Jow Forums is completely dead at this point...

Jow Forums is completely dead at this point, it's been overrun with women and normalfaggots who unironically call people incels

do any robots here know of another place I can go to? wizchan is full of pussies and 4+Jow Forums is garbage

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Unironically r/edit is better, go to braincels.
It's like being home again.

it is truly sad that robots have to retreat to reddit to be among their own

if i ever become a moderator i'll perma ban every dirty normalscum on sight

Well see it this way. They have infected our place.
We infect their place.
Also, its really good there. Females/normalfags are not allowed to post, no moral fagging and you can't shame virgins.

Incels are invading cancer. They are new here and need to leave.

Yiiikes fuck off normalnigger

We became the cool kids of internet so the normies and the roasties flocked here

People have always been lonely here. We got invaded by sociopathic normies who label every lonely guy as an "incel", so that they feel justified in their unhinged vitriol.

I say no. I'm not leaving. I'll stay here and continue beeing a thorn in their sides.

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r9k has always had women and normies, you just came here in 2018 because you thought it was an incel board

the r/incels close down and the cancerous redditors migrating to r9k was probably one of the worst things that ever happened in the history of this board (alongside tranny/sissyposting and pol racebait)

You guys have always been from reddit.


The only thing that changed is that /lgbt/ trannies made this place their home. Jow Forums always had an underaged, camwhore and normie infestation and will always have it until there's strict moderation preventing them from coming here.

this, fuck those cancerous retards

I don't meet wizchan's standards because I kissed and held hands with a girl once. I honestly don't know if any off the alternative chans actually offer better discussion.

Has there really been an increase in normies and women over time or is this site just slowly radicalizing and driving away any differing opinions/lifestyles? More and more, I feel like this website is a cult. I don't remember any rhetoric about "normies" back in 2011.

Jow Forums once had a school shooter back in 2015 that we cheered for. The fuck are you on about?

How in hell did you miss all the tranny and butthole sniffer threads? Oh, because you must be the butthole sniffing tranny thats been posting them.

That is because they weren't here

I tried going to wizchan but they're too depressing.

They were lonely true but woman hating balding manlets were always a minority. This board used to be comfy, now it's infested with Jow Forums-like retards.

If you disagree you need to go back.

What the fuck you on about incel?
ercanine was basically soc 2.0 before the 2016 invasion