che shirt. Admittedly I didn't know who he was at the time of purchase.

No, that would be pretty very desperate, and I'm not a communist, although I don't think wearing a shirt is legitimately supporting communism.

People bought stuff and traded before capitalism, and if you live in a capitalist country, it is unavoidable if you want to live any semblance at all of a normal life.

Buying Mcdonald's and Apple products is the ultimate "good goy" thing to do though

>che guevara

dont bother dude. just dont. ive had this conversation so many times. save yourself the headache

You see fat ugly guys like that and think maybe they could get a girl if they did x or y but when you see that big fucking a girl, lmfao.... I wonder how much they paid her and how desperate she is for the money.

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I wouldn't wear a che shirt and I'm a literal socialist.

It is a good point though

i mean it is. i havent seen a single rebuttal other than this whole ironic
>LOL libtards owned

writing meme shit in uppercase isnt an argument

The latter. I want to kill commnunists.

saucy sauce
this is turning me on so bad

Only to lure out and list all the commies in my area, so that when the collapse comes I can throw them out of helicopters.

>I'm a literal socialist.
You misspelled brainlet but that's standard for a socialist retard.

>put on Che t shirt
>get laid like a boss
>take off t shirt


"Hey, man, I don't think the Soviet Union is good."
"Yet you use Soviet roads, go to Soviet school, work at a Soviet-provided job, and are defended by Soviet police and Soviet military, so you're kind of a hypocrite."

>Like a boss
The state of che posters

>Not just defecting to the west like any soviet citizen

Nah. Cool girls like edgy dudes that are smart enough to back up their political opinions, which necessarily excludes this kind of behavior.

What if they're too poor to move? What if they don't want to leave behind their families and friends? What if they don't want to leave behind their land? Why should they be the ones to move when it is their government who is doing wrong?

>Too poor
There's hundreds of gypsies living in Sweden unemployed right now and they're completely fine, they dont get kicked out

Most Che shirt wearers aren't communists though.

You don't fuck NatSoc girls, you tenderly make love to them.

you can live in society and not engage in decadent consumerism like purchasing apple products or eating at fast food joints.

Here you go

spankbang.com/20tsf/video/fuckin young chub is in the shower

Sure I would... People are dumb fucks.. They are so stupid they will get themselves into trouble whatsoever. So why not take advantage of them?

yeah but i'll tell them i hate communism and am just repping him for this quote:

>"The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations."

i actually think all commies deserve the rope

I'm a natsoc girl and still haven't gotten a bf. What am I doing wrong.

Ugly and toxicly mentally ill, I imagine.

Not ugly or mentally ill green eyed redhead 6" is it cause there's not natsoc in Canada

Are you white? I can be your husband.

Yeah I'm white do you actually love the ss and Hitler?

Hitler yes. I honestly think he is the goodest man to ever have lived.

>tall redhead natsoc
Sounds like my dream girl, I hope you find happiness user.

Communism is the biggest fucking scam in the history of the human race. It makes the Nigerian Prince scam look like a street corner shell game. I wouldn't wear one of those shirts, but I'd happily sell them to stupid college communists who can't see the irony.

It's so strange how obsessed with sex men are

Just look at that dude's face, he looks like he's getting a heroin fix.
He's probably closing his eyes, imagining some porn he watched because one singular girl can no longer get his pathetic dick off.

At this point I'm not even sure anymore whether communism is worse than this gay shitlib hellscape we live in today. I want monarchy back.

seeing images like this discourages me from going to the gym. Why would I bother when it's obvious you don't need a nice body to get laid?

it's a point system, you either invest in confidence/charisma, fitness, hansom face, or money/social status

You can't have 0 prospects and expect a woman to like you