Having money is the "dont be fat" for men

having money is the "dont be fat" for men.

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Now you know how to get a gf

Not being fat is still 100x easier than making money.
I earn quite a bit money, and i've lost a good amount of weight, i know what i'm talking about.

Fat people are disgusting and its their fault.
Being poor isn't really a choice most of the times (and being short it's not a choice at all).

Women are privileged under every aspect. Just eat fucking less and you have life on easy mode.

I was supposed to be a Chad but I'm poor.
Life is suffering

its on the poorfag for not working hard enough
lazy is lazy

Working hard doesn't make you wealthy.
Having a good job makes you wealthy.
Not everyone has the chance or capabilities for being a doctor or an engineer.

>Working hard doesn't make you wealthy.
famous things said by wealthy people
some people are privileged at birth but some of them were poor and did not settle for being poor.
settling for being poor is like being 100lbs overweight
if you're NEET you might as well be 500lbs

I used to think this was just really effective bait but it turns out a lot of people in real life believe this. Can you imagine?

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you didnt work hard enough in school.

Except they're complete opposites

To not be fat all you have to do is not eat. Simply do not stuff your fat fucking whore face
To make money you have to actively do something

if you work hard at school you end up earning a "normal" amount of money.
To be actually rich you have to either have a rich family or be really good at something (and of course you must live in a first world country).

tl;dr your financial life is in your control only when it comes at not being "broke", but you can't get rich by simply working hard: you either inherit physical assets or an exceptional mind and/or ability.

or you make a normal amount of money for a career and don't spend 10-15% of it.

I'm saving 20% of my income now that I paid off all my student debt and i'll be a multimillionaire when i'm 60 at this rate.

what the hell 20%? that ridicolous.
I save at least 50% (at LEAST), meaning that most times i save about 60 to 70%.
But i must pay taxes too (i'm self-employed).

>financially stable enough to be fed enough and housed probably with plenty of access to entertainment
>health benefits (if you have a good job)
>unemployment benefits (if you live in a good country)
>still have access to free food if you're your poor for food(if you live in a good country)
>still not enough money
>being a female
the white man did not build this society for men to be poor people and especially act like poor people. suck it up buttercup and find a homely gf to pay for her makeup and fuck her ass

tl;dr budget your time and avoid (((unnecessary payments))) the best you can (children, fines for breaking the law, spade and neuter your pets, """food""", etc)

why so many fat/ugly guys hoard a bunch of money in case an asian gold digger happens upon them on the way to work?

I actually earn good money. I broke my ass in uni and now i'm a doctor.
But that doesn't make me rich (at least not for women standards).

You can have a lot of money and still be considered a massive creep by everyone, not even fat girls will want to fuck or associate with you or even talk to you

You can be completely broke while actually being one of the most massive creeps who ever lived (example: Ted Bundy) and still be considered a hot chad by 99% of females with JBPTP throwing itself at you

What now?

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>letting jealousy defeat you
this is how women destroy societies
there's more than enough companions to pick from and if you let some minor infractions get in your way of spreading your seed and preserving the society men made there will be less gfs for future robots to pick from.
you're just like the mothers of the aborted gf archetype you know.

are you comparing yourself to Ted Bundy?

This is why we need communism.
Money is the root of all evil

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Right, 'cause it's much better for women to pick partners based on whether or not their parents are Party members.

what's the alternative then? a loyalty system?
points? isn't that just money?
free food for all? bare essentials for everyone? the middle class and up already gives away free food and money to you people willingly and through taxes. it's all out there already. if it's not you're not asking the universe hard enough. go door to door asking for money like a fucking mormon. you want it handed to you dont you? do you not realize come time for the real communists to trim the fat people like you will be the fat?

fuck off mammon