Ants vs Humans

If every single human and ant were put onto a flat terrain with no equipment on each side. (that includes clothing for humans)
Who do you think would win?

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Depends if humans can fashion weapons out of bones to easily destroy the exoskeletons of ants so when you hit them they actually die
I imagine you could just eat all the none poison ones though

Ants. They could just swarm your lungs.

Unless we had Raid grenades.

Ants, think about all those bullet ants, and the total population of ants has a greater mass than all the humans.

People, if we all layed down and rolled like logs, we'd easily win

Ants, easy.
There are trillions of them.

Apparently the combined mass of both is roughly equal, I'm going to go with ants as they can lift more compared to their weight than humans.

There are like 5,000 ants per person we would be fucked

You wouldn't have enough time to kill all the ants. You'd be stomping on them for 20 hours straight without putting a dent in them. eventually you'd have to run away or you'd get tired and theyd swarm you

i assume you make every ant want to kill every human but do you make every human want to kill every ant as well?

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>ants would kill eachother
>niggers would kill eachother
>Humans would die of thirst

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Ants take this pretty easily.

humans have 0 chance

This is an extremely important question

"It has been estimated by E. O. Wilson that the total number of individual ants alive in the world at any one time is between one and ten quadrillion (short scale). According to this estimate, the total biomass of all the ants in the world is approximately equal to the total biomass of the entire human race."

so there's just too many. that's not even accounting for the unique offense of some species like formic acid, bullet ants, etc.

Ants. There are ants that shoot acid, ants that can chew through bone, and ants with paralyzing venom. For every human on Earth there are 1000 ants. Male ants have wings.

Different ant colonies send out different chemical identifiers. Basically they massacre eathother. Humans have a species wide orgy, GG

Just imagining this made me kek

this looks like a 14 year old typed this out.

the ants that shoot acid are shooting their stomach juices at you and that shit reeks of vinegar. i stuck my hand over a nest of those ants once and just them seeing my hand caused a giant squirt of fucking vinegar gas in my face, they all do it simultaneously it's hilarious to watch.

Also consider this would mean putting poos and pakis, Jews and Palestinians, all the Asians and more all in one place

yeah i used to put folic ants and carpenter and garden spiders in a jar together over night. the carpenter ant slaughters everything. you could squeeze a carpenters decapitated head in your fingertips and not crush it.

This. Ten pounds of ants is more than a match for a full grown man if you consider how small each ant is and how strong they are in a swarm.

It would also depend on if the species can work as a cohesive whole. If the different species of ants start killing each other (which they do in nature), then the surviving humans can just wait it out until the ants disperse and are no longer a threat.

>listening to E.O. Wilson about ants
This is like listening to a boomer grandpa tell you how great his grandson is

Thats actually a great idea my guy, deadass.

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With no equipment on flat terrain the ants would win, but you're indirectly proving what makes the human brain such a useful tool. You have to engineer a completely impossible situation to create a situation that humans can't turn to their advantage through the use of tools and wit.


What's the objective?
Side note the mention of clothes is really funny.

Humans wi. Ants fucking hate other ants from other colonies. They would fight a fuck big ant war. Humans would probably do the same to be honest. We hate each other too.

So uh.... planet earth wins.

>Day one of the ant wars
>hide in bunker letting niggers fight first
>everyone else is working on creating some kind of raid bomb out of our urine

>Day 2
>niggers are all dead
>turns out they never fought the ants. Just killed each other
>all smart asians are on piss bomb
>dumb asians and women are used as shields to hold them off
>it's going to be a long war...

>day 17
>We've shattered...
>I don't know how many are left, but in my group we have 30 and only 12 of them are asian
>We are in hiding, still trying to work on bomb

>Day ???
>we found a message written in blood
>"The golden piss is in the nest"
>fuck does that mean?
>it's not much, but we have to try it
>Some dumb ass suggests bum rushing
>we club him and use his leather for warmth
>eventually come to the idea of clumping up and having the unimportant people on the outside
>estimate we can last 3 minutes top
>I'm kind of athletic so it's me, a few other big guys and the asians in the middle
>we hit the swarm
>instantly the entire outside layer dies
>hold onto the corpses as shields and keep pushing
>1 minute in
>hit sand. We are coming to the nest
>2 minutes in
>reach the opening, finding a yellow pool
>30 seconds left
>asians work with their collective of 10000 iq
>build a nuclear piss bomb
>5 seconds remaining
>we all look at each other... today... we will be heroes
>set off bomb
>we are engulfed with the strongest piss ever encountered, killing us and all the ants
>if there are any survivors, hopefully they will know our sacrifice...
>we may have lost much in the ant war... but we have come out victorious

It's pretty easy, all humans and all ants get dropped onto this flat plane. Pretty quick, humans organize and coordinate, and you basically get people doing a synchronized march arm in arm and trample over the ants. It will be pretty nasty, people will get bitten to fuck and some might even die, but humans will win. Simply too much mass.

war master ant destroyer savior and defender of humanity

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The ants literally outweigh us.

Without weapons we're pretty much fucked in a fight against anything.

Collectively but not individually. The absolute best the ants could do is maybe stack a couple ants tall as they crawl over one another but that's it. It's not like you'd have some 10 foot tidal wave of ants to have contend with it would just be a few inches as the very most. A bunch of humans could just hop and stamp their way around and the ants couldn't do shit because they only have like an instant where the foot is making impact before being pulled back up for the hop.

Ants last longer on no water. They could just defend and eventually humans would just dehydrate to death.

not even collectively, there are 40 billion kg of ants on the planet, and 7 billion people weighing an average of 62 kg, you do the math.

>average of 62kg
That's with clothes on, though. We're lighter without them. And it includes all the ants not on the census, so that's more than 40billion kg.

When I was 10 an ant tried to crawl in my pee tube hole. True story