The let's all get along because even if we're alone on Valentine's Day we've still got each other edition.

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Let's leave the lad in the other thread screaming, it's comfy here.

Putting my meagre savings into a Singapore Dollar account so I can make a small profit off brexit

Worthless paki fuck

Last thread was over 10 posts away from bump limit

Why would you make a Valentines Day OP image? It's just not fair on the nogf lads.

The op image acknowledges that, doesn't it?

Poley, what's the ideal life for you at 40 years old?

Have an interview with McD's tomorrow. Pretty nervous.

>Poley, what's the ideal life for you at 40 years old?
Got a husband and kids

Simple as

A job would be nice too

How old are you? I think the interview is just a formality

I want to become one with nature, how do I go about this lads?

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I'm skinny as hell hence why I hate summer as I refuse to not wear something covering my arms
I'm talking about outside, in my house not a problem since I bought a floor fan for the summers
all of us then

2 becum 1 with nature, u must do 2 on nature

>and kids

please don't you'll probably nonce them

I wish you dickheads would stop making early threads, new op image is cool though so I'll let you off

flicking through the channels last night and i saw this phwooooar

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"14th of February 2019, perhaps you call that Valentine's Day, it's not really Valentine's Day for me"


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Go out in it and learn what it's doing. See the changes that each new season brings. Find out why things happen the way they do. Takes about 3 years. Good luck lad.

awww Timmy that is so fucking sad ;(

If I had the money I'd buy one of them bedjet things, they look perfect.

>Only lass I've ever had feelings for led me on, bailed on me for chad and then became a massive whore when that didn't work out
It's a strange kind of feel lads
Kinda want to say some hurtful shit to her to try and ruin her day
I was far too nice to her after she pulled that shit

>get shot at 10hp when there is literally 0.1 seconds left on my chug jug

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The best revenge is to be happy lad. Fuck what she's doing, she's a cheap whore anyway and not worth your affections. Look for a better one.

Bit of a dilemma lads. I can sell a game to get me bus money for the job centre tomorrow but the game was sort of lent to me. Brother in law gave me a few games though this was about a year ago.

Do I sell it? I need the money

Well this year I made it halfway into February before my breakdown
Still better than last year
See you when I get better

whole squad full of fucking killers imma killer too

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Really don't see the appeal of Anri tbqhwyl, she's got such an uncanny valley plastic face she looks more like a doll than a person

Got my beers in for tonight, treated myself to a couple of bottles of ale as well as the carling, had a nice chat with the woman in the shop. Not a bad day at the moment if I am honest.

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and, just like that, the spunk that was once in my nuts is now all over my tummy. a truly magical process

>tfw doctor says you cant drink for 2 months

what a king

It's the 90th anniversary of the Valentines Day massacre today

no more scottish friend to say cute stuff to me ...

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we'll all be dead one day anons. Never mind I guess

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Sell it you manchild


No, even if he doesn't want it back or maybe he's forgotten it's a dickish thing to do. How far is your job centre? I walk 4 miles to mine sometimes, 4 back. It really sucks but it's keeping me from going homeless.

OOOOhhh yes it's time to meet the Organ Gang-Gang-Gang

I accidentally bought something with milk in it FUCK FUCK FUCK

Why aren't you in work then eh lads?

Lee and Herring

Mine is 9 miles away. So that's 18 miles in total.
Fucking disgusting

Ayy that sucks, shame there's not a closer one
How much would the bus be?

lmao i just came here to see how sad everyone would be about today but it seems you're all over it pretty quickly. i'm going to see my gf later but we're not doing anything special.


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Hope you both get hit by a truck honestly mate.

he's not even a mate mate

happy valentines to me!

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mate i've been posting on this site since before you most likely just because i ended up getting a job and meeting a girl doesn't prohibit my entry into your little secret club for virgins.

