Do fembots have fetishes that go beyond simply being dominated or are they as boring as normal girls?

Do fembots have fetishes that go beyond simply being dominated or are they as boring as normal girls?

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>are they as boring as normal girls?

Fembots, please do not feel like you have to be a sexual deviant to be interesting.
Don't feel like you have to do anything sexual that you don't want to do.

I don't want to be dominated, I want someone to make love to me and fall asleep with me after. Fetishes are just a cope.

>rapeplay is more common than foot fetish
lmao @ footfags

>no robot to tuck me in to a doggy bed w a collar on


>no robot to tuck me in to a doggy bed w a collar on

this thread is a no tranny zone sorry user

>inspector user knows everything about user without talking to them

im Bery skeptical of that user

>no robot to make me sit on the floor next to him while he sits on the sofa

wtf is creepy crawlies

wtf is an original comment

this is a very unique kind of feel which is why u guise don't understand it

sitting on the floor is comfy af desu if there's a nice rug in the room. Nothing like watching a movie while you're just lying down on the floor in whatever position you feel comfy in atm

Someday I will find a fembot who likes/will allow me to finally live out my caretaking fetish. Not even sexual really. I just want a broken/disabled fembot who I can spoil and take care of. I had it once but fucked it up because I am a retard and I feel like I'm never going to know the warmth of being needed and wanted like that ever again.

Kill me.

How did you screw it up? What would you do to take care of her?

>petplay more taboo than ageplay
Weird. Normally other people see it the other way around in my experience.

I lost my job due to workplace politics and couldn't support her. She ended up breaking up with me and went into an assisted living place.

I did everything. Cooked for her, took care of all the house chores, made sure she kept up with her schoolwork and handled stuff to make sure she was getting medical treatment.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like the sublime pleasure of being legitimately needed by someone. I actually felt good about myself back then. Now I just feel like I'm waiting to punch out.

>I lost my job due to workplace politics

niggers or fags?

I was in the running for a promotion when I got passed over for a roastie who fucked the department submanager. I lodged a complaint and got fired for "making baseless accusations". Two years later I found out she did it again with the department head, but that time she got caught so all 3 of them got axed. I prolly could have sued or something but I was over it and had a new career by then so didn't bother.

Why are human resources departments such fucking trainwrecks. A friend (female) of mine got fucked over because one in HR wanted to give her a permanent position where I worked which she was fully qualified for and would've loved to do but was excluded because one roastie at HR hated the guy who wanted to employ her fulltime.

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Damn, quads so you know it's not made up.

I had a thing for bestiality for a while but never did anything.

I have no idea. It's like people lose all sense of morality and ethics the moment that take an HR position.

>for a while

why not anymore?

I mean it's still kind of hot but I don't know. I feel shame when I think about it so I try not to.

>not wanting to be a hucow
What other uses do fembots have?

How would you feel about it if you got a partner that was into the idea and encouraged it in you, or liked watching bestiality porn? Not trying to suck up to you but I wonder how that would affect you when it comes to that fetish?

>males submitting isn't completely male interest and is placed at 4 and femdom nearly at 6

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Can't believe bestiality and futa is so far down. Real incest ain't even a thing?
Normies are so vanilla and lame.

Being loving, loyal partners.

Where did you get this from? They're still women at their core. They're not capable of feeling love or a sense of loyality. They're the female bottomfeeders. If they managed to improve they'd be Becky tier.

I don't know really. I'd probably be even more embarrassed unless they were super into it. I doubt I'd tell them anyway.

I think fembots are nice girls.

I'll believe that when I see it. Never let your guard down. Remember the Adam and Eve story.

Suprised desu. Did not think that women were into sub males at all

ikr, I really expected it to be much bluer, and yet
I would've liked if they'd separate male and female bondage too

though it's only porn, so you gotta take it as is

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It seems everyone wants to be dominated by the other sex.
It seems that no one can get over childhood conditioning of being submissive to your parents, and then reflecting that to the other sex.

i wanna be fembot's puppy. Sitting down at her feet while she shitposts on the chans.
Occasionally bringing her snacks and food and eating the crumbs she drops on the floor

Every bitch and her dog is into choking now. They probably always were but now it's okay to be open about it

Sample size is 3/4 male

>Every bitch and her dog is into choking now

Every bitch is into her dog now

which is why the color range is also 3/4

A normal woman on Jow Forums? How is that possible?

>They probably always were
They literally never were until smartphones.

God bless you. Pls b my gf.

I like basically everything under the umbrella of being dominated including the extreme stuff like snuff. Right now I'm really into impregnation, pissplay, raceplay. I wish I could be extremely tiny too, like the size of a guy's hand, it's just impossible. I really have a fetish for giantism in general.

>wtf is creepy crawlies
pic related

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>strong female interest

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Yes. Being pissed on and ddlg. Because I'm a fucking degenerate.

>no one will ever abduct you and train you to be their perfect boywife

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>tfw gfd foot fetish gf who likes to tease me and wants to peg me and make me wear a collar and shit
>used to be really into gfd but never got to experience it, was willing to do whatever with my ex cause she liked basic bitch ddlg stuff, but was really enjoying the vanilla sex with new gf & also being normal after mostly stopping porn
they're out there i guess.... i dont wanna be a pervert again :(. she's going to make me into a weirdo. but i also think it's hot. what do i do.

Boys can't be wives, silly user. The term you're looking for is 'husband'.

>what do i do
Have fun. Whatever that means for you.

dumb ohio slut

it's neutral, user. purple is neutral.

I fucked a new girl the other night and she was into all the usual choking, slapping, spanking, hair pulling sex. Then when we got done and were cuddling she asked if she could dom me and really wanted to peg me. I said yes because even though I pretend to be dom I actually want to be used like a man slut

He said beyond simply being dominated.
Have you ever had sex in real life? I mean at an adult age and willingly.

>I fucked a new girl the other night and she was into all the usual choking, slapping, spanking, hair pulling sex.
This just sounds so depressing.

>ever had sex irl

I'm into necrophilia,gore,mutilation,decapitation,executions,bloodplay,autopedophilia,DDLG,bondage,extreme masochim,extreme submission,being murdered and murdering,petplay,master-slave
i have more but i'm too lazy to list more

Yeah it shows. Femcels are always into the same things.

absolutely obsessed you are

I wouldn't put either in the simple domination category though

Pretty much all pink dots are in the same trendy BDSM category.


How does this work