When are you getting Jow Forums, Jow Forums? you can't be that creepy guy forever

when are you getting Jow Forums, Jow Forums? you can't be that creepy guy forever

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I did. I used to be an ugly lonely loser, now i'm an ugly lonely loser who can DL 450 lbs and BP 220 lbs.

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being Jow Forums doesn't make me care about society any more than i did before pham

I'm still the creepy guy. The only difference is now no one dares saying it out loud because I can kill them with a few punches.

I don't eat or sleep enough to get ripped.

I'm 6"4 and fit but I still want to kill myself
Is it normal?

you're 6 inches tall?

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6 and 1/3rd inches

can't even remember a time I wasn't Jow Forums dad lifts and made me start boxing at a young age, I cannot respect any man who doesn't at least lift

Do not have the energy or physical strength to begin.

6'4 inch tall yeah

I want her to sit on my face

orignal lol

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She looks like she ____ _____ guys

she looks like she [cuddles][cute] guys

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Why do you keep posting this coalburner? Cuck bitch

Because she is hot and any of us would be lucky for her to even notice our existence you faggot. As if any of us have the audacity for being picky.

I haven't had a girl hug me in 20 years.

She burns coal though.

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what do those gang signs mean?

>tfw no Jow Forums gf to bully you to go to gym with her
why live

i could be chad if i got fit, currently hovering around 218-221 lbs though and have been going to the gym and doing a 2 hour feeding window. Hoping to have a week next week where I don't fluctuate above 220. That's my current progress goal.

It means they double-team her.

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>you can't be that creepy guy forever
Yeah I actually can.

She's a trashy aids ridden cunt and you're a cuck

why are you so upset, lil' nigga

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Dont forget to renew your dogfart subscription

Being this much of a faggot, go fuck yourself retard.

>It's either hot or creepy
When will normies learn.