I'm at work right now, shitposting on my phone

I won't forget u user :)) have a nice day

Didn't say anything about how long you've been here sunshine, reckon you're bullshitting since you brought it up though, but anyway, hope you both get hit by a truck and you're forced to watch the light leave your gfs eyes.

The bus is 5.20 quid lad. I already borrowed a tenner off my mum last week so I doubt she will lend me anymore

Webm of you hotgluing them when?

Make a paypal I can give you 6 pounds lad

oof, thanks user, you too. Anything planned? I'm about to take my dog for a walk in the woods.

I love them, how much did they cost you? One day you need to post a video of your whole collection.

Got cheated on by my bf again lads. Men are scum.


you're not supposed to get them wet, lad!
about 30 quid each. My collection is pretty big. I might be getting some more shelving so I'd have to move them all around soon.

Are you a boy or a girl? Don't let him do it again user, you're better than that

At that point it's your fault desu. Once a cheater always a cheater. Anything can be forgiven in a relationship except that really. Did he atleast admit to it?

You like em chunky don't you lad? Fair play, gives the place a more realistic readers' wives vibe that counteracts the plastic whores.

Did you get lost on the way to the normie kingdom?

Because I'm legally mental and unfit for it,

Men - the niggers of gender

I think I've got a pretty good starter willy that a girl might like, it's 6 inches which is good to start with until they find a bigger one and it also has phimosis so they'll be even happier with the appearance of their next partners willy.

no wonder he fucking hates you lad you always go on about shite no one gives a fuck about

They're awesome. How long have you been collecting lad?

>you're not supposed to get them wet, lad!

Nice chuckle there pal

>tfw you will never have a finisher willy

Feels pretty bad man

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I'm a girl

He lied about it, I only found out after looking through his phone.

Before I met my boyfriend I was single for a whole year, how am I a normie.

Yeah I do, not gonna lie about and i've always liked them that way.

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50g of tobacco only lasted a week what am I like

>tfw my dong will never be a starter or finisher.

sad little cunt i'll be having fun in spoons tonight and it's a 5 minute walk don#t even have to cross the road

Mental health exercise for Valentines Day:
>Go outside, take your shoes and socks off and stand on the grass.
>Wriggle your toes and feel the sun on your face.
>/optional/ play with your pet, make it happy
>it's ten minutes of YOUR life, it doesn't matter there's nobody sharing it with you
It's the simple things you need to focus on.
Have a good day.

>what am I like
an addict

>a whole year

Girls literally can't be robots.

Gatekeeping who can and can't be a robot is fucking pathetic

Keeping it real lad, good for you. When I see the Mail's sidebar of shame I think it's setting lads expectations unrealistically, women in the main just don't look like the instagram slags pulling poses. You're doing god's work, lad.

They face none of the struggles a male would, everything is about them in this world.

fuck off back to snapchat normalshitter

Any star wars stuff lad?

I wouldn't call it gods work, its just what I find attractive.

>caring THIS MUCH about being a pathetic friendless virgin

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just a couple of storm troopers, a Commander Cody, Commander Rex, a few clone troopers painted up like the 501st, a Vader, Palpatine, Jaina Solo, Chewie, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Thrawn

you sure showed him by talking about how normal he is and how he has a striving social life

You know where you are posting and what day it is right?

>coming to a board of friendless virgins just to make fun of them

did you bully the autistic kids too, normalshit?

That's four (You)s already, thanks!

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Sounds like a manwhore. Dump him and leave him to rot. It must suck feeling like this today.

No it's not since the term has some meaning on here, gatekeeping the board itself is though since anyone can post.

didnt get up in the night to watch blue velvet did i. alarm went off but i just switched it off and went back to sleep...

i genuinely hope you get aids from sex

I hope one day you stop being proud of not being normal, special snowflakes who have to be different are cancer

Nice, I just have a greedo.

Nobody here is proud of being a fuck up we just don't need to hear gloating about how you are better than us